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Books, books, and more books The bulk of the foundational collection are books, magazines, personal correspondence, and research files, digital files, cultural objects / para-memorabilia collected by Stephen Miles Lewis.

Other donated collections include those of individual researchers such as:

Personal Donated Collections of various seekers and researchers. For example…


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IONS Austin

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Combined Periodicals Collection


There are over 3000 books in the complete collection. The original Anomaly Archives collection consists of over 1000 books, hundreds of magazines, newsletters, as well as paper files, newsclippings, photographs, essays and more. The subject areas range from …

UFOs, physics, consciousness, parapsychology, dreams, apparitions, cryptozoology, Forteana, anomalistics, frontier / fringe sciences, memetics, morphic resonance, and much more.

Past Maintained Collections:

Jung Society of Austin