Shadow Government: 9-11 and State Terror

The Shadow Government: 9-11 and State Terror by Len Bracken

“In Shadow Government: 9-11 and State Terror, Len Bracken presents the case that states have used terror to defend themselves both directly, as with the Terror of the French Revolution, and indirectly, as with the strategy of tension in Italy—when the state used right-wing provocateurs disguised as left-wing agitators to discredit social protest, assassinate inconvenient politicians and justify a crackdown. The “Amerithrax Attack” chapter by Andrew Smith supports the state-terror thesis and Bracken’s epilogue shows how a shadow government has since covered the land like black ice. For those who question the authors’ ideological orientation, a timeline provides objective support for considering 9-11 and the ensuing anthrax operation as indirect defensive attacks.”

 “One of the more persuasive strategists, at least on this side of the Atlantic, is Len Bracken. By day, he’s a humble copy editor in Washington; by night, a novelist, biographer, amateur historian, translator, and underground essayist treasured in conspiracy circles, a man who never shows his face to his readers. The problem with conspiracy theories is that most of them are wrong. Still, if the turbulent, age-old story of statesmen conspiring to use terrorism to control their own populations can be believed, as Bracken successfully argues, then Shadow’s thesis raises more chilling questions than it answers. Why should 9-11 be anomalous? As Twain once remarked, history never repeats itself—but it does rhyme.”
Geoffrey Gray, Village Voice

 “Bracken’s analysis has the precision of a watchmaker, but his watch piece is a time machine. His distinctive genre is the first to combine progressive anarchist philosophy and history with conspiracy journalism to bring the reader to an exceptionally broad and heightened state of awareness. This is the first of its kind. Anarchy has finally joined conspiracy and has realized we’re all hammering away at the same wall.”
Joan d’Arc, Paranoia

 “Such a command of historical facts as well as a facile talent for weaving cohesive, potentially indicting arguments together makes this book a worthwhile read indeed. I’ll be amazed if the publisher isn’t ordered by the feds to shred all existing copies of The Shadow Government because of the ultimately incriminating data within. Just imagine members of the Supreme Court being handed copies of this potentially incendiary book by some courageous renegade lawyer and watch how much trouble the almighty nine have glossing over administrative crimes with their glib rhetoric. The knees of the shadow government itself may start buckling if this important book starts to get the mainstream scrutiny it deserves.”
Jaye Beldo, Lone Nutter

Published by Adventures Unlimited, 2002


Len Bracken bracken

Podcast of the 20th episode of The Blue Rose Report with guest Len Bracken. Len is the author of such nonfiction works as Shadow Government 911 and State Terror, The Arch Conspirator, and Guy Debord, Revolutionary, as well as fictional works Snitch Jacket, The East is Black, and Freeplay.

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