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May 23rd, 2016 – Here we are … one week later.

A quick follow-up from last week’s headlines about a teenager discovering an ancient lost Mayan city; turns out a UT Austin professor and others have debunked the poor reporting according to a reporter with the last name of Mulder at the LA Times:

A 15-year-old boy discovered a lost city by theorizing that a modern star map would correlate with ancient Mayan settlements. … David Stuart, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin and one of the world’s leading experts on the Maya, was among the first to raise an alarm. He argued that the square shape Gadoury saw on a satellite image of the Maya heartland was probably a fallow agricultural field. Since then, numerous other experts have cast doubts on Gadoury’s city, some even presenting evidence that what was aligned with the constellations was actually an old marijuana plot.”

You can find the link to that and other interesting news items in our Anomalous Headlines section below.

For this week’s Book-Of-The-Week we are featuring the controversial work of journalist Annie Jacobsen. She has written a series of books on topics near and dear to the UFO & Conspiracy communities; one on the mysterious Area 51, another on the nefarious Project Paperclip Nazis, and another on the spooky tech haunting our world (and paid for by our tax dollars) from the bowels of DARPA. Oh and let’s not forgot Annie’s other claim to infamy from before her voluminous forays into flying-saucer-conspiracy-culture: her 2004 claim to have witnessed a group of terrorists doing a “dry-run” aboard a commercial flight she was on.
Also, if you can make it – check out these amazing events…

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Book of the Week…
Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base

by Annie Jacobsen

Excerpt from Norio Hayakawa’s commentary / review of Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen:

Annie Jacobsen’s book is well written, riveting and thought-provoking!!

The interesting question, however, is:

Did she intentionally allow many gullible reviewers (even a few military aviation enthusiasts who fell into this entrapment) to exclusively focus on the controversy… (i.e., the last 8 pages which have little to do with the rest of her thick and rather straightforward book)?

Indeed it seems that most reviewers (including a New York Times reviewer, and even L.A. Times itself) were sidetracked by this provocative item and unwittingly played a role in sensationalizing her book.

Her ‘anonymous’ interviewee (no longer anonymous, as I stated…Alfred O’Donnell of E.G. & G.) may also have fallen for the trap by agreeing to throw in an obvious piece of disinformation (which he may well have been aware of, as well as Jacobsen herself….as disinformation) for her book.

(as I stated, Alfred O’Donnell had joined E.G. & G. in 1947 when the defense contractor was established)

The strategy seemed to have worked and the book became a top-seller.

It was quite brilliant.

* The book definitely brings up a very important topic, i.e., the significance of Operation Paperclip that played a major role in the subsequent development of America’s Black Budget programs.

Read the rest of Norio’s commentary at his website.

More links at our Anomaly Archives pages for Annie Jacobsen and Area 51.

Of particular interest…

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Here are some headlines of note for this week:

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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 5/23/2016



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