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October 27th, 2016 – Austin, Texas

We’ve entered that final quarter of the year that always seems to throw me for a loop; too much early-age holiday trauma baggage overload plus probable Seasonal Affective Disorder melancholy from lack of sunlight. Whatever excuses I muster, the fact remains this is the only installment of the “weekly” email newsletter likely to come out this month, and the next couple of months will likely prove equally sparse for newsletter delivery; upcoming day job trips to Washington, D.C. (just after this reality-tv election season) and other factors continue to conspire againstYOU getting your weekly dose of Anomaly Archives Weirdness!

Anyway, onward towards the content of this issue…

Austin, Texas: Epicenter of America’s
Mass-Murder MemeQuake


I am a survivor of a mass shooting (San Antonio’s 1979 Parade Shooting) and have been following closely the public and media’s reception to the new documentary, TOWER, about the 50 year old mass-shooting event that took place here in the dark heart of Texas. Early responses have been tremendously positive and last week I had the pleasure of attending the Austin History Center’s opening event launching there new 50th Anniversary exhibit. As the largest archive of materials related to this tragic event (and a venue I am long familiar with from my life in Austin and use of its public spaces for various anomalistic meetings) it was good to see them participating in facilitating a public discussion of the film and the events it chronicles. The Austin History Center hosted an engaging round-table featuring TOWER director Keith Maitland and legendary local newsman Neal Spelce. AHC staffers led a fascinating talk with Maitland and Spelce that further compelled me to make the effort to see this documentary during its limited theatrical release. I finally saw it with my wife this past weekend and we were both moved to tears throughout the movie. This is a powerful film that focuses on some of the stories of those there that day, weaving real archival footage together with digitally rotoscoped animation reenactments plus recent interview footage of those survivors whose stories are portrayed. As a fan of local filmmaker Linklater’s pioneering use of this animated rotoscoping process (as seen in his moviesWaking Life and A Scanner Darkly – both coincidentally featuring cameo’s by Alex Jones) I really appreciated the use of this animation technique for such a delicate documentary subject as this traumatic event. I highly recommend that people seek out and support this movie.

This edition’s Book-of-the-Week is one of the Contactee Classics: The Secret of the Saucers from Orfeo Angelucci. Ignoring the rumors of strange relations with sheep … was ole Orville dosed with psychedelics by government operatives? Inquiring minds want to know!

There are quite a few Anomaly Headlines of note for this installment:

Surreal Elections Season … I’m not the only one who’s noticed the rocketing rise of local conspiracy-media-mogul and fear-mongering radio show host Alex Jones, who has been catapulted into the stratosphere of mass public awareness propelled by this presidential election season’s contentious candidates and even the current pResident at the White House actually naming him in public speeches:Austin’s Alex Jones: The voice in Donald Trump’s head – Jonathan Tilove,American-Statesman

Keeping with the creeping paranoia… conspiracy theories galore have taken over the mainstream; from the global outbreak of Stalking-Clownspiracy to MSM coverage of Gang-Stalking claims (San Diego mom thinks she’s the victim of “community stalking” (Video) – ABC 10 News) coincident with the passing of critically acclaimed novelist Gloria Naylor (R.I.P. 1950-2016) who wrote about apparent government surveillance and harassment (listen to NPR’s Ed Gordon talks with Naylor about her ‘1996’: Under the Watchful Eye of the Government).

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Book of the Week…
The Secret of the Saucers
By Orfeo Angelucci

Nowadays we might be a little more circumspect than to accept spiked drinks from strangers, but Orfeo gladly accepts the glass and gulps the fizz down, immediately recognising it as the liquid ‘nectar’  given to him on previous meetings with the Space Beings, documented in his first book Secrets of the Saucers.

What Angelucci describes next sounds like a classic, benevolent psychedelic experience:

I thrilled from head to foot as I took the glass, lifted it to my lips, and swallowed twice from it. At that instant I entered, with Adam, into a more exalted state and everything around me took on a different semblance. No longer was I in Tiny’s cafe in Twentynine Palms. It had been transformed into a cozy retreat on some radiant star system. Though everything remained in its same position, added beauty and meaning were given to the things and people present there.

While it would be naive to treat the writings of a man who claims to have had multiple contacts with space beings as entirely unenhanced autobiography, I can’t help but wonder whether the alien visitation beliefs of Angelucci and others were being exploited, or even generated, by people working in one or other clandestine branches of the military or intelligence organisations. Perhaps the US Army’s Special Operations Division, which began experimenting with hallucinogens and chemical warfare in the 1940s, or the CIA, whose infamous MK-ULTRA programme, beginning in 1953 (with antecedents like Chatter, Bluebird and Artichoke operating from 1947) explored the use of drugs, hypnosis and radiation as tools for mind control.

Source: Orfeo Angelucci’s acid test? – Mark Pilkington

ORFEO ANGELUCCI … always seemed to make the best impression in person of any of the mid-1950s contactees. The general impression I get from reading accounts of these gentlemen’s interview and platform styles is that George Van Tassel made the worst overall impression, speaking in a strained voice and never making eye contact with the audience (I diagnose stage-fright), while founding father George Adamski was always genial and laid-back, but Orfeo (also known as Orville) Angelucci radiated enthusiasm, sincerity and humility, in a very winning combination.  It didn’t hurt that Orville was thin and aesthetic-looking.  The usual contactee was a taxi-driver, mechanic or sign-painter in daily life, and it always showed. Angelucci didn’t found his own religious cult, unlike most of the contactees, but he did use his space-brotherly communications to give validation to the many strange ideas about physics, astronomy and biology that he had been “working on” for decades before his initial contact claims.

Source: A Contactee Album! Dr. Rory Coker,, Physics 341,
Pseudoscience, Unique #: 59170 (Fall 2013)


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