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Anomaly Archives eNews 8/8/18

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 8/8/18

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

August 8th, 2018 – Austin, Texas

Hello again!

I am a bit embarrassed at how long its been since the last newsletter. I’ll save you all the excuses I might want to throw out there … suffice to say, I better get something sent out ASAP.

Some quick updates first… the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is not up yet, and the Open House / Re-Launch-Party isn’t scheduled yet. But we’re working on all that as fast as we can. We’ve organized several successful weekends worth of Volunteer “Library Organizing” Opportunities. You can find out more about volunteering at the Anomaly Archives at our two volunteerism websites: VolunteerMatch.org and GivePulse.com

More soon!


Recently, I’ve been listening to several episodes of (researcher and radio host) Greg Bishop‘s latest podcast archives of his recent Radio Misterioso interview shows. Among these gems is one I’ve been listening to over and over again – his interview with researcher David Perkins. David was to be one of the many speakers I had scheduled for the ill-fated National UFO Conference in 2001. He is perhaps the person whose ideas are closest to my own – at least as they relate to possible true sources of the UFO phenomenon. He senses the same potentials of abuse by the powers-that-be, for mythological engineering and developing belief systems towards political actions, as I do. But it’s his other ideas about the “TrUFOs,” the true UFO phenomenon, that interest me the most. He is one of the few people exploring UFOs and related phenomena from an ecological systems perspective. David thinks of UFOs, associated paranormal activity, and the Cattle Mutilation phenomenon as part of an  “Evolutionary Imperative Theory” that could originate from a Gaian (global super organism) Overmind; a sort of survival strategy from the unconscious (of either the planet or humanity itself). Undercurrents evident within encounter narratives flow through the collective unconscious and influence us through UFO reports and science fiction, and perhaps reflect this organism’s survival strategy: to evolve humanity spaceward; to get us off the earth and colonizing other planets, thus making us less vulnerable to extinction – while preparing us for inevitable contact with true aliens through theatrical “alien” close encounters. This is perhaps the evolutionary intent of such a potential planetary organism. In one sense he is advocating for the archetype of the Trickster to be reconsidered as an elemental force of nature. This and so much more are explored in this excellent Radio Misterioso interview. I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks there may be value in these alternative UFOlogical perspectives. So check out!

In the meantime, you should also watch the Video-of-the-Week (below) that features David Perkins giving a lecture on Paranormal Phenomena and the Gaian Mind (circa 2004).



If you’re not listening to Aaron Gulyas’ podcast The Saucer Life, you are missing out on a wealth of informative historical insights into the literature surrounding the UFO phenomenon. One of Aaron’s latest podcast (and a fellow Fortean’s enthusiasm for links i posted to articles about Contactee Buck Nelson) serves as the inspiration for this issue’s Book-of-the-Week.


Email Newsletter: Anomalous Headline News

This week’s email newsletter features another great bunch of links we’ve posted to our Flipboard online magazine account. Of specific note…

The latest news on the To-The-Stars-Academy and Pentagon AATIP UFO “disclosure”… including the appearance (and then disappearance) of Luis Elizondo’s Pentagon resignation letter, launch of a TTSA sub-program called A.D.A.M. Research Project that is being run by Austin’s own Hal Puthoff, plus the latest I-Team Exclusives, analysis of Defense Intelligence Reference Documents, and a comprehensive Media Archive preserving coverage of these topics.

Nick Redfern reminisces about the 2005 Texas Ghost Lights Mini Conference that was organized by Texas Bigfoot researcher Rob Riggs, sponsored by the Anomaly Archives, and MC’d by me (SMiles Lewis).

There are also sub-sections below covering recent discoveries about:

  • Ancient Humanity
  • Weird AusTex News
  • Consciousness Research
  • More UFO News
  • Renewed Controversy over Abductee Betty Hill
  • Renewed Coverage of Pascagoula, Mississippi Close Encounter Case
  • Reflections on Ufological Trickster Jim Moseley
  • Fortean Religious, “Fortean” Crime, Belief, and MUCH MORE!

Check out all the great news links in the headlines section below. Remember that you can always stay up to date on our latest linked articles via our Flipboard online magazine.

Also, please consider selecting us as your Amazon Smiles charity of choice – your online purchases can help support our charitable nonprofit community mission of preservation and public education.

That’s it for this edition of the eNews editorial.

Until next time…

SMiles Lewis / Founder



FLASHBACKUnderstanding UFOs and Other Paranormal Phenomena

David Perkins – Paranormal Phenomena and the Gaian Mind (2004)

Anomaly Archives page

Watch Video on YouTube

Book Of The Week

My Trip To Mars, The Moon, And Venus
by Buck Nelson

Aaron Gulyas’ Saucer Life podcast episode covering the Buck Nelson’s contactee saga:

Encounter 601: Me and You and a Dog Named Bo

It’s back to the 1950s this week with one of the most interesting Contactees of that period, Buck Nelson. Giant dogs, rants about canned pork and beans, the odd phenomenon of present day folks “revising” Contactee books, get-rich-quick schemes, the Queen of Atlantis, saucer conventions, entrepreneurial spirit, and re-working the Ten Commandments. It’s all here in Encounter 601 of The Saucer Life.

SOURCE: Encounter 601 of The Saucer Life


More at AnomalyArchives.org


Here are some headlines of note for this week:
Ancient Humanity


Weird AusTex News


Consciousness Research


Latest Delonge To-The-Stars-Academy and Pentagon AATIP UFO News Headlines


UFO News


Renewed Controversy over Abductee Betty Hill


Renewed Coverage of Pascagoula, Mississippi Close Encounter Case


Reflections on Ufological Trickster Jim Moseley


Fortean Religious


“Fortean” Crime




#MeToo in ParaCommunities


Mind Control


Book Culture


Legend Tripping / ParaTourism / Weird Locales


Parapolitics, JFK and More…


Weird Science




Raw / Unsorted News Links below …
With more at the

Anomaly Archives Flipboard Magazine

Check out more news links at the

Anomaly Archives Flipboard

[NOTE: Inclusion of news & event info is purely informational

and does not indicate endorsement.]

Austin Archives Bazaar

October 28th
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Saengerrunde Hall, Austin, Texas


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 8/8/18

Anomaly Archives eNews 5/29/18

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 5/29/18

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

May 29th, 2018 – Austin, Texas

Greetings everyone!

It’s taken me even longer than usual to get this latest newsletter “out the door” and into your inbox. We’ve been hard at work unpacking the books onto our new shelves and moving more of the remaining materials from our off-site locations over into our new location. We’ve had our first board meeting in the new space and added a new Advisory Board member – more on that soon.

At the end of last month, between the previous eNews issue and this one, I took a vacation to the 3rd annual ParaMania UnConference in New Orleans and met up with broadcasters / podcasters Tim Binnall and Greg Bishop, as well as researchers / writers Joshua Cutchin and Kenn Thomas while also seeing a gaggle of dear para-interested UFOlk friends, including artist and writer RPJ aka Red Pill Junkie. At the end of that celebration, Tim Binnall did a live webcast saying farewell to his Binnall-of-America interview podcast formula that he’d been conducting since 2005. Check out the archived podcast and reflective article here:

Meanwhile, we are getting very excited about hosting an Open House event in the near future. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with our new location in the heart of Austin, just South East of downtown and just North of Lady Bird Lake (the Colorado River):

55 North IH-35 (Frontage Road), Suite 260,

Austin, Texas 78702


New OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)

COMING SOON!  We have a new online catalog that will prove very helpful to all. You can take a peak at what it will be like by going here:

Nearly a decade ago we experimented with the services of LibraryThing.org and we recently rediscovered them and there new TinyCat online catalog service. The version of the collection you see there is a kind of snapshot of the Anomaly Archives’ collection circa 2009. We are in the process of updating it to include our thousands of books and magazines that we’ve added in the decade since. You can go there now and get a sense of what it will be like… below are some screenshots of the main page and an individual book’s sub-page. We’ll tell you more about this new OPAC once it’s been updated with our current collections holdings.

Screenshot of OPAC Landing Page

Screenshot of OPAC Book Page




Recently a friend invited me to do one of those Facebook lists: the “Seven Days, Seven Books” variety. Picking only 7 meaningful / important-to-me books was a fun challenge. These are by no means my “Ultimate Top 7” but they reflect the main range of interest I have and include some fiction but mostly non-fiction.

This issue’s Book-of-the-Week choice is a fantastic and fun Fortean tome that I’ve been slowly reading this past year – taking my time to soak-in the truly bizarre story of Gef, the talking mongoose. Below are my seven selections from the aforementioned Facebook list…

SMiles’ 7 Days / 7 Books List

  • Day 1 – Neuromancer by William Gibson, Fortean
  • Day 2 – Messengers of Deception by Jacques Vallee
  • Day 3 – The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick
  • Day 4 – Cyberbiological Studies of the Imaginal Component in the UFO Contact Experience edited by Dennis Stillings
  • Day 5 – Battle for the Mind: The Mechanics of Indoctrination, Brainwashing and Thought Control by William Sargant
  • Day 6 – Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
  • Day 7 – Gef! The Strange Tale of an Extra-Special Talking Mongoose by Christopher Josiffe



We’re sharing a couple of videos in this issue … first is a new YouTube archive of our very first Anomaly Archives eNews Podcasts produced back in 2005. The second is titled “Calling Occupants” and is a relaxed exploration of modern UFO Contact Culture featuring interviews with Grant Cameron, Stan Friedman and other notables.

Listen to all of our past (discontinued) podcast series at the link here:


Headline News Section

As usual, we have a ton of news links below in our Anomaly Headlines section … sadly, there have been a number of people passing over, from the paranormal’s most prolific writer, Brad Steiger, to one of the most controversial para-publishers, Adam Parfrey of Feral House publishing.

In the links below you’ll find articles about the ongoing investigations into and revelations about the Pentagon’s “UFO” program that contracted with billionaire Bob Bigelow’s aerospace company (which is now tied to the To The Stars campaign run by DeLonge, Puthoff, Elizondo and others), plus news links about continuing controversies surrounding MUFON, many mainstream articles about Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Lake Monsters, Fortean Phenomena, Parapsychology Research, Library and Information Science, Magic and Technology and much more. All these great Anomaly News headline links can also be viewed via our Flipboard Magazine…

That’s it for this edition of the eNews editorial.

 . . . 

Until next time…

SMiles Lewis / FounderAnomalyArchives.org



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FLASHBACK: Anomaly Archives Podcast #1 – 2005


Anomaly Archives Podcast page

Watch Video on YouTube

“Calling Occupants” (A film by Mitch Fillion) YouTube

“A young man and his friends experiment with human-initiated contact techniques in an attempt to develop a peaceful relationship with extra-terrestrials. Along their journey, they attend an ET disclosure hearing in Brantford Ontario and interview the world’s top UFO researchers, abductees and lobbyists to find out the truth behind the UFO cover-up.”

Watch Video on YouTube

Book of the Week…

Gef! The Strange Tale of an Extra-Special Talking Mongoose

by Christopher Josiffe

Gef is visible in the weeds in the lower right corner of the full cover.

“I am the fifth dimension! I am the eighth wonder of the world!”

“During the mid-1930s, British and overseas newspapers were full of incredible stories about Gef, a ‘talking mongoose’ or ‘man-weasel’ who had allegedly appeared in the home of the Irvings, a farming family in a remote district of the Isle of Man.

The creature was said to have the ability to talk in several languages, to sing, to steal objects from nearby farms and to eavesdrop on local people, such that they became uneasy at the farmer’s seeming ability to be able to tell them their most private goings-on.

Despite written reports, magazine articles and books, several photographs, fur samples and paw prints, voluminous correspondence and signed witness statements, there is still no consensus as to what was really happening to the Irving family.

Hoax? Mental illness? A poltergeist? The possession of an animal by an evil spirit? Now you can read all the evidence and decide for yourself.

Seven years’ research and interviews, photographs (many previously unseen), interviews with surviving witnesses, visits to the site – all are presented here in this new book, the first examination of the case for 70 years.”

Read More…

Here are some headlines of note for this week:
Book Culture & Reviews + Information Sciences: Archive, Library & Museum Headlines


Media & Movies


Consciousness & Parapsychology Headlines




CryptoZoology Goes Mainstream


Human Experimentation / MK-Ultra Survivors in the News


Recent ParaEvents


Misc Weird News & Fortean Phenomena Headlines


Electromagnetic / Sonic Attack Effects and Surveillance Tech Side-Effect


Conspiracy, Covert-Ops, Fraud and Deception


Other UFO Related Articles


Ancient Humanity


Conspiracy Beliefs


Anomaly Obits


JFK Assassination Document Dump


Paranormal Podcasting History


More Headlines…

Check out more news links at the…

[NOTE: Inclusion of news & event info is purely informational
and does not indicate endorsement.]

Anomaly Archives eNews – New Location in 2018!


Landing in Downtown Austin Mid-January 2018

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews – New Location in 2018!

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

December 14th, 2017 – Austin, Texas . . .


New Anomaly Archives Location!

Landing in mid-January 2018

55 North IH-35, Suite 256

Austin, Texas 78702

In the Meantime . . .
Come See Us At
The Awesmic City Expo!!! 

Anomaly Archives at the KOOP Radio Booth: F-65 on ROW-F

SMiles Lewis’ Lecture, Sunday the 17th @1pm: Awesmic Talks ROW-A

Anomaly Archives at Awesmic City Expo

Visit us at the Anomaly Archives Booth this weekend in Booth F-65 at the …

4th Annual – ACE-2017

Palmer Events Center Exhibit Hall No. 2

December 16th & 17th, 2017

Entrance Fee is $5, or FREE when you bring can good donations or toy donations to our KOOP 91.7 food or toy drop located inside the ACE 2017 Palmer Event Exhibit Hall 2, Dec. 16-17, 2017.

Thanks to the Community Group Member Organizations of KOOP 91.7 Radio!

 – SMiles Lewis
Anomaly Archives Founder & INACS Board Member

Contact: Miles@AnomalyArchives.org




Book of the Week…

The Super Natural
A New Vision of the Unexplained
by Whitley Strieber & Jeffrey J. Kripal

From C. M. Mayo’s review…

“[i]f we, as scholars of religion, cannot take this text seriously, if we cannot interpret it in some satisfying fashion, if we cannot make some sense of this man’s honest descriptions of his traumatic, transcendent experiences, then we have no business trying to understand his spiritual ancestors in the historical record. We either put up here, or we shut up there. I decided to put up.”

Now to the Kantian cut. It is to distinguish between the appearances of things and what may actually lie behind them. In making that cut, we recognize that while our physical senses provide us with essential survival-oriented information, in no way do they even begin to convey to our consciousness awareness the totality of reality. As Kripal writes, this cut “is a very reasonable and appropriate response to our actual situation in the cosmos.” Furthermore, “Once one makes such a cut, one can, in principle, take any religious experience or mythical world seriously and sympathetically without adopting any particular interpretation of it, much as one suspends disbelief to enjoy a good novel or watch a science-fiction movie.”

In other words, we don’t need to accept nor reject Strieber’s reports of UFOs and “the visitors”— yes, we can keep the lids on our coconuts while adopting the stance of radical empiricism in considering large-scale quantum phenomena! 

Put yet another way: if we can simply look at such experiences as Strieber’s, sit with them, consider them “seriously and sympathetically, without adopting any particular interpretation”—we can then, to quote Kripal again, “begin to study their  patterns, histories, narrative structures, sexual dimensions, and philosophical implications.” The Kantian cut thus gives us the power to then spiral up to a broader, richer view. It is an astonishing power.

. . .

Many people know Strieber as “that guy who wrote about being abducted by extraterrestrials.” In fact, Strieber reports his perceptions of his experiences, but as to what they actually are, he says, “I am a wanderer, lost in a forest of hypotheses.” Strieber also echoes Kripal in arguing that, “it is not necessary to believe in such things as flying saucers, aliens, ghosts, and other unexplained phenomena in order to study them.”

But to study such things without puckerlips, and all brain cells firing, one must make that Kantian cut—and one needs courage to persist, for that Kantian cut must be made again and again in the face of our inclination towards easy polarities, to either believe or, more commonly, reject, bristling with hostility or scornful laughter. 

As Kripal puts it, one must “learn to live with paradox, to sit with the question.”

SOURCE: Literal Magazine – C. M. Mayo
“A thought-provoking, intelligent reconceptualization of supernatural events.”

SOURCE: Kirkus Review

Got To: Anomaly Archives Book Page…

Book Page at Anomaly Archives…


Here are some headlines of note for this week:

SAI Anomaly Archives eNews

 Anomaly Archives Flipboard RSS Feed


Check out more news links at the

Anomaly Archives Flipboard

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and does not indicate endorsement.]



Source: Anomaly Archives eNews – New Location in 2018!

Anomaly Archives eNews 12/8/2017


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 12/8/2017

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

December 8th, 2017 – Austin, Texas. . .


Coming Soon: New Anomaly Archives Location!


Since 2009, the archive and lending library of the 501c3 Scientific Anomaly Institute has shared a space in North West Austin with the like-minded INACS (Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies).

After months of searching, we are close to announcing our new location.

Stay Tuned…

 – SMiles Lewis

Anomaly Archives Founder & INACS Board Member

Contact: Miles@AnomalyArchives.org


Book of the Week…

Edgar Cayce On Dreams
by Harmon H. Bro

“During the dreaming state of sleep, we experience the different levels of consciousness and receive input from the different realms of the spirit world. Through dreaming, we have special access to our spirit within. According to the Cayce readings, there is not a question we can ask which cannot be answered from the depths of our inner consciousness when the proper attunement is made.

A dream may be of a physical, mental, or spiritual nature and may deal with all manner of psychic manifestations. These include telepathy, clairvoyance, prophetic visions, out of body traveling, remembrance of past lives, communication with beings in other realms including deceased friends and relatives, spirit guides, angels, Christ, and even the voice of God. Dreams can also give invaluable information on the status of the body.

All subconscious minds are in contact with one another. Through the subconscious, dreams may place us in attunement with those in the physical realm or those in the spiritual realm. We may be visited in the night by discarnate entities for many reasons: they may seek to give us assurance about their well-being in other realms of existence; they may come seeking our aid through prayer; they may come to bring us information which may be very helpful or limited; or they may come to influence us with their own desires or perspectives, which may be helpful or harmful. For example, there are dream reports of deceased relatives appearing and giving instructions about where to find a will or a lost object.

The events we experience in the third-dimension are, as it were, a “past condition” because this dimension is simply a projection or a reflection of what is being built at another higher level. Therefore, when we tune into these higher levels, as we may in dreams, we become aware of what is being built, and what may be projected into the physical in the future. Nothing of importance happens to us that is not foreshadowed in our dreams. Which is not to say that all dreams are precognitive or that the exact detail of everything we experience is given earlier in dreams. However, the word “foreshadowed” suggests that we may glimpse and be warned of what we are building now which may come into manifestation later. We call these dreams “precognitive” or “prophetic.”

Just as the angels spoke to people in dreams in the times of the Bible, the spirit world still speaks to people to this day. Some people came to Cayce with dreams of Christ. None was told that it was simply his imagination, but all were assured they were indeed in touch with him.

There is no dimension of human life, whether social, financial, emotional or physical, mental or spiritual with which the dream may not on occasion deal. Dreams may encourage or reprimand, instruct or deceive, inspire or seduce, guide or confuse. The potential for an immense array of experiences in consciousness is always there. What we actually receive depends upon our attitudes, motivations, the measure of our attunement, and the extent to which we have made applicable what was received in earlier dreams and in waking experiences.

SOURCE: Edgar Cayce on Dreams – Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

Got To: Anomaly Archives Book Page…

Book Page at Anomaly Archives…


Here are some headlines of note for this week:

SAI Anomaly Archives eNews

 Anomaly Archives Flipboard RSS Feed


Check out more news links at the

Anomaly Archives Flipboard

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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 12/8/2017

Anomaly Archives eNews 7/11/2017


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 7/11/2017

anomalyarchivesThe Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

July 11th, 2017 – Austin, Texas. . .


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70th Anniversary Celebrating the Crash of the “Roswell-WhatsIt”

Last week marked the 70th anniversaries of Kenneth Arnold’s famous sighting and the crash of a mysterious ‘whatsit’ outside Roswell, New Mexico. I traveled to Roswell and spent 5 days and nights enjoying the local hospitality and seeing UFO-related lectures across town at 4 different venues. I saw old friends and made new ones. I took lots of pictures and hope to share more of my adventures in the near future. Until then …

Check out the other great news links in our headlines section below.

Find all of them and more at our Flipboard page: Anomaly Archives Flipboard.


And take a gander at this week’s installment of our Cargo Culture feature… it’s a blast!

See you all next issue!

SMiles Lewis and Daniel Jones at Roswell Museum 2017SMiles Lewis / Founder



[Photo: SMiles with VorTexas‘ Daniel Alan Jones at the Museum in Roswell]

Day Of Independence PvE
World Of Tanks Console

A friend who plays the videogame “World of Tanks” alerted me to a special July-4th holiday edition of the game featuring a UFO / Alien-Invasion theme. The

Check out these YouTube videos for more about this POV shoot-em-up game, if you are into that sort of thing.

Day Of Independence PvE – World Of Tanks Console – Mashed IT

WoT – WELCOME TO EARTH – Battle Beards (Xbox One) – The Beard Guys

If that’s not your cup-of-tea, perhaps you’ll dig this latest drone footage shot up within a more traditional July-4th fireworks display…

Fireworks filmed with a drone – AlteredStates

Watch Video on YouTube


Here are some headlines of note for this week:

SAI Anomaly Archives eNews

 Anomaly Archives Flipboard RSS Feed

Check out more news links at the

Anomaly Archives Flipboard

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and does not indicate endorsement.]


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 7/11/2017