Falls, Fortean


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  • “Falling Fish” Earthweek: A Diary Of The Planet, Orange County Register, March 7, 1994, photocopy from RG Larson


Falling Fish

Small fish have been found flapping around in parking lots and on
roads south of Darwin after rainstorms in Australia’s desert Outback.
Beryl Morris, a zoologist with the Commonwealth Scientific and
Industrial Research Organization, theorizes that the heavy rains
trigger dry fish eggs to suddenly hatch, and then high winds or
updrafts carry the newborns considerable distances. “The first time it
happened last week, they were everywhere,” said innkeeper Adele
Liebelt. “They’re only little fish, so the birds took them away.” Most
of the young desert fish measured between one and two inches in


  • Xeroxed Classics Scientific Reports #4, The Sourcebook Project featuring…
    • Showers of Organic Matter by Waldo L. McAtee, published in Monthly Weather Review 45 (May 1917): 217-224.
    • Rains of Fishes by E. W. Gudger, November-December 1921, Natural History Magazine.




Showers of Organic Matter


2i8. MON!FHLY WEATHEk BEVIEW. May, 1917 waa carried 900 feet. During the tornado of April 16,. 1875, at Walterborough, S. C., a piece of timber 6 inches.

[PDF] RAINS OF FISHES  spo.nmfs.noaa.gov Government Leaflet 1961

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