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Anomaly-NOW! 4/12/2023 – Sentient Bees and Gaian UFOs, Poisonous Birds and Atomic UAP

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‘Bees are sentient’: inside the stunning brains of nature’s hardest workers
The Guardian – Annette McGivney in Cortez, Colorado

Two new species of poisonous birds discovered –

Strange animal caught on camera in south Texas park sparks debate – Tara Brolley

UAP NEWS 4.6.23 The Sasquatch Spaceship, AARO Concern, SCU Study

Sen. Gillibrand Questions During Armed Services Committee Hearing

SCU Publishes UAP Pattern Recognition Study of the US Military Atomic Warfare Complex
by Kevin Wright

UAP Pattern Recognition Study 1945-1975 US Military Atomic Warfare Complex

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Anomaly-NOW! 4/12/2023