Breaking News on the (NOT) Roswell “Alien” Slides

UPDATE 6/12/15: Shepherd Johnson has obtained another image of the child-mummy through an FOIA request to the National Park Service… (PDF)

The only name for the child in the Park Service documents is “MOCA 1352”

New image released by the National Park Service through a Freedom Of Information Act request by Shepherd Johnson
New image released by the National Park Service through a Freedom Of Information Act request by Shepherd Johnson

The National Park Service just released to me 186 pages worth of documentation concerning the Montezuma Castle / Mesa Verde child mummy. The documents can accessed here: (PDF) (Facebook Gallery)

Updated 6/14/15


From the Picasa Web Gallery of Frank Hadl

As has been repeatedly reported, the slides which some have claimed shows an “alien” body (but which most believe to be the mummified remains of a Native American child unearthed at a cliff-dwelling in the late 1890s), has again been found in another old slide image within a museum display.

This time the image is apparently from a slide taken in December 1956 by Frank Hadl, a then Air Force gunner training at Luke Air Force Base:

Fran’s slide – Message from Frank Hadl “I am Fran’s husband and most of the photos in her albums were made by me. This slide, although only scanned on my printer/scanner was taken by me in Dec 1956. I was in the AF then and single and just arrived at Luke AFB for gunnery training. I think the TX on the slide stands for time exposure. Frank…”.

Communication with Isaac Koi

Frank responded to comments / questions posted by RSRG (Roswell Slide Research Group) member Isaac Koi at the PicasaWeb photo gallery page maintained by Frank Hadl.

Image originally discovered by Jorge Peredo

On Wednesday, the image above began circulating online among those trying to find further confirmation on the nature and disposition of the mummified child’s remains shown in the original “Roswell ‘Alien’ Slides.” It was originally discovered by Jorge Peredo who provided it to José Antonio Caravaca.

Frank Hadl Slide

NOTE: These new images are still being vetted.

The above dark slide was provided to Isaac Koi after Anthony Bragalia (previously one of the main proponents of the alien interpretation of the body seen in the slides and virulent / accusatory critic of skeptical RSRG researchers) helped locate the source of the mystery photo which surfaced yesterday.

The image below is a mock-up of the alleged slide (or an alternate) containing the latest image superimposed upon / inserted into the frame of the dark slide image above. Confused yet? This is a developing story and will be updated.

Mock-up slide image of latest photo inserted into slide frame from darker original (or alternate?) mummy photo allegedly taken by Frank Hadl ‘to demonstrate that when the placard and rounded top-left corner are aligned, the shelf is not.” Courtesy of Nab Lator who deciphered the placard in the original “Hilda Ray Slides.” Below is an animated version.
Animated "Mock-up" for comparison purposes only.
Animated “Mock-up” for comparison purposes only.

Late Tuesday night (Central Standard Time) José Caravaca posted the cropped image to the RSRG facebook group, saying he was trying to establish the provenance and source of the image. The image was released publicly and the search for the source began.

Jaime Maussan, one of several individuals promoting the slides and claiming they depict an alien body, has offered a reward of $5,000 for another photo of the body and $10,000 for the body itself. So far, he has claimed that the photo is a fake and does not seem inclined to follow-through on paying the reward.

This case of possible mistaken identity / possible shenanigans by Roswell researchers and UFO media personalities has exacerbated the already frayed edges of DeUxFology.* Calls for further investigation of the slide promoters along with questions about these researchers continued speaking on the UFO lecture circuit have ignited a firestorm of controversy across the internet through the rapid response enabled by social media.

While these new images are still being vetted to insure that they are genuine it seems quite likely that they represent yet another “nail in the coffin” hopefully securing the final resting place of this mysterious little fellow.

In the meantime, perhaps we should review what we know so far by visiting the Anomaly Archives resource page on the (NOT) Roswell Slides. For more on how the identification of the child-mummy came about, visit the website of the Roswell Slides Research Group.


* DeUxFology – Two Ufologies / Two UFO Research Communities … 

Rational / Reality / Science based investigation

Irrational / Fantasy / Belief based confirmation-bias


– SMiles Lewis

Founder / President of the Anomaly Archives

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  1. “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

    And with that, Joseph Nye Welch ended the career and commie witch hunt of Joseph McCarthy.

    That same quote would aptly apply today to Maussan, Carey, Schmitt, et al.

    Great job in keeping up with the fluidity of these recent developments, SMiles! I’ve found your site superior in cogently and surgically exposing and shredding this damnable hoax.

  2. It is business as usual fo Jaime Mau$$an. I have followed his work for over 20 year here in Mexico. To me he is a COOK. He is well known in Mexico for misleading people, aourageous claims, over promise under deliver… for him is business as usual!

    1. No, you were right the first time. Jaime has made a career out of cooking up obviously fraudulent tales. And he’s a crook too.

  3. Maussan’s reactions are attaining levels of Surrealism that would have made Breton and Dalí blush. Now he’s claiming that this new image was ‘painted’ over the photography of a shelf (!)

    Meanwhile he’s determined to go ahead with his ‘beWITNESS 2’ event at the Siglo XXI Medical Center.

    1. RPJ – Jaime’s next press release will accuse you of simultaneously being a U.S. government disinformation agent, a member of both The Bilderberger Group & The Illuminati, and a CIA Agent.

      Btw – thank you for your excellent reporting from & about the hoax show in Mexico City!

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