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Anomaly Archives eNews – January/February 2009


January/February, 2009

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The League of Western Fortean Intermediatists:

A friend of mine, Skylaire Alfvegren, recently began her own regional strange phenomena oriented organization. More than just another ghost hunting, UFO data collecting, or bigfoot tracking group, my friend has created a unique collective of anomalous informationalists: The League of Fortean Intermediatists, aka LOWFI and Forteans West.

I’m proud to be her easternmost representative, serving as Texas Bureau Chief, and blogging on all things anomalous and Fortean happening in and around the State. One of my most recent blogs archives my roundup of Texas strangeness that I originally published when I was editor of the Austin Para Times newspaper:

AusTex Anomalous Para Guide to Texas

AusTex Anomalous Guide to Para Texas pg 6 AusTex Anomalous Guide to Para Texas

apt3-pg6 / apt3-pg7

But there many other fine contributors to this new Fortean League representing each of the Western States (still seeking Bureau Chiefs for a few states) as well as monthly Featured Editorials including the premier post by former British UFO official, Nick Pope. Check em all out …

LOWFI Bureau Chief Blogs …

Here’s another overview of the new LOWFI / Forteans West blog launch:

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  • Austin MUFON Meeting of 2009

The very first MUFON meeting of the new year was held Saturday afternoon, January 3, the first (1st) Saturday of the month, from 1 – 4 p.m., at the Austin History Center, on the SW corner of 9th & Guadalupe St., downtown Austin.

Contact: Mike DeGroff

January-February 2009FATE Magazine
Jan-Feb 2009:
Volume 62, Number 1, Issue 702

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UFOlogy 101 with Mike DeGroff and SMiles Lewis – Tuesday, November 27th

UFOlogy 101 with Mike DeGroff and SMiles Lewis

Tuesday, November 27th – Austin History Center

Explore the fascinating world of UFOs, Close Encounters and Strange Entities through a dazzling array of historic imagery; from ancient cave art, to classical paintings on to the modern era of digital photography and fakery. How do scientific groups like Austin’s Mutual UFO Network and Anomaly Archives investigate these mysterious encounter events? Come join the exploration and discussion of these fascinating topics being presented by Austin MUFON and the Anomaly Archives lending library. This IONS-SAI lecture will be at 6:30 PM at the Austin History Center, 9th and Guadalupe, Austin, Texas. Admission is free. For more information call 512-258-9878.

Mike DeGroff is the current State Section Director for the Travis and Williamson County Chapters of MUFON.

SMiles Lewis is a past leader of Austin MUFON and the Austin UFO Experiencer Support and Study Group and founder of the Scientific Anomaly Institute’s lending library, the Anomaly Archives. /

Parapsychology Groups in Austin? – Austin American-Statesman

Parapsychology Groups in Austin?  Austin American-Statesman (subscription), TX – Aug 19, 2007:  Several years back there was a parapsychology group in Austin. Are there any similar groups in this area now? — P.L. Prout

I just sent you an answer telepathically. For those of you who need to communicate in a more traditional manner, the answer is yes. Austin is home to the Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies, a nonprofit organization whose membership includes doctors in the field of psychology. Stephen Miles Lewis, vice president of the group, defines parapsychology as the science of anomalous cognition, or nontraditional means of thinking and awareness. The group’s mission is to “expand the scientific understanding of human consciousness and to develop practical applications of this understanding for public benefit, by conducting scientific research in psi (psychic abilities) and related phenomena and by offering educational opportunities to the public.”Research topics include lucid dreams and other altered states of consciousness. The group meets periodically (its most recent meeting took place at BookPeople and featured the author of a book on hypnosis). For more information, visit Lewis is also involved in the Anomaly Archive,, which maintains a library of books related to parapsychology for its members.<>