Anomaly Archives eNews – April 15th, 2019

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews – April 15th, 2019

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April 15th, 2019 – Austin, Texas


Hello! Welcome to another installment of our free “weekly” email newsletter!

Image: Anne & Whitley Strieber Collection 1970-2016
at the Archives of the Impossible, Rice University.

We may be witnessing a new renaissance in anomalistic / para oriented public events. While rumors swirl about the activities and identities of anonymous “Invisible College” UFO researchers recently re-described in Dr. Diana Pasulka’s book American Cosmic, public organizations such as the Archives of the Impossible (formerly the GEM Archives [Gnosticism, Esotericism, and Mysticism]) at Rice University, Houston (within the Fondren Library’s Woodson Research Center – special collections) and the Anomaly Archives here in Austin, have been quietly working to archive the UFO scene’s private and public scientific research and popular literature. We’ve also seen the recent success of the SCU’s Scientific Conference on Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena held at the Rocket City Tavern in Huntsville, Alabama, near Redstone Arsenal and we are hoping the 38th annual Society for SSE‘s Scientific Exploration Conference (“Consilience: Developing the Foundations of a New Scientific Paradigm“) indicate a shift towards more scientific and academically accepted public events. Meanwhile, the more traditional, folksy festival type events continue to flourish and grow across the country.

Here are a mix of listings for, and news coverage of, these intriguing recent and upcoming events:

Beyond the many amazing news links in this week’s issue, there are several notable audio and video experiences I’ve had of late that I’d like to recommend to you…

First, with the annual liminal crossing over and into the Halloween / April Fool’s shenanigans-season, I want to encourage you to take a listen to Micah Hanks’ 2019 Festival of Fools’ episode of his Gralien Report radioshow:

If you have access to some of the common modern streaming services you can likely watch the fantastical Fortean natural science program offered by the BBC:

Aaron Gulyas continues doing a phenomenal job with his Saucer Life podcast. In this latest installment he briefly talks about the racist undertones in some modern ufological literature. This subterranean stream has long been discussed by Vallee and others (Erica Lukes and I briefly touched upon it in our recent interview) including MJ Banias and guest philosopher Bryan Sentes in one of MJ’s recent Cafe Obscura video hangouts (Abducting the Alt-Right: Race Politics and Paranormal Subcultures):

Meanwhile, my own DreamTime life has been influenced by the encroaching  reorientation  of perspective created by increased drone photography / reality as seen by me in recent episodes of that NDE (Near Death Experience) induced reality hopping Netflix series called “The OA” as well as a particular webisode of “The Chapter” which is a series on YouTube.  In years past I’ve written about how all forms of unnatural locomotion (from bicycles to  roller-skates to skateboards) can augment your perception of movement within your dreams, whether they be lucid or non-lucid. These two recent visual exposures to the drone as witness and plot / prop device successfully influenced and improved my own nightly dream flight (flying dream) movement. The third video below was unwatched (but noticed) by me before the dream-influencing…  but since watching it the music alone is enough to trigger a flashback to my recent drone-like flying dream:

Another video I’ve been looking forward to watching is this one featuring, narrated and produced by Dr. Greg Little about Edgar Cayce’s perspective on the Native American Mound Builders:

You might also enjoy listening to SMiles’ interview with Dr. Little from back in 2014.

Another flashback-as-possible-precognitive-flash-forward for this newsletter’s introductory editorial… I share with you Tim Binnall’s address to the 4th annual ParaMania Unconference attendees! The informal lectures were held at Expedition Bigfoot (The Sasquatch Museum) in Cherry Log, Georgia:

Who knows… perhaps ParaMania-5 will return the unconvention to its birth-state of Texas.

FLASHBACK to 2017 and…

Greg Bishop’s Epic Adventures

I’ve known author and researcher Greg Bishop since the early to mid 1990s when we met through the alt media zine scene.

Greg recently hosted ParaMania 2017 (Flashback to 2016 Premier) in Los Angeles, giving guests a tour of some of SoCal’s weirdest sights and experiences. The final night Greg and guests did a special informal freewheeling “after-party” round-table discussion live on his Radio Misterioso show. The relaxed and intriguing conversations were made even more interesting by one of ParaMania’s founding members “calling-in” from 30,000 feet! This ParaMania attendee was flying home that night but managed to use the airline’s inflight wifi to stream the show AND skype-call live into the program! You can listen to that epic show at Greg’s Radio Misterioso website (MP3 podcast archive).

SOURCEAnomaly Archives eNews 4/23/2017


FLASHBACK to 2018 and…

May 29th, 2018 – Austin, Texas

Greetings everyone!

It’s taken me even longer than usual to get this latest newsletter “out the door” and into your inbox. We’ve been hard at work unpacking the books onto our new shelves and moving more of the remaining materials from our off-site locations over into our new location. We’ve had our first board meeting in the new space and added a new Advisory Board member – more on that soon.

At the end of last month, between the previous eNews issue and this one, I took a vacation to the 3rd annual ParaMania UnConference in New Orleans and met up with broadcasters / podcasters Tim Binnall and Greg Bishop, as well as researchers / writers Joshua Cutchin and Kenn Thomas while also seeing a gaggle of dear para-interested UFOlk friends, including artist and writer RPJ aka Red Pill Junkie. At the end of that celebration, Tim Binnall did a live webcast saying farewell to his Binnall-of-America interview podcast formula that he’d been conducting since 2005. Check out the archived podcast and reflective article here:

SOURCE: Anomaly Archives eNews 5-29-18


Finally, I’ve been experiencing ever increasing levels of synchronicity between anomalous news headlines crossing my path and my personal life. My interest in Native American mound culture has been bruised in sympathy for those effected by this week’s Caddo Mound tornado touchdown and the failure of Austin queso to safely land on the moon.  Terrible tragedies are befalling our fellow global family members all around us while strangely surreal synchronicity often abounds, throwing our emotions intro extremes of juxta-superposition.

Still, we strive to continue our forward momentum.

SMiles Lewis / Founder


Book Of The Week

Tom Slick and the Search for the Yeti

by Loren Coleman

Tells the story of the Texas millionaire’s search for the Abominable Snowman, detailing his expeditions between 1956 and 1959 and his pursuit of Bigfoot from 1959 until his death in 1962, uncovering evidence and information thought to be lost…”

“This true story of Texas millionaire Tom Slick’s quest for the Abominable Snowman and other cryptids–creatures unknown to science–reveals a life made for the movies. Fascinating stories of Slick’s early brushes with adventure such as his stepfather’s abduction by George “”Machine Gun”” Kelly in 1933 and his creation of a research facility near Loch Ness are followed by his later expeditions into Nepal and the Pacific Northwest in search of the yeti and its counterpart, the Sasquatch. The story of Slick’s amazing, fanatic, and driven search for the stuff of legends takes readers on a whirlwind journey from the dense temperate rainforests of Washington State to the icy peaks of the Himalayas–and shows that sometimes cryptids leave the halls of the imagination and are found and captured, as proved by the giant panda and the Komodo dragon, leaving readers to wonder what more there is to be discovered.”

“Thomas Baker “Tom” Slick, Jr. (May 6, 1916 – October 6, 1962) was a San Antonio, Texas-based inventor, businessman, adventurer, and heir to an oil and beef empire established by his father in the Southwest. As I have chronicled, Slick’s sponsorship of cryptozoology expeditions in the late 1950s and early 1960s was pivotal to the young science.

Source: Yeti Hunter Tom Slick’s 100th Birthday Celebration (Tom Slick birthday event, February 18, 2016, San Antonio, Texas) –


More at

Quantum Photonics: The Connection Between Biophotonic Energy & Consciousness with Matthew DeBow

In this presentation, Matt DeBow poses the question, “Is there a connection between the higher aspects of consciousness and biophotonic energy?” He then proceeds to connect the dots between biophotons and the dimensional aspects of human consciousness.

Science is only beginning to understand quantum fields. DeBow believes these fields are directly related to human biology and have a specific geometrical form with a deeper purpose. These energy fields exist within the physical realm (even though for the most part they are undetectable), but they simultaneously manifest on another plane of existence just outside of perception. They are also part of a universal matrix of consciousness to which we are all connected.

This presentation offers a model to explain both the human bio-dimensional energetics of which we are a part and their relation to the quantum field within which we exist. DeBow’s intent is to describe recognizable patterns of the dynamic structures of our energy fields, with the goal of driving a new paradigm in spiritual understanding and evolution.

Matt DeBow is an author, inventor, public speaker and innovative leader. Much of his career has involved marketing, business development and management. Matt has been a columnist for the Psychic Reader monthly newspaper in California, has been involved with the coordination of conventions and symposiums, and produced a monthly lecture series for several years. Recently, Matt has moved into medical device design and manufacturing with his release of LuxWaves photobiological light therapy devices, a naturopathic healing system.

For his first book “LIGHT: Health Benefit & Medical Applications,” DeBow interviewed experts from the FDA, NASA, UT, Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley, as well as leading developers, medical doctors, sports therapists and Olympic trainers. In 2015, DeBow released his second book, “Soul Code: Near-Death experiences, Pre-Conception Memories, Transformative Spiritual Events, Life-Between-life Regression, Induced After Death Communication.”

Matt’s website:

Matt’s LinkedIn profile:

This presentation video is brought to you by the Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies, Inc. (INACS), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research and public education into human consciousness.

Find out more at: Become a member today at: Presented Tuesday, November 21, 2016, 6:309:00 p.m., at the INACS Office in Austin, Texas.

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Here are some headlines of note for this week:

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