Anomaly Archives eNews – February 27th, 2020

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews – February 27th, 2020

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February 27th, 2020 – Austin, Texas

Austin Artists: Consider Anomaly Archives as Your Inspiration for the Archives in Art Contest

The Anomaly Archives is a Proud Sponsor of the Austin Archives Bazaar and hopes local Austin artists will take advantage of the Bazaar’s new ARCHIVES-IN-ART CONTEST!

AND, we hope our Austin arts community will consider using the Anomaly Archives collections for its inspiration. We’ve got thousands of weird rare paranormal books, magazines, posters, cultural ephemera and more, covering a wealth of topics that might inspire your next art piece. So contact us about visiting the Anomaly Archives to find your muse! Our weekly hours are Thursdays and Saturdays from 2-6pm. Contact us via  phone (512) 842-9046 or EMAIL.


The Austin Archives Bazaar is excited to announce its inaugural exhibition: Archives in Art, a juried art show that encourages Central Texas artists to use or be inspired by archival materials in creating their work. There are no submission fees, and accepted works will be exhibited at the Austin Archives Bazaar on April 19, 2020 and afterwards at Austin Central Library’s 4th Floor from April 27 – June 30. Central Library will be a stop on the WEST Austin Studio Tour in May! There will be cash awards for the jury’s choice and people’s choice winners.

Artists are encouraged to visit a local archival repository in person OR online and select an archival collection or item to interpret as a 2D visual creative work. The artist’s work can pay homage to historical events or figures, fuel discussion, or examine current events through a historical lens. Topics to consider include (but are not limited to): climate change, cultural celebrations, faith, family history, gentrification, human rights, identity, immigration, and incarceration.

Artists may transform and reconfigure copies of archival material, while being mindful of Fair Use Copyright Law. Sources used MUST be cited. See for more information.”

Visit the Austin Archives Bazaar‘s “Archives in Art” webpage for more information about the Cash Awards, Jurors, Entry Deadlines, Entry Form, and MORE!

New Monthly Meetup Second-Saturdays in 2020

Our first new monthly meetup (“Bring ‘em Back Amused. The Tale of Frank Buck and his Monkey Mountain”) was a fun-filled success! Thank you to all of our attendees. Our next monthly meetup will be Saturday, March 14th from 3-5pm. SMiles Lewis will lead the audience on a trip through the many diverse Realms-of-the-Anomalous. We hope you can join us!

The Anomaly Archives hosts a monthly public meeting the Second Saturday of each monthMeetings are 3pm-5pm so guests will have an hour before and an hour after to peruse the library and archives outside of the meeting times. The library will be open throughout its regular Saturday Open Hours from 2-6pm (so long as we have enough volunteers to staff it during the meeting). Sign up for our group for regular updates.

These monthly meetings are an opportunity for the public to learn more about the Anomaly Archives as well as for existing Lending-Library-Members to meet and discuss the latest Anomalous, Fortean, Mysterious, Paranormal, UFO, and Weird News Headlines (Check out our Flipboard online magazine links) and Events! Each meeting will feature some of the latest and most interesting anomalous news with insights gleaned from the Anomaly Archives collection of rare materials and its network of researchers.

The Anomaly Archives endeavors to revive and inspire people’s sense of Wonder and Adventure!

Next Anomaly Archives Monthly Second Saturday  Meetup
Saturday, March 14th, 3-5pm

Join SMiles Lewis for a Fun Filled Round-Up of Weird Anomalous News & More

Every other meeting (even numbered months) will feature a brief presentation and discussion of the Anomaly ADVENTURE Club! Those meetings will be lead by “Viktor Criterion” and “Einida Ecxs” of Super Fun Adventure Quest Time (SFAQT).

The Next Anomaly ADVENTURE Club Meetup featuring Einida Ecxs & Viktor Criterion will be April 11th and the topic will be … ZOMBIES!
More information at the links:


We recently discovered a new Austin-based UFO podcast / vodcast from a couple of local Austinites. It’s called UFO Garage Podcast! They just started back in June of 2019 and they are having a blast learning all about UFOs and becoming a part of the larger UFO community. Apparently, they had just discovered the Anomaly Archives a few days or weeks before I discovered them – so they were very excited when I reached out to say, “Howdy!” Then a few days later they came by the Anomaly Archives and did a short impromptu interview while checking out the collections. Within a few hours, they’d edited together the footage and posted the video. Check it out below in our VIDEO section!



This week’s book of the week is one of many by author and researcher Eugenia Macer-Story that we have on-file in the Anomaly Archives. I never had the chance to meet her (she was one of the speakers scheduled to present at my 2001 National UFO Conference) but was glad to know her through her writings and email communications and the one audio interview I did with her in 2008 for my Blue Rose Report webcast. She passed away in December of 2013.

If you aren’t familiar with her work you should check out this article by “WHAM” titled: The Yankee Magick of Eugenia Macer-Story.
Eugenia Macer-Story – Eugenia was a resident of Woodstock, New York. Born in Minneapolis, MN on January 20, 1945. B.S., Speech/Theater, Northwestern University, 1965. M.F.A., Columbia University, Playwriting, 1968. Professional psychic with private practice and author. She passed away on Tuesday, December 17, 2013.

Eugenia Macer-Story was a poet-playwright and visual artist whose work has been published and exhibited internationally. Her poetry chapbooks have been part of the Poets House poetry publication showcase for a number of years. She also wrote books on the supernatural and UFO experiences and her articles on the supernatural have been published in UFOs and Supernatural magazine and UFO magazine.

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Until next time – keep it weird!


SMiles Lewis / Founder


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“Joe and Ben take a lil field trip to the Anomaly Archives in Austin Texas.
Thank you to Miles for letting us hang out!”

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Book Of The Week

Dark Frontier

by Eugenia Macer-Story

“A modern alchemical journal on the occult & supernatural, including interdimensional participation of the reporter in events ranging from apparitions as artifacts on 35mm film right on through a spectrum including a CIA bibliography on flying saucers, a report by a physics grad student that outer space is not symmetrical, conjuration of trickster spirits and other indications that the real frontier of knowledge is not the reflection of distant stars as we see them with limited equipment but the dark frontier of the unexplained qualities of atomic mass and consciousness, as these might be functionally related.”

SOURCE: Google Books

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