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Source: Anomaly Archives LIVE Streaming Event Tomorrow at 2pm

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August 7th, 2020 – Austin, Texas


The Anomaly Archives presents
Exploring the Life-Work of Artist/Clairvoyant/Paranormal-Investigator
Eugenia Macer-Story

Featuring Dr. CS Matthews, Stephanie Quick, Ben Roylance and SMiles Lewis
Saturday, August 8th at 2pm CST

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The Anomaly Archives is hosting a panel discussion on the life and work of this truly unique visual artist, playwright/poet, UFO experiencer / researcher and clairvoyant psychic who used the tapestry of her life as an experimental space in which to deepen her understanding of the process of contact with the uncanny. An accomplished artist and writer, her papers on the physics of synchronicity and other paranormal events were presented at academic conferences while she also had many articles published by UFO research organizations.

Her book “Congratulations! The UFO Reality”, written in the mid-1970’s, concentrated on the effects of these encounters on witnesses, an aspect of these events which in recent times is gaining more attention.

With panelists Dr. C.S. Matthews, author of “Mysterious Beauty: Living with the Paranormal in the Hudson Valley”; Ben Roylance, poet and EMS researcher, Stephanie Quick of the blog “Ghost Dog is a Mystery Box” and host SMiles Lewis, founder of Anomaly Archives.

We are very excited to be hosting this Online / Virtual Meetup webcast event and hope you all can join us for this month’s “Second Saturday,” Monthly Meetup, tomorrow, August 8th, at 2pm CDT. We’ll be streaming live to our YouTube Channel HERE as well as simulcasting it over at our Facebook Page HERE.  We hope you will join us for the live transmission – it will also be archived for later viewing if you can’t make it to the livestream. More details at our community page…

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“In The 1950s Aliens Took These Americans For A Ride”
Old black and white short film featuring classic UFO Close Encounter witnesses, Contactees, and Military / Government officials.

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