UFOs and Consciousness, Part 2, November 2013

UFOs & Consciousness: Part Two

The Fantastic Facts About UFOs, Altered States of Consciousness, and Mind-at-Large

By SMiles Lewis

Sponsored by the Anomaly Archives, INACS, and Austin-IONS

iPhone mic / Lavalier mic


SMiles Lewis will explore UFO Close Encounters and “alien abductions” with an eye towards an interpretation of these events as a Transpersonal Inter-Species Virtual-Reality Communications mechanism using “out-of-body-like” altered states of consciousness. He will speculate on the nature and meaning of these experiences and the possible manipulation of these phenomena by “alien” and human agencies for parapolitical purposes.  Drawing on both witness testimony and the work of the world’s leading UFO researchers, SMiles will explain the various intelligences (human and otherwise) behind the UFO phenomenon which have the apparent ability to manipulate belief systems, consciousness, space-time, and what some might term the “soul.”

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  • Dangers: Obsession, Suicide, EMF, Radiation, Cash-Landrum, FEMA Firefighters Guide
  • Teachable Moments: Vallee, Steiger, and others on educational aspects
  • Charles Fort, Marcello Truzzi, Ted Philips trace case research, Rhea White experiential
  • Austin’s Ray Stanford, Jerome Clark’s Experience Anomalies


  • Me and My Biases, Ways of Knowing, What Do We Know
  • ParaCrytpUFOlogy: Alternative Theories of the UFO Phenomenon
  • ELFIS: BOLs / Earth Lights, EMF-Mind Interface  & Other World Reality
  • Gaian Overtones or Grand Deception
  • Guided By Voices: Telepathic Telepresence Tech
  • Mind Kontrol Fields
  • UFauxs – The Faux Ufoe Threat


  •  Airship Waves of the 1890s/1900s
  •  Ghost Rockets & Foo Fighters – 1940s
  •  Contactees of the 1950s / 1960s
  •  Flatwoods Monster – 1952
  •  Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins – 1955
  •  Antonio Vilas Boas Abduction – 1957
  •  Joe Simonton Encounter – 1961
  •  Betty & Barney Hill Encounter – 1961
  •  Pascagoula Clawmen – 1973
  •  Capt. Coyne Army Helicopter Encounter – 1973
  •  Franck Fontaine Cergy-Pointoise Incident – 1979
  •  Cash-Landrum &  Rendlesham / Bentwaters – 1980


Jack Sarfatti, Saul-Paul Sirag, Fred Alan Wolf and others in the Fundamental Fysiks Group
“… Brendan O’Regan said he knew of ‘several hundred’ similar cases, and Paul Saul Sirag stated unequivocally that over 100 scientists in the United State alone believe they were in telepathic contact with extraterrestrial intelligences.   …
Another leading figure in this strange elite of contactee scientists was the very respected philosopher of science, R. Buckminster Fuller, whose director of research was Brendan O’Regan.”
- The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett  and Clive Prince, 1999


Patron Saint of Paranoia
Real or Not, What is Real?
Baudrillard, Simulation, Imaginal, Metachoric Experiences


Patron Saint of Paranoia, Real or Not, What is Real?
Baudrillard, Simulation, Imaginal, Metachoric Experiences

“I will never really know what did in fact happen. Some living, highly intelligent entity manifested itself inside me and around me, but what it was, what its purpose was, where it came from–I have tried a thousand theories, and all work equally well, but at the same time each theory leaves some datum unexplained … and I know this is not going to change. I have the impression that a master game-player and magician and trickster is involved.”

– Philip Kindrid Dick (23 Feb. 1978)


“For too long, we’ve called them “aliens,” assuming that we represent our planet’s best and brightest. Maybe that’s exactly what they want us to think.”   – Mac Tonnies

“My husband and I sat up late one night and said, “Let’s throw out all the things we’d like to be. Let’s throw out all the theories we know have holes in them. What could we come up with that would unify everything?” It would have to do with these creatures being strictly of Earth origin…. That’s the only theory that we could come up with that explained things to our satisfaction. No one ever talks about it, it’s just something we came up with to help us deal with things. I’m still very open to other theories.”

Interview with Greg Bishop & Wes Nations
– Wake up Down There!


Scan of actual Heaven’s Gate flyer advertising their February 4th lecture at the Hyatt Regency on Town Lake
Omega UFO Conference in North Haven, Connecticut in early October, Nov/Dec, 1995 issue of UFO Magazine
ISCNI*Flash — Vol. 1, No. 20, Part 1 — January 1, 1996

Sam Koutchesfahani (associate of the FBI informant Abdusattar Sheikh) rented out the Heaven’s Gate UFO cult mansion

  • Vallee’s multiple warnings: 1979, 1995, 1999, and on and on…
  • Bo and Peep / Heaven’s Gate – Austin on final recruitment tour (911 links)
  • Order of the Solar Temple (and BCCI)
  • John Keel Mothman , 5th column silent contactees and snipers in belltowers
  • Quatermass and mass megalithic mind control
  • Abductees and mind control
  • Copycat contagion suicide meme red dawn
  • Twilight language / sleepers / UFO theater / meme ware
  • John Judge, Mae Brussell, Dave Emory, Alex Constantine, Jim Keith, Martin Cannon
  • “Unidentified Fascist Observatories” John Judge KPFK radio, Los Angeles, August 12, 1989


A spike of emulation suicides after a widely publicized suicide is known as the Werther effect,
following Goethe’s novel The Sorrows of Young Werther. – wikipedia

Suicide contagion / clusters

“Suppose the plan is to process millions of people and at some future date trigger those minds at one time? Would we suddenly have a world of saints or a world of armed maniacs shooting at one another from bell towers?“
– John Keel, in his 1979 book UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse


“Near-Death and UFO Encounters as Shamanic Initiations”  ReVision, Vol. 11, No. 3, 1989
“Toward an Imaginal Interpretation of ‘UFO Abductions‘” ReVision, Vol. 11, No. 4
The Omega Project: Near-Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large, 1992

Kenneth Ring’s most intriguing suggestion in The Omega Project was that the aliens in abduction stories among other things express and symbolize unease at the possibility that we ourselves are heading for a dehumanized, robot-like, hive-like, plastic- and metal-encased, “insectile” existence as big-headed bug-eyed hairless toothless scrawny-bodied grayish-skinned pallid asexual 90-pound weaklings in a totally artificial and technological environment who even reproduce in incubators, via artificial insemination, as in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World!

ufos-consciousness-2-Slide14Poetics of the Uncanny: Liminal Semiotics

  • SMiles Lewis
  • Susan Lepselter
  • Jim Schnabel
  • Steven Mizrach
  • James Pontolillo


John Keel, Terence McKenna, Jacques Valle

Keel (1930-2009)

McKenna (1946-2000)

Jacques Vallee, Howard Stanton Levey (1930-1997), Aime Michel (1919)-1992)


…an “intermediatist” is one who accepts that  the universe is in a perpetual state of metamorphosis, such that no extreme identity can stand for very long without evolving to another extreme. In the intermediate universe, there are no eternal truths; at best, what we accept as “fact” is actually an ongoing transition of fact-to-falsehood-to-fantasy-to-fact, ad infinitum.  In the intermediate universe, the most iron-clad scientific facts of yesterday may (and usually do) topple into the trash-bin of scientific naiveté, while the scientific heresies of today may (and usually do) evolve into the iron-clad science facts of tomorrow. The “intermediatist” observes this peculiar evolution and comments upon it.”


Sovereignty and the UFO
Alexander Wendt and Raymond Duvall
Political Theory 2008 36: 607 originally published online 11 June 2008

UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record (Three Rivers Press), Leslie Kean
Chapter 27 – Militant Agnosticism and the UFO Taboo

Few Americans actually fear UFOs, but the U.S. government treats them like an existential threat.
By Russ Wellen at Foreign Policy in Focus


  • Donna Kossy
  • Wes Nations
  • Greg Bishop, Robert Larson, Peter Stenshoel
  • Kenn Thomas
  • Joan D’Arc, Al Hidell
  • Myself
  • Mike Gunderloy
  • Jim Keith
  • Bob Girard


  • Extreme Low Frequency Magnetic Fields and EEG Entrainment: A Psychotronic Warfare Possibility? Preliminary Research Report, Robert C. Beck and Eldon A. Byrd, (1977 / 1978)
  • Bibliography on the Psychoactivity of Electromagnetic Fields by Robert C. Beck and Eldon A. Byrd, Archaeus (Magazine), 4, (1986)
  • UFOs, States of Mind and The Pineal Connection: Parts I & II, UFO Times, 16 & 17, (1991/1992)
  • UFOs: The Pineal Connection, The New Ufologist, 4, (1996)
  • Topographic Brain Mapping of UFO Experiencers, JSE, 11 (4), Don, N.S. & Moura, G. (1997)
  • A Testable Theory of UFOs, ESP, Aliens, and Bigfoot by Alan Vaughan, Ph. D, and Peter Guttilla, Mutual UFO Network UFO Journal, November 1998

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“The brain is an electrical device. As such it has a faint electromagnetic field and even emits very, very weakly in the radio part of the spectrum. Specifically, it contains a portion of an extra-low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field wave at frequency between 1 and 30 hertz. The heart and musculature also develop electromagnetic fields in the extra-low-frequency range.
A more acute technology than our own might be able to mediate mental and physical functioning to a great degree by the use of sensitive ELF transmitters and receivers. It is more prosaic, perhaps, than the magic of extrasensory perception, but it has just enough plausibility to suggest that external control of the mind, and even the implantation of perceptions (hearing voices inside the head), is not beyond the realm of possibility.”

“ I should add here that the earth itself generates a good deal of ELF in the 1 to 30 hertz range. Perhaps there are natural conditions that trigger a response in the brain which brings about what is essentially a psychological experience of a rare and powerful kind. Maybe we have a relationship with our own planet that we do not understand at all, and the old gods, the fairy, and the modern visitors are side effects of it. Admittedly, this idea is farfetched. But what of it? So are all the others.“


Shared Near Death Experience

Five months pregnant, fell to sleep as husband left for corner store, dreamed of heavy canopied uphill forest path, conversing with husband, came to the top of the hill and could see sky, reminiscing about relationship, then he began talking about the experience of dieing … describing the incident at the store and going OBE, Tried to go with him “travelling up a tunnel of forest toward the sunlight at the top of the hill” but he said “NO!”
Two days after funeral she was pondering suicide and then as she was just falling asleep, she felt his presence and Saw him “naked and glowing with a soft, beautiful white light” and… He spoke mentally to me, and said, “This is our son,” indicating my womb, “Take good care of him.”


Peter Kor, “Myth, Reality, and Flying Saucers” Flying Saucers, October, 1967

As quoted by Steiger:

“The Realm” which exists beyond the limit’s of man’s awareness… is “forever active,
intruding into the human environment in the form of various transhuman phenomena.
Historically, encounters with these phenomena generate mystical movements.
The movements, conditioned by cultural circumstances, fashion mythological frameworks.
The myths help to translate the activity of “The Realm” into human terms.”

Talbot quotes Aniela Jaffe’s Apparitions and Precognition on German legend of ghosts dependence on us

Androgyny / Hermes – Albert K. Bender’s “astral projection” to underground UFO base staffed by bisex

Invokes Gregory Bateson’s Steps to an Ecology of Mind Warminster “Thing” 1960s


Accessing Your Inner Virtual Realities

  • Worlds Leading Earth Lights & Sacred Sites Researcher
  • Instrumented investigation of standing stones, dolmens, etc.
  • Ancient sites as earth energy nodes and planetary acupuncture
  • Dream incubation complexes of past cultures
  • Importance of ASCs and Dissociative States of Consciousness
  • DMT and Rick Strassman’s research
  • Terence McKenna’s perspectives
  • Importance of Lucid Dreaming
  • Kenneth Ring’s research and experiences of childhood abuse
  • Our loss of the Shamanic technologies of these cultures
  • 18th century use of light balls from the ground in prospecting
  • EM effects can cause hearing voices and crunching sound

Fluid Injection Causes Luminous Phenomena Society for Scientific Exploration Conference John Derr and Michael Persinger – 1992
Arkansas: Emergency Order Halts Natural Gas Drilling After Fluid Injections Allegedly Caused Hundreds of Small Earthquakes – 2011



The unconscious responds to external geo-generated EM fields during altered states of consciousness and presents perceptions and realities that are dramatizations of alien contact in order to establish an acceptance of the unconscious within society.


Para-Crypto-UFOlogy, GeoPsyche, and the Planetary Poltergeist


  • Humanity’s Shamanism Technology for Communication with Environment & Ancestors
  • Belief in Balls of Lights as Spirits and Disembodied Consciousness
  • Variety of Apparently Earth-Generated Luminous BOL Phenomena
  • Inner Earth Mythology: Vril, Shaver-Palmer, Radio Ranch
  • Serpent Imagery, Earth Spirit, Mound Culture
  • Buzzing Sounds / Hive Mindedness
  • Hegemonic Hierarchies of Occult Spirit World
  • Reproductive Obsession



“The abductee also learns from experience that the aliens induce an altered perceptive state in humans during every encounter. Employed for control, it can be used to prevent any undesired responses from the abductee. And the altered state also prevents any objective assessment of the situation by the witness. This means that the witness can only report what was seen, felt, and heard, which is not necessarily a reflection of what actually occurred. By inducing and manipulating altered consciousness in the abductee, the aliens assume full control of the situation and thus exert control over the data reported by the witness.  …

Abductees report alien-controlled information. This is a fact abduction researchers must face. … Until the day we can unmask the alien illusions, however, we can at least study the entire body of reported data, controlled though it may be, trying to learn more about why certain images and events are employed and what they can tell us about the covert directors of these scenarios.”




“We find it in UFO close encounters, psychic visions and many other episodes. I use the term ‘Oz factor’ to describe it, and believe that it suggests a sort of inner tuning, as the percipient’s mind blocks out attention to all external sounds in order to note the message that is about to bombard his or her consciousness.“




From: Jenny Randles
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000
Re: Abductee Files/Our Children – Brookesmith

“The phenomenon is subjectively real and visionary but it is triggered by physically real phenomena of unknown scientific origin. Phenomena that can produce major physical phenomena (car stops, time dislocations, bodily traumas etc), thus produce the objective evidence we see, and invoke the subjective delusions that much of abduction research investigates as the reality when in fact it is only a side effect.

Aliens are in contact but not actually coming to earth. They are only capable of long range probes that treat abductees like receiving radio telescopes. These ‘psychic’ people are used to communicate, extract information about us and engage in inter-species relationships at a deep level of our inner selves. As such the aliens are real, the contact with them not physical, the experience of contact subjective, but reflective in a psycho-social sense of the ‘mental rape’ being conducted (hence the extent to which these experiences are visualised and dramatised in this way). The abduction prone personalities are the alien receptors of our society. But they have only ever met aliens inside their heads. Yet the ones they have met there are real.”



  • CyberPhysiology and CyberBiology, coined by Medtronic Inc. co-founder Earl Bakken
  • CyberPhysiology: conscious self-regulating autonomous functions; biofeedback, psychoneuroimmunology, meditation, etc.
  • CyberBiology: consciousness-related aspects of relations to ourselves, and to other systems, including the environment.

“The ufo phenomenon exists in a synergistic cybernetic interface with humanity. Whatever the true nature of UFOs, they interact with us within several different milieus, all of which are influenced by the media and culture. This media and culture in turn feeds back into the phenomena in a continuous cycle.” – SMiles Lewis


“There are also indications that some of the more dramatic and persistent anomalous phenomena such as UFOs, poltergeists, the so-called “cattle mutilations”, Bigfoot, are cyberbiological as well. Recent authors have speculated that UFOs may be the collective version of poltergeistery, and that they exhibit features that point “to self-regulatory mechanisms on a cultural level.

ufos-consciousness-2-Slide40 ufos-consciousness-2-Slide41

Click to access Bearden_UFO_ADA068988.pdf


  • Messengers of Deception – 1979
  • Melchizedek Synchronicity
  • Cosmic Bulletin Board / Library Angel
  • Remote Viewing Coordinate System
  • Magkical Intention / Strange Attraction
  • TED X Brussels
  • July 20, 1996 Coincidence

“I was in the Boeing that blew up after take-off at Kennedy airport, a bomb in the hold, 132 dead, remember?”
La peau de César by René Barjavel – July 17, 1996 – TWA 800 Air Disaster



Kaczynski Archetype in Coleman’s MOTHMAN: and other curious encounters

Son of Sam murders in New York, the “Wicker” symbolism is evident. Hoffman (p. 182):

“The British film, The Wicker Man,…premiered in the U.S. in 1974 and was screened by a group called Abraxas in April of 1977, during the height of the frenzy of the Son of Sam killings…A hit man who participated in both the Son of Sam and Double Initial murders, John Wheat Carr, signed himself, ‘Wicked King Wicker.'”

“Unabom case, precursor literary work in question… Joseph Conrad’s 1907 book, The Secret Agent, concerned a mad professor clothed in rags, who lived in a tiny room where he built a bomb with which he sought to destroy the “idol of science.” “Joseph Conrad” was the literary non-de-plume of the Polish writer Theodore Korzeniowski.”

In certain murder-suicide, serial, and mass crime rituals a synchronic work of literature, usually fiction, appears before the crimes are perpetrated, serving as a virtual script. In the case of Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army (a group which featured salamander symbolism), the book, Black Abductor, had been published before the SLA came to the fore, paralleling many incidents that would come to fruition in the activities of Hearst and her comrades.

The Oklahoma City bombings had its Turner Diaries.

The collapse of the Silver Bridge had its Mothman news articles.

As Michael Hoffman has noted in his book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare (p. 172): “In occult crimes the objective is not linear, that is to say, is not solely bound to the achievement of the immediate effects of the attack on the victim, but may in fact be part of a larger, symbolic ritual magnified by the power of the electronic media.” The same thing appears to be happening with these Mothman and Fortean events. Hoffman continues: “If we are observing a ritual working, we should be looking for relevant synchronicities (coincidences that have meaning)… which form a pattern.”

The FBI and CIA have understood the importance of twilight language in many of their investigations. For example, in the Son of Sam murders in New York, the “Wicker” symbolism is evident. Here again, Hoffman’s observations are worth noting (p. 182): “The British film, The Wicker Man,…premiered in the U.S. in 1974 and was screened by a group called Abraxas in April of 1977, during the height of the frenzy of the Son of Sam killings…A hit man who participated in both the Son of Sam and Double Initial murders, John Wheat Carr, signed himself, ‘Wicked King Wicker.'”

The writings of Michael A. Hoffman II demonstrate other examples. The solving of the Unabom murders involved a certain deeper understanding of the symbols left behind by Theodore Kaczynski. In the Unabom case, the precursor literary work in question has a more prestigious literary pedigree. Joseph Conrad’s 1907 book, The Secret Agent, concerned a mad professor clothed in rags, who lived in a tiny room where he built a bomb with which he sought to destroy the “idol of science.” “Joseph Conrad” was the literary non-de-plume of the Polish writer Theodore Korzeniowski.

In certain murder-suicide, serial, and mass crime rituals a synchronic work of literature, usually fiction, appears before the crimes are perpetrated, serving as a virtual script. In the case of Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army (a group which featured salamander symbolism), the book, Black Abductor, had been published before the SLA came to the fore, paralleling many incidents that would come to fruition in the activities of Hearst and her comrades. The Oklahoma City bombings had its Turner Diaries. The collapse of the Silver Bridge had its Mothman news articles.
and on and on.
pages 166-167

Psychotronic technology
Who is wielding it?
Cycles of Psychological Reinforcement






2001 – Detection of “Where in Maze” Rats are Dreaming
2008 / 2009 – “Scientists Extract Images Directly From Brain”


Some of the more intriguing episodes, when they are carefully investigated, open up alternative interpretations that are even more chilling in their earthly reality, even more disturbing in their implications than the idea of aliens looking for human embryos. One of the cases in my files involves a continuum between ritual abuse and UFO experiences. It seems that alien imagery was deliberately planted into the mind of this female witness as an overlay to a terrifying experience that was not to be consciously recalled. In another case a young man appears to have been made to submit to a curious organization through images of aliens that were planted in his unconscious. He recognized them when he saw the cover of Communion. But hypnotherapy led to the opposite result of what abductionists would have expected: the UFO episode seems to have been fabricated to encode and screen suggestions that turned this subject into a virtual slave of the cult in question for several years.


Persinger was involved in Operation Black Beauty, the creation of a refrigerator-sized electromagnetic broadcasting
unit used to quell riots. The device is said to employ time-varying fields of extremely low frequency energy, broadcast at
frequencies between 1 and 10 hertz, that cause vomiting in whomever the unit is trained on. [2] http://archive.org/stream/MindControlWorldControl-TheEncyclopediaOfMindControl1998/Keith-MindControlWorldControl-TheEncyclopediaOfMindControl1998_djvu.txt


  • Early age contact seemingly confirmed when underwent hypnosis with Dr.s Sprinkle and Haines
  • Led to “memories” of being healed by an Alien Other and an Out of Body Experience,
  • Recall of which ends with him as a baby, floating out in space above the earth and about to enter a UFO.
  • Worked investigating paranormal for Sen Claiborne Pell seeking UFO disclosure for Laurence Rockefeller.
  • Psychic intuitive hunt for missile sites during his service as Attaché in India.
  • Tasked psychic Remote Viewers for military, intelligence and political clients in Washington
  • Strange encounter with the FBI in which his friend Michael Drosnin (author of The Bible Code) was
    seemingly targeted with electronic mind-control device which temporarily incapacitated Mr. Drosnin.
  • This encounter and other research led to his statement addressing Dr. John Gibbons
    (science advisor of President Bill Clinton) regarding the Rockefeller UFO Initiative



MK-ULTRA’s Legacy…

  • Lee Harvey Oswald (1963)
  • Sirhan Sirhan (1968)
  • Lynette Alice “Squeaky” Fromme (1975)
  • Church Committee Hearings (1976)
  • U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations (1978)
  • Ted Kaczynski (1978-1995)
  • Mark David Chapman (1980)
  • President’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (1995)
  • On-going litigation against the government by survivors
  • Whitey Bulger (Mafioso Murderer 2013)
  • Much of the Modern UFO Era
  • Myths of Monarch


…section of the document that quoted from a book titled Magic: Top Secret, which was written in 1949 by one Jasper Maskelyne, a fascinating character (as the name-link demonstrates) who was up his absolute neck in new and novel ways to fool the enemy.

Hungerford quotes the following from Maskelyne in her report, which concerns a truly alternative psychological warfare operation that occurred during the Second World War, and less than a decade before the Flatwoods Monster was seen:

Hungerford continued to quote from Maskelyne’s book in her report: “Like all tales spread among uneducated folk (and helped, no doubt, by our agents), this story assumed almost unimaginable proportions. Villages on the route of our advance began to refuse sullenly to help the retreating Germans, and to take sabotage against them; and then, instead of waiting for our troops to arrive with food and congratulations of their help, the poor people fled, thus congesting the roads along which German motorized transport was struggling to retire. The German tankmen sometimes cut through the refugees and this inflamed feeling still more, and what began almost as a joke was soon a sharp weapon in our hands which punished the Germans severely, if indirectly, for several critical weeks.”


CIA/military psy-operation, according to DoD/CIA operative Bosco Nedelcovic

In 1978, Bosco Nedelcovic, an interpreter and translator at the Inter-American Defense college, stated to American UFO researcher Rich Reynolds that during the 1950s and 1960s, the CIA had manufactured UFO incidences as part of Operation Mirage. Nedelcovic knew as he had worked for the CIA between 1956 and 1963 in Latin America, under the umbrella of the Agency for International Development (AID). Nedelcovic … he was present at some of these events, and that one of these events was the Villas Boas abduction. 
Nedelcovic … part of a nine-man helicopter team that abducted civilians and conducted both psychological warfare experiments and hallucinogenic drug tests, specifically in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. The team included a doctor, CIA and Navy personnel, while the helicopter was equipped with a metal cubicle, about five feet long and three feet wide, used – somehow – in the psychological warfare operations. Nedelcovic himself was never told how the cubicle was used.


Strange beeping noise heard before experience
Marks on hood of car possibly of device


“Captain Coyne received telephone calls from people identifying themselves as representatives of the Department of the Army, Surgeon General’s Office, asking if he, Coyne, had experienced any “unusual dreams” subsequent to the UFO incident. As it happened, not long before the Army’s call, Coyne had undergone a very vivid out-of-body experience.

Sgt. John Healey also reported being called about the incident and its aftermath. “As time would go by,” said Healey, “the Pentagon would call us up and ask us: ‘Well, has this incident happened to you since the occurrence?’ And in two of the instances that I recall, what they questioned me, was, number one: have I ever dreamed of body separation? And I have. I dreamed that I was dead in bed and that my spirit or whatever, was floating, looking down at me lying dead in bed. And the other thing was had I ever dreamed of anything spherical in shape; which definitely had not occurred to me.”


Doctors Watson, Eigelsbach, and others, claim Pascagoula encounter was part of psyops and hallucinogen testing.

H.P. Albarelli Jr. is the author of “A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments” (TrineDay, 2010). Albarelli’s book documents and details numerous CIA and Pentagon sponsored experiments on unwitting human subjects. Albarelli is a founding member of the recently formed North American Truth and Accountability Commission on Human Experimentation.

Zoe Martell is a lecturer in psychology at San Francisco State University; much of her work has focused on the experiences of people suffering from chronic illnesses. She is also an artist and is currently working toward a dual master’s degree at San Francisco Art Institute.


Weapons of Mass Enchantment

Folklore Warfare, MemeWars, & UFO Covert-Ops

  • Revelations, Jacques Vallee, 1991, …ponders the possibility that the reason for the numerous sightings of UFOs over sensitive military installations might be due to hoaxes performed to test the security of these installations and the reaction of the personnel when confronted by a UFO. Claims “antiterrorist exercises in which the attackers disguised their craft as a flying saucer have actually been run more than once.”
  • Role of Behavior Science in Physical Security Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Symposium, June 11-12, 1980 prepared for Dir. Defense Nuclear Agency
  • Gerald K. Haines: Cover for Exotic Tech, U2 Spy Planes & Stealth / Bruce Maccabee Disagrees


Halloween – War of the Worlds

  • Psychologist Hadley Cantril’s study of broadcast, Princeton Radio Research Project funded by Rockefeller Foundation
  • Affiliated with project was CFR / CBS exec Frank Stanton (CBS aired WoW) became chair of board of RAND
  • Cantril with Rockefeller money estab’d OPOR at Princeton analysis of OSS propaganda
  • WW2, Cantril and Rockefeller money assist CFR/CBS Edward R. Murrow setup Princeton Listening Center to study Nazi propaganda for OSS
  • Out of this came FBIS which became USIA, propaganda are of the NSA

“Thus, by the end of the 1940s, the basic research had been done and the propaganda apparatus of the national security state had been set up–just in time for the Dawn of Television…”


  • “I think it’s a reflection on our times that the Blue Beam story uses the same premise to warn of an impending global police state, rather than world peace!” – Mark Pilkington, Mirage Men, Binnall of America radio show
  • “Some one remarked that the best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some other planet. In the face of such an alien enemy, people would respond with a sense of their unity of interest and purpose.” – John Dewey, Philosophy Prof Columbia Univ. at a conference sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1917
  • “…it seems to be an unfortunate fact that the nations of the world were only really united when they were facing a common menace. What we really needed was an attack from Mars.” – Sir Anthony Eden, 1947
  • “The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.” – General Douglas MacArthur, 1955
  • Jacques Vallee on the LCS’s (London Controlling Section) “Martian Conspiracy” Strategems


“In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” – Ronald Reagan

“Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.” – Henry Kissinger (allegedly)


  • ECM + CIA = UFO, Dr. Leon Davidson, February/March, 1959 issue of SAUCER NEWS – (Palladium, Maury Island & JFK-Garrison, DC incident)
  • An Open Letter To Saucer Researchers, Dr. Leon Davidson, March 1962 and succeeding issue as two parts. Later it was reprinted in
  • Jim Moseley’s Book of Saucer News (Saucerian Books, 1967)
  • Gene Poteat on Palladium: Stealth, Counitermeasures, and ELINT, 1960-1975 via CIA’s FOIA website
  • Is There A Plot To Promote The Saucers? Peter Kor 1977
  • War on the Mind, Peter Watson, 1978…

“Equipment has been developed to use low-lying cloud as a screen off which to bounce huge propaganda shows. Tape recordings of primitive gods have been prepared, to be played from helicopters, thus frightening tribes and keeping them in their villages- a sophisticated form of population control.”


Terence McKenna and Inoculating ourselves against mass ufo sightings.


“In a flash, Operation Northern Vigilance is called off. Any simulated information, what’s known as an ‘inject,’ is purged from the screens.” [Toronto Star, 12/9/2001] NORAD has the capacity to inject simulated material, including mass attacks, during exercises, “as though it was being sensed for the first time by a radar site.” [US Department of Defense, 1/15/1999] http://www.historycommons.org/entity.jsp?entity=vigilant_guardian


“The project was part of the Everybody Writes scheme, which is funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.”
Everybody Writes and the National Literacy Trust

Click to access Broomwood%20Case%20Study.pdf

  • Edgware pupils tackle alien investigation – 2008
  • UFO crash lands at Cleethorpes (Elliston Infants’) School! – 2008
  • Children traumatised by ‘War of Worlds’ abduction of teacher – 2009
  • Sussex teacher ‘abducted by aliens in UFO’ – 2009
  • Pupils terrified after arriving at school to bloody crime scene (Foxhill Primary in Sheffield) – 2009
  • Sandford pupils investigate extra-terrestrial visit – 2010
  • Teachers told terrified primary school children WW3 had broken out then led them to cellar and set off fireworks and a siren – 2011
  • Alien investigation: ‘Rocket’ lands in Sheffield school grounds – 2012
  • ‘Aliens land’ at Daiglen School, Buckhurst Hill – 2013


Ufologists Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman and Jacques Vallee probably didn’t expect to get invitations to the 2011 Global Competitiveness Forum (GFC), held annually in Saudi Arabia. However in a sign of the changing times the conference, sponsored by the Saudi royal family and bringing together some of the biggest names in both business and politics, decided to get serious about the UFO issue and include the topic in the schedule.

Nick Pope noted that keynote speaker Bill Clinton, while talking about astrophysics and the discovery of the human genome, remarked in relation to discovering earth-like planets, that “I don’t have to tell you what the implications of that would be, if it turned out to be true”.


Davos on “Black Swan” events, “Rogue Deployment of Geoengineering”

The British moneymaker is confident — at least for now — that De La Rue
remains the largest nongovernment printer of bank notes in the Milky Way.

  • UFOs at the UN … Jacques Vallee, J. Allen Hynek, Kurt Waldheim, Ronald Reagan
  • Report From Iron Mountain – “Literary Hoax”
  • Steven Greer’s Free Energy Suppression Theory
  • Davos World Economic Forum 2004, dinner seminar panel “The Conspiracy Behind Conspiracy Theories: Have Extraterrestrials Made Contact With Government Leaders?” with Dick Cheney, Coke’s Doug Daft moderated by De La Rue Chief Executive Ian Much
  • “Discovery of Alien Life” at Davos World Economic Forum, Insight Report, Global Risks 2013, Section 5, X Factors (in collaboration with Nature)


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