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Anomaly Archives eNews – November 28th, 2022

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews – November 28th, 2022

The Anomaly Archives Email Newsletter

November 28, 2022 – Austin, Texas


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First Annual Texas UFO Con in Jefferson, Texas 

The first annual Texas UFO Conference / Convention was held the weekend before Thanksgiving on the heels of its organizer’s long-running Texas Bigfoot Conference. Craig Woolheater launched this inaugural event featuring speakers such as Nick Redfern, Daniel Alan Jones (who also MCd the event), local writers / researchers Mitchel Whitington, George Jones and Rita Louise, myself (SMiles Lewis) and others. The event was sponsored and its audio/video produced by Christopher Jordan of Curious Realm and HC Universal Network. Check out Christopher’s interviews with participants in our Video-Of-The-Week section below.

Christopher Jordan of Curious Realm and
Tx-UFO-Con Master of Ceremonies Daniel Alan Jones

Above images by Daniel Alan Jones.

SMiles Lewis / Founder



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Curious Realm On Location @ The 1st Texas UFO Con in Jefferson
CR Ep 051: LIVE from Texas UFOCon 2022

Featuring special guests from the conference… individual videos linked below:

Above image by Daniel Alan Jones.


KTXK.org UFO & Bigfoot Event Coverage

Tx UFO Con Coverage

  • Nick Redfern is a notable author, researcher and journalist – whose research and writing on cryptids and UFOs has garnered him appearances on the history channel, BBC, Travel Channel and many others – On Saturday he was the key note speaker at the first Texas UFO convention in Jefferson Texas – Sabrina McCormick Reports   (November 23,  2022).
  • Sabrina McCormick caught up with speakers from the first Texas UFO Convention in Jefferson Texas recently. The conference was held this past Saturday there, and featured researchers and authors focusing on UFO encounters in the Lone Star State. In this instalment, she talks with an archivist out of Austin, Texas who is trying to make information sharing about these encounters and other such anomalies easier to access.   (November 22,  2022).
  • The city of Jefferson held its first annual UFO convention over the weekend – Sabrina McCormick covered the event, which featured a panel of experts that spoke about unexplained encounters in Texas  (November 21,  2022).
  • If you’re looking for an out of this world experience, Jefferson, Texas may have the solution you seek. The city will host its first annual UFO convention this Saturday. It will feature a cross section of Texas UFO enthusiasts and experts says event organizer, Craig Woolheater. Sabrina McCormick reports  (November 16,  2022). 


Tx Bigfoot Conf Coverage

  • Jefferson Texas has become known as the Bigfoot Capital of Texas, there is even a statue of the famed cryptid prominently placed in the city. For the last several years, the city has hosted the Texas Bigfoot Convention. The three-day event serves as a place where enthusiasts, cryptozoologists and people who have had unusual and unexplained experiences can come to swap stories and learn more about the creature (and a host of other such cryptids). Sabrina McCormick spoke with several of the event’s speakers, this interview features world explorer Adam Davies.  (October 28,  2022).
  • Native Texan, Lyle Blackburn may wear only one hat (that is the signature black, wide brimmed cowboy hat he is often seen in) but he has many roles including author, actor, musician, and cryptozoological researcher. As a child Blackburn became fascinated with the Boggy Creek monster after watching the film. Today, he has become a notable expert on the beast and other such cryptids. Sabrina McCormick spoke with Blackburn at the Texas Big Foot Conference held in Jefferson, Texas this October.   (October 28,  2022).
  • From the wilds of Texas’ back country to the streets of the Dallas Metroplex, paranormal phenomena and strange creatures abound in Jason McLean’s book Metroplex Monsters. Sabrina McCormick spoke with McLean recently at the Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson.   (October 28,  2022).
  • According to the Bigfoot Research Organization, or BFRO, regional sightings of the cryptid in the state of Oklahoma are most prevalent in LeFlore County, close to the Arkansas Border. The second most common area for sightings is nearby McCurtain County. The mountains stretch through both counties. At a recent Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson Texas, Sabrina McCormick spoke with one researcher who has been studying and documenting sightings in the Kiamichi area for more than twenty years. Today she files the last in a series of interviews from that conference.  (October 28,  2022).



From JoshuaCutchin.com:

“Eyewitnesses, investigators, and cryptozoologists worldwide contend ample evidence exists supporting the survival of large, hairy, apelike creatures alongside mankind today, lurking in the wilderness. By all appearances, these beings appear wholly natural, interacting with their surroundings and leaving behind hair, blood, droppings, and, of course, footprints.

Yet despite their apparently physical nature, bigfoot and its hairy hominid kin consistently appear mired in High Strangeness—the peculiar, ineffable, and nonsensical absurdities so often encountered in paranormal phenomena.

Some sightings seem more consistent with mythology than biology. Bigfoot often present supernatual attributes, like luminescent eyes or the ability to pass, ghostlike, through structures.  Anomalous lights are regulalry seen in areas of frequent sasquatch activity. Footprints persistently, if rarely, display odd numbered toes, and—most bafflingly—bigfoot trackways suddenly terminate in the middle of open, untouched terrain.

In Volume 1 of Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, authors Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner carefully examine not only the intersection of hairy apemen with global folklore—of poltergeists, faeries, extraterrestrials, magic, witches, ghosts, and archetypal women-in-white—but also question the fundamental assumptions underlying contemporary cryptozoological beliefs surrounding bigfoot.”

Available from Dark Holler Arts


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Anomaly Archives eNews – September 30th, 2022

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews – September 30th, 2022

The Anomaly Archives Email Newsletter

September 30, 2022 – Austin, Texas

It’s been a wild September … local UFO sightings with video, alien imagery in support of our local salsa fest, the media’s UAP darling in a drama-rama spiral, amazing videos galore … all that and more in this latest issue of the Anomaly Archives eNewsletter! Plus our book of the week and more with some old-school local flavor!

Austin UFO UAP UAV Drone Swarm? Brushy Creek / Round Rock, Texas – September 2022

Videos of the Week – Drones, Phones & MORE!

So what were those green orbs of light flying around the Central Texas skies back on September 1st? Is this a true multi-witness, multi-video UFO sighting? Is this a drone swarm or a video hoax or…  some combination of all the above? You decide!

Brushy Creek / Round Rock, Texas – September 2022 @AnomalyArchives

After you watch those interesting green UFO/UAP/Drone videos … check out the 4 iPhone “Memories” creations from my photos taken at the Rice University Grand Opening of The Archives of the Impossible! See the links below…

Oh – and for good measure:

  • Think Anomalouss video on the earliest Alien Abduction case from Brazil … was it MK-Ultra mind control experiment or something else?
  • David Perkins has been getting a lot more coverage discussing his ideas about UFOs, Cattle Mutilations, and James Lovelock’s Gaia-Hypothesis.

Check out all the great videos and links below…


First Annual Texas UFO Con in Jefferson, Texas – 11/19/22

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2022 AT 9 AM – 10 PM 

UFO convention covering Texas based UFO sightings, alien encounters and UFO crash sites.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Mitchel Whitington
  • George Jones
  • UFOJane
  • SMiles Lewis
  • Daniel Alan Jones
  • Nick Redfern
  • Special Presentation: Joey “The UFO Magnet” George

Texas UFOcon

Jefferson Tourism and Visitor Center

305 E. Austin St. Jefferson, TX 75657

Facebook / Eventbrite


Local Haunts & Paranormal Print Magazines

Saul Ravencraft

A couple of weeks ago I finally paid a visit to one of Austin’s cool little Occult shops. Located at 5924 S Congress Ave #23, Austin, TX 78745 is Curia Arcanum’s House of Curiosities! I’d heard great things about them from several friends and finally stopped in and met one of the owners. Its a great shop for all your occult needs and a wonderfully weird place to spend some time gazing at the wealth of mysterious and strange “curiosities.”

Onsite doing Psychic Readings was our old friend, Executive Occultis, Saul Ravencraft

While perusing their occult library collection of books, lo and behold, there was an actual print magazine I’d never seen or heard of before: PARANORMALITY

I had to buy a copy and when I visited their website discovered that Curia Arcanum is one of only 3 locations that carry this rare print magazine!

It was great to finally visit the folks at Curia Arcanum’s House of Curiositiees!

Check em out! 

Curia Arcanum’s House of Curiosities

5924 S Congress Ave #23

Austin, TX 78745



Book of the Week: Late 80s AusTex Lesbian UFO Fiction!

Years ago in my day job, I became aware of an interesting book by an Austin writer about the alien abduction phenomenon of the late 1980s. The book is a contemporary take on the rise of the alien abduction experience that was released in 1989, set in Austin, as well as the forests of East Texas. Its a murder mystery that involves a foray into the UFOlogical realms of UFO sightings flaps, mysterious fires, and hidden memories of strange encounters. I recently re-read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it again.

Check out The Contactees Die Young in the Book of the Week section below.


Cargo Culture – Austin Hot Sauce Festival

The Austin Chronicle goes full eXoSploitation in its use of the Alien/Ufo/Flying-Saucer mythos for its coverage of the Hot Saucer Festival for 2022!


DramaRama: Reports of the death of Ufology are greatly exaggerated

Among the wealth of important and interesting anomaly news headlines are a handful of opinion pieces on the oft repeated trope of the “Death of UFOlogy.” Veteran UFO researchers Chris Rutkowski and Kevin Randle (and undoubtedly others) responded in their own ways to an OpEd written by UFO, er um, UAP newbie Lue Elizondo and posted on September 5th, titled “Why UFOlogy Must Die.” Canadian Chris Rutkowski called folks attention to his 2010 blog post titled “The demise of ufology” while Kevin Randle wrote a new blog post titled, “Let’s Kill Ufology?

While there was much discussion about this latest pronouncement from “Former Director AATIP” Lue Elizondo, most seemed to avoid drawing the connection of its timing and tone with the accusations from Luis Jimenez, host of the UCR (Unidentified Celebrity Review) show on YouTube and The Big Phone Home UAP-activism campaigns. While Lue Elizondo’s OpEd, alluded to his desire for, “a new UFOlogy minus the drama, the cults of personalities, and the click-bait-driven agendas that lead to petty backbiting,” and the  “exchange ideas without fear of personal attack, without having to pick a side, and without middle school drama,” these were a large part of the claims made by @LuAngeles (Luis Jimenez) against Elizondo (and possibly others) in his last two UCR episodes; the first streamed live on Aug 25, 2022 (Clicks, Clique’s, & who’s really in it for the UFO money) and then the more relevant to Elizondo’s OpEd, the other UCR show (Who is Richard Butt?) streamed on September 1st. And just in case that timing isn’t enough to convince you of these two events being related… there is Lue Elizondo’s tweet on September 2nd:

@LueElizondo · Sep 2 “To avoid confusion and conjecture, neither I, nor my wife, are Richard Butt.” 

Lu @LuAngeles · Sep 2 Replying to @LueElizondo Does anyone want to ask how Richard butt had details of a phone call only 4 people knew about? You may not be Richard, but you know who it is. Please tell us for clarity.

When I stumbled upon this hornets-nest of drama and accusations during the September 1st, UCR livestream, I was completely clueless as to what this was all about.

Dick Butt & The 5×5 Felon Affair

So what was all this Lue on Lu fracas action about? Well, allegedly, it was all about a text message sent by Elizondo to Jimenez decrying the “BS” of various people in the UFO/UAP scene whom Elizondo considered to be among the many “bullshit artists” with one or more of them – this is one of the many points of contention – actually having past felony convictions. Or at least that is what Jimenez thought Elizondo meant by the text, allegedly. Its all very convoluted “he said / she said” kinds of drama but with an apparent digital paper-trail that a certain “Richard Butt” was pushing Jimenez to post publicly.

Part of this drama goes all the way back to UCR shows from back in April and May:

@LuAngeles (Luis Jimenez) & The UCR Unidentified Celebrity Review show

Here is an attempt by someone at Reddit to explain all this…

You can view these alleged texts in this gallery below…

More on Lue Elizondo @AnomalyArchives

Is any of this newsworthy? As someone I deeply respect in the academic realm who is a true mover and shaker within the UFO community said to me, “I don’t understand why you very intelligent friends care about this?” To which I responded…

“Given Elizondo’s background [in Counter Intelligence], I think it understandable that he get scrutinized. The fact that this OpEd criticizing discord is released just days after he is accused of sowing discord, without his addressing that situation, to me, seems disingenuous. So if it is all a misunderstanding then he should own up to it. The person making those accusations, Luis Jimenez, seemed sincerely upset, disturbed, and frightened by the turn of events and I do think he is right to be concerned when cults of personality develop around religious belief systems like those you write about. Luis Jimenez tried to, more or less, set the record straight, allegedly – whereas Lue Elizondo issues this OpEd and doesn’t address what obviously triggered it. Maybe it is all just train-wreck, social media drama distraction, but given the accusations and the appearance of the situation it seems worthy of note to me.”

Until next time … read on – we hope you enjoy this issues of the Anomaly Archives eNews.

SMiles Lewis / Founder




Volume 42, Number 2: E-EDITION   |   PDF

WE HAVE AN ISSUE: The Weekend Forecast Is Hot. Very, Very Hot. BY KIMBERLEY JONES


More CARGU CULTure @AnomalyArchives


Rice University Opens The Archives Of The Impossible- March 2022

These are “Memory” slideshows created automatically by my phone using photos I took while attending and participating in the March 2022 Opening of the Archives of the Impossible at Rice University.

– SMiles Lewis (Founder of the Anomaly Archives)

Archives of the videos for the event presentations are available at the links below…



Watch The Individual Videos:

March Third, Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth


Abduction of Antônio Vilas-Boas, 1957

Abduction of Antônio Vilas-Boas, 1957

Four years before the more famous Hill Abduction, a Brazilian farmer had a hair-raising experience that is eerily reminiscent of the “alien abduction” stories brought to light in the 1980s and 90s. His case is now widely considered the first alien abduction of the post-war era, and the first to imply an agenda of alien-human hybridization.



David Perkins and SMiles Lewis: UFOs, Cattle Mutilations and the Gaian Mind

David Perkins and SMiles Lewis: UFOs, Cattle Mutilations and the Gaian Mind

Anomaly Archives Saturday Streamathon Fundraiser Series 6.2 David Perkins and SMiles Lewis

Anomaly Archives Saturday Streamathon Fundraiser Series Part-Six 12/26/2020

The Anomaly Archives Saturday Streamathons are a series of emergency fundraiser telethons happening each Saturday until 2021. This is the FINAL Streamathon of 2020.

SCHEDULE: Saturday-Streamathon-Series Part-Six Events of Saturday, December 26th

02:15 pm – David Perkins and SMiles Lewis – “UFOs, Cattle Mutilations and the Gaian Mind”

Watch All 50+ Hours of Streamathon-2020 Vidoes


More interviews with David Perkins on UFOs, Cattle Mutilations, & the Gaian Mind:


Green lights spotted in sky near Spicewood

Green lights spotted in sky near Spicewood

KXAN Sep 2, 2022 – Michael Daniels captured five green lights moving around the night sky near Spicewood on Sept. 1, 2022.


Brushy Creek / Round Rock, Texas – September 2022 @AnomalyArchives



Book Of The Week – The Contactees Die Young by Antoinette Azolakov

“The narrator, a psychiatrist, finds herself attracted to a client who experiences in nightmares an expanding “memory” of a girlhood episode. Is it contact with aliens? This story moves right along, and lesbianism is sensitively treated without exaggeration.”

“Antoinette Azolakov was born in Lufkin, Texas in 1944. Her father was in the U.S. Navy when she was born, and the Navy broke radio silence to tell him he had a baby girl. Antoinette has hardly been silent since. She taught high school English and Latin, worked in an explosives plant, as a welder, as a gas station attendant, as a landscape gardener and as a pet sitter. Her writing credits include several short stories and poems in various publications, four lesbian mysteries, and now her latest work, Ghostly Voices: Thirteen Texas Ghosts, available on Kindle. She is currently working on a new novel, Andrew Sparrow, set in early Texas. Her novel Skiptrace won the first Lambda Book Award for Best Lesbian Mystery. She lives with her ten cats and her Basset Hound in Austin, Texas.”


Anomaly Archives: Antoinette Azolakov




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Anomaly Archives eNews – September 2nd, 2022

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews – September 2nd, 2022

The Anomaly Archives Email Newsletter

September 2, 2022 – Austin, Texas


Remembering Erma Jean Staffen (Post from SMiles’ personal website)

The morning of August 21st, Facebook’s memories of past posts reminded me of a cute Ghostbusters/Dog-Shaming meme that my friend from the previous Reality Tunnels (pre-Pandemic / pre-Trump / pre-911 / pre-Y2k) had posted on my timeline back in 2016. That friend was Jean Staffen.

Still photo from interview videotaped in the 1990s by SMiles Lewis at the “Oxford House.”
Still photo from interview videotaped in the 1990s by SMiles Lewis at the “Oxford House.”
Jean Staffen on her Facebook page circa 2014.
Jean Staffen on her Facebook page circa 2014.

In 2016 we reconnected via facebook after many years. In 2017 she told me she was dealing with significant health issues. We exchanged brief messages until I stopped hearing from her in April of 2020. Today, because of that facebook reminiscence I did an internet search for her name…

Erma Jean Staffen 

AUGUST 1, 1939 – MAY 18, 2022

Erma Jean Staffen, age 82, of Bastrop, Texas passed away on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. Erma was born August 1, 1939.  — NeptuneSociety.com

I think I first met Jean at a meeting of the local MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) chapter sometime between 1990 and 1992 when she formed Austin’s UFO/Abduction Support Group. She had mysterious memories of anomalous childhood experiences at age 3, 9, 13 and onward that led her to form this group. These were heady days and I recall many fantastic public meetings and private conversations with her and other members of the Austin UFO community.

A couple of years after founding and running the local UFO support group, Jean “got the call to go West.” She asked and I accepted the role of continuing that support and study group. I led the monthly meetings for the next four years. Jean returned to Austin in 1998 and disbanded the group. She started a new group called Truth Seekers, or similar. This monthly group met to discuss all manner of esoteric, metaphysical, and conspiratorial topics. One of the few I attended focused on an area of particular interest to me, the health effects of electromagnetic energy.

Jean had contributed her own written thoughts on the subject of UFO encounters / alien abductions for Susan Lepselter’s UT dissertation and they both let me reproduce some of those writings in my print zine, E.L.F. Infested Spaces, back in 1994.

We lost track of each other for many years until reconnecting in 2016 when she’d retired to Bastrop, Texas. I  never got to have a long talk with her and catch up on so much of Austin’ UFO history that she was a part of but it was nice at least messaging each other with links and cartoons every month or so until I stopped hearing from her.

Well, I now know that she passed on in May of this year. Safe travels my friend…


Well that’s all for now.

SMiles Lewis / Founder



The Anomaly Archives with SMiles Lewis (UNT’s “Folklore in the Archives” Event)

University of North Texas, Special Collections’ “Folklore in the Archives”
Part 1, August 27, 2022 featuring Anomaly Archives founder SMiles Lewis.
This was a Zoom-based virtual mini-conference held on August 27th & September 3rd, 2021. Find out more at this Facebook page for the event, here:
Official Original Video Links are here:
Folklore in the Archives- Part 1
Folklore in the Archives- Part 2

August 27 speakers:

  • Jennifer Brannock, Curator of Rare Books & Mississippiana at the University of Southern Mississippi
  • Christine Blythe, Folklore Archives Specialist, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University
  • SMiles Lewis, Anomaly Archives, Austin, Texas
  • Teresa Gray, Public Services Archivist, Special Collections, Central Library, Vanderbilt University
  • Helena de Lemos, Special Collections Instruction & Research Librarian, Occidental College Library
  • Nick Richbell, Head, Special Collections & Archives, University of Waterloo Library
  • Matina Newsom, Stacks Management and Evening Supervisor, and Bobby Griffith, Lead Government Information Reference Specialist, Sycamore Library, University of North Texas
  • Louise LoBello, Research & Collections Management Specialist, Franklin & Marshall College

September 3 speakers:

  • Samantha Dodd, Curator, Archives of Women of the Southwest, DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University
  • April C. Armstrong, Special Collections Assistant, Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University
  • Joshua Youngblood, Rare Books Librarian, Special Collections Instruction and Outreach Services Unit Head, History Librarian, University of Arkansas Libraries
  • Stephanie Khattak, Independent Folklorist, Pine Curtain Project
  • Sara Butler-Tongate, Reference Archivist, Center for Archival Collections, Jerome Library, Bowling Green State University
  • Tiffany Cole, Special Collections Archivist, James Madison University Libraries
  • Jennifer Daugherty, Head, North Carolina Collection, Special Collections Division, Joyner Library, East Carolina University


Book Of The Week – Revisited & Reviewed

ProfessorWHAM.com Presents… 

Contact With Colliding Worlds Part 1 Synchronicities of SilenceBlog Post

“I was going to write a blog reviewing Trinity: The Best Kept Secret by Jacques Vallee and Paola Leopizzi Harris but interesting synchronicities kept presenting themselves, especially as I concurrently read The Pueblo Revolt by David Roberts about the same area of the country during a different time period. What follows is a collection of reflections, occasional wandering tangents and some questions.”

Contact with Colliding Worlds Part 2 Some Trinity Forensic ConsiderationsBlog Post

Visit Professor WHAM’s YouTube Channel

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