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October 24th, 2019 – Austin, Texas


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Four Volumes of Jacques Vallee’s Forbidden Science Journals

Greetings fellow Forteans, Anomalists, & UFOlks!


This issue of the newsletter features a Book-of-the-Week entry focused upon the latest installment of the personal journals of someone who is – by most UFOlks assessment – the world’s preeminent authority on the UFO phenomenon. In 1992, Jacques Vallee published the first volume of his personal journals covering 1957-1969. I remember my excitement upon first reading his deeply personal and amazingly historical chronicling of that early formative period of the “modern UFO era.” With each subsequent volume covering a decade’s time, I’d end up with copious notes for nearly every page of some bit of information I wanted to note and follow-up on later. This latest volume, number four covering the 1990s, is resulting in no less incidence of my note-taking and making my progress incredibly slow – as exciting as each volume always is. These journals have always helped clarify my understanding of Vallee’s pluralistic approach to exploring and potentially explaining the various phenomena surrounding the phenomenon. This period covering the 90s is particularly resonant with today’s current UFOlogical reprises that encompass such X-Files era favorites as billionaire Bob Bigelow’s NIDS organization (and what many call “NIDS 2.0” regarding the ongoing revelations about the AATIP Pentagon program and resulting “DeLongian” TTSA), Area-51 and Bob Lazar, Alien Autopsy footage, etc. In fact this fourth volume, covering as it does the decade of the 1990s, includes Vallee’s memories of getting feedback before and after the publishing of that first volume of his journals. If you’ve been following this newsletter closely you’ve already clicked through the links to articles citing Vallee’s journals and relating them to various recent events on those aforementioned subjects (Bigelow, Lazar, etc.).

The Anomaly Archives has acquired copies of all four volumes of Vallee’s Forbidden Science journals. We have copies of all four books in paperback version published by Anomalist Books. Years ago I donated my personal original edition hardcover copy of Volume One. My copies of Volumes Two and Three will be soon be donated. The Anomaly Archives also acquired an original hardcover edition of Volume Four, and it is an anomalous addition to the archives in that it does not have any printed spine information as it should. You can see from this photograph (right) that all other volumes have some sort of printed spine and when we inquired with other owners of this hardcover fourth volume edition, they asserted that there copies had a properly printed spine, like the rest of the volumes. We are pleased to have an anomalous copy of yet another fine book from one of Ufology’s most anomalous researcher. Why do I call him an “anomalous researcher”? Because most UFO lecturers claim to know that UFOs are ExtraTerrestrial craft but Vallee is more likely to say:

“I’m the only ufologist that doesn’t know what UFOs are.”

– Jacques Vallee on the Martin Willis Show – October 15th, 2019 (YouTube).

I first heard Vallee use that same basic line back in 1992 at the MUFON symposium in Albuquerque, NM. In his opening line (it is in the official printed proceedings) he said…

“I am quite happy to attend this conference but I am not quite sure why Walt Andrus invited me to speak to you: I may be the only person here who doesn’t know what UFOs are. Most ufologists know (or think they know) that UFOs are extraterrestrial vehicles, in other words, spacecraft from another planet.”



Anomalistic Headline News

As with each issue for the past 2 years… there are many (often contradictory and controversial) news articles about the ongoing media campaign of “NIDS 2.0” … DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy of … leveraging the Pentagon’s covert Black Budget intellectual property as multi-level multi-media marketing efforts. Or however you’d personally like to characterize this current UAP-Era.




UFOs & USOs – CIA, Navy, Iran, and More 


Art of the Occult / Para / UFO Scene




Miles’ Mandela-Moment:

“I remember the braces – they are the punchline to the scene” is how I and several of my deepest fan-boy friends have reacted to my introducing them to this memory-meme.

As much as I am a fan of PKD’s “revelation of the matrix” 1977 speech (RigorousIntuition Forums) most of the Mandela Effect examples leave me nodding my head saying, yep – memory is a tricky thing and most of these examples (especially the product logo/name ones) strike me as just plain old fallibility of memory as well as the social re-write nature of the “telephone game” in which stories are altered during the re-transmitting of the memes.

But there have been a couple that have stuck in my craw like this Moonraker Braces example as well as the “C-3PO had a silver leg in the original Star Wars” example! In both of those cases my fan-boy friends and I are left scratching our heads.

I too can imagine the dvd release including digitally modified elements (think of the CGI’d-out machine guns held by the Feds in Spielberg’s E.T.) … but, perhaps it really is just a trick of memory for the braces… my wife hadn’t seen Moonraker and when my friend and I watched the DVD blu-ray version (it’s what we had on hand) and went to that scene, my wife commented that perhaps the fact that Dolly was wearing glasses and pigtails was enough for most minds watching it at the time to imagine she had braces, like the overlay of a false “archetypal nerd image” on top of the perception. But that still does not sit well with me because I always remembered that (at least, in retrospect I believe I’ve always remembered it that way) as the POINT of the scene, especially with her SMILING to reveal her teeth AFTER the Jaws character reveals his mouthful of metal!

There have been some interesting storm and earthquake related news headlines of late in Texas or possibly related to the recent intense weather (or Fracking?) …

Texas Quakes and Storms


… and what might this have to do with “Mystery Hum” phenomena? Check out the “Doom Vibrations” mini-documentary video by director Garret Harkawik linked below …


New UFO documentary features Jacques Vallee


Archives in the News


Copycat Effects


Cryptozoo News – Top Books & More


Supporting Community Radio in Austin at KOOP 91.7 FM

The Anomaly Archives has been a proud KOOP Community Organization Member for several years now. Tonight KOOP begins an interesting Séance benefit event at the Museum of Human Achievement. Check it out!

Austin Séance KOOP Benefit

TONIGHT, Thursday, October 24th, the Austin Séance benefits KOOP at the Museum of Human Achievement. Led by Albert Lucio and Jake Cordero, each sitting will include a review of spiritualist history and tools, and will culminate in a séance.

 Thursday, October 24, 2019

6:45 pm

Museum of Human Achievement

3600 Lyons Rd, 78702


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Book Of The Week

Forbidden Science – Volume Four:
Journals 1990-1999 – The Spring Hill Chronicles

by Jacques Vallee

Forbidden Science Volume Four

“A new book by Jacques Vallee is must reading for every serious student of UFOs and  paranormal phenomena and also – I would add – esotericist. His writings are always intellectually challenging with new data and inside views from the UFO research community. The Forbidden Science Journals are now into the fourth volume, covering the decade 1990- 1999, subtitled The Spring Hill Chronicles. The difference this time is that many diary entries deal with Vallee´s work as private investor and venture capitalist. Somewhat frustating to readers, like me, who is not fascinated by economy and high finance.”

SOURCE: Håkan Blomqvist´s Review


“Known principally as an investigator of the UFO phenomenon (Dimensions ) and a science fiction novelist, the French-born Vallee (now a resident of the U.S.) has also worked as a computer scientist in both academia and industry. Ufologists will not find the answers to all of their questions here, for although Vallee believes that UFOs exist, he has no idea just what they are. Therein lies the excellence of his dazzling diary: it offers a glimpse into the mind of a scientist who seems to challenge every preconception and established piety.”

SOURCE: Publishers Weekly


“With Jacques playing a central role in ufology since the 1960s, these books chart much of the history of ufology between 1960 and 1990 – anybody interested in the topic really should consider these required reading. So I was happy to find out that, while Jacques originally self-published Forbidden Science in a slightly expensive hardcover format, the good folks at Anomalist Books have recently re-released the three volumes in more affordable paperback editions:

SOURCE:  Forbidden Science: Take an Inside Look at the World of Ufology via the Journals of Jacques ValleeDaily Grail

View Book Page at Anomaly Archives



Here are some headlines of note for this week:

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