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The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

May 16th, 2016 – Welcome to another edition of the weekly eNews.

Moseley Mystery – This past week the final issue of Saucer Smear (possibly the longest running Flying Saucer / UFO newsletter in North America) was finally delivered, posthumously… about four years after the passing of James Moseley. Past “non-subscribers” were abuzz with news of the October 20th, 2012 issue arriving in their mailboxes, affixed with the familiar typewriter-text “TO” address labels used by Moseley, but with no return address. Moseley was a true trickster and lived up to his many nicknames, including “Court-Jester of Ufology” (and worse), so for one last cosmic joke we raise a glass to Jim! As it turns out, it looks like this last act of stealth publication was the result of a grandchild; a comment from a visitor to the memorial site wrote on May 7th: “Jim has 7 grandchildren with whom he kept in touch with up until the end. His final “Saucer Smear” was mailed out to whatever list was available by 2nd girl Brittany Crain Hutchison just several months ago. It must have been a surprise to some as it was written in 2012! I am so glad there is this site.”

So of course, our Book-of-the-Week has to be Shockingly Close to the Truth! Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist by James W. Moseley & Karl T. Pflock.

And speaking of “Grave-Robbing Ufologists”…

One Year Anniversary of the Roswell Slides Debacle

My, how time flies; it was just about a year ago when the now infamous alien slides case was shown to be a terrible mis-identification of a mummified Native American boy’s remains as those of an anomalous alien being. UFO media mogul Jaime Mausan had been waging an unprecedented promotional campaign endorsing the images of the body as evidence of an alien being connected to the infamous Roswell event in the Summer of 1947. While the mundane nature of the corpse seems proven beyond a shadow of doubt, Mausan and his acolytes continue to carry the torch for this little body being something historic and non-human, while those Roswell obsessed researchers Don Schmitt and Tom Carey have waffled back and forth from admitting the “mystery” has been solved to suggesting there is still something “mysterious” about the body.

[Above: Mummy spoof-poster by Jeff Ritzman]

I was lucky to be a witness privy to the informal open source investigative group called the RSRG (Roswell Slides Research Group) who cracked the blurry placard prominently displayed in the glass museum case the native child mummy was photographed within. Besides Maussan’s media campaign it was the mysterious slides documentarian Adam Dew and company who had found the slides and approached the “Dream Team” … while that filmmaker has yet to produce his movie (rumor is he’s still considering it), another documentarian named Simon Sharman has produced Cosmic Whistleblowers (IMDB) which touches on the saga.

I was honored to have Nick Redfern write these kind words back in May 2015:

“If you’re looking for the ultimate resource tool on the saga of the so-called “Roswell Slides,” the articles, the blog posts, and who said what, where and when, this is it, thanks to Stephen Miles Lewis of the Anomaly Archives. Check it out!”

Roswell Slides – Excellent Resource: Nick Redfern’s World of Whatever
Meanwhile, from our Headline News section, check out this interesting article from late last year that I missed at the time but was alerted to thanks to the guys at the Mysterious Universe podcast. They mentioned this article from late 2015, Drones Are the New UFOs by Jason Koebler at – and I highly recommend the MU interview with Clas Svahn on Ghost Rockets Research (Audio). You can inexpensively access the new documentary at I’ve bought my copy and am looking forward to watching the main feature and the accompanying extra footage. If you are interested in the Ghost Rockets era of UFO waves you should definitely check out this documentary and interviews with Clas Svahn as well as controversial ex-Mufon director James Carrion’s take on the subject including his Rosetta Deception and Anachronism, plus a slightly different approach by Micah Hanks in his book The Ghost Rockets: Mystery Missiles and Phantom Projectiles in our Skies.

Speakers, Coordinators, and Guests during the panel discussion.

Finally, in other news … I’ve been following the developments of Magic Leap and its photonic digital lightfield signal chip creating MR (Mixed Reality, after VR and AR for Virtual and Augmented Realities) and in a news piece from WIRED one of the Magic Leap employees interviewed about the technology of creating light that tricks the human perception interface says, “I think its like dreaming with your eyes open” … and I couldn’t help but think of one of the points Stephen LaBerge repeatedly made during his presentation at the Sleep, Consciousness and Lucid Dreaming event that just happened at UT Austin this past weekend. He said:

“Dreaming is perception constrained by sensory input.
Perception is dreaming constrained by sensory input.”

One of the main points made in LaBerge’s lecture was the similarity / parity of perceptual experience between the waking and dream states. The technology and commentary from some of the Magic Leap employees really reminded me of that point. Here are some pictures from the UT Dream event.


Also, if you can make it – check out these amazing events…

See you next week!
SMiles Lewis / Founder

A Presentation by Ed Salisbury
Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 6:30–9 p.m.
INACS Nerve Center (directions)
12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302, Austin, Texas 78759

RSVP at our Consciousness Connections Meetup
so we can accommodate all attendees.

Open to the public. $5 non-member donation appreciated.
Become a member today at our Membership Page!

A survivor of multiple Spiritually Transformative and Near-Death Experiences, as well as a perpetual ‘Rebellious Devotee of TRUTH,’ Brother Ed brings enchanting lessons of Grace, Wisdom and Peace in the processes of Dying and Death.  Ed will share his own personal perspectives of NDE’s, and expand upon their spiritually transformative aspects.

Ed Salisbury is a hospice minister, yoga coach, and funeral director.  Having experienced multiple NDEs, he’s been drawn to work closely with the dying; in that role he’s been providing optimal choices in elder care, health challenges and ‘at death’ care for over 20 years.   He advises friends, families and organizations in the planning and fulfillment of funeral arrangements.  Ed has also served on local and international association boards of directors for grief recovery, Near Death Experiencers (IANDS), funeral consumer, and hospice care organizations.

Managing a Home Health care agency, advising on community and international boards, and presenting programs, workshops & courses about grief, loss, death, healing and self care, Ed has enjoyed facilitating a healing grace in many lives.

Edward Salisbury’s LinkedIn Profile

Event Info…

Book of the Week…
Shockingly Close to the Truth! Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist

by James W. Moseley & Karl T. Pflock

Farewell to Supreme Commander Jim Moseley (1931-2012)
 – SMiles Lewis upon learning of Jim’s passing in November 2012.

“During our previous live PsiOp-Radio show I was informed by a friend of Jim’s ailing health. Shortly thereafter I learned of his passing on November 16th. Jim was an amazing soul who educated and entertained many a post-modern Fortean and Anomalist, myself included. I first met him at the 1999 NUFOC event in San Antonio, Texas. We began communicating about the possibility of my hosting the 2001 NUFOC in Austin. We met again at the 2000 NUFOC held in Corpus Christi, Texas. We interviewed him on PsiOp-Radio back in May of 2010. You can listen to that interview here. I wish I’d spoken to him again before his death. He will be missed.”

Smear’s James W. Moseley Dies

Fortean friend, ufology humorist, and writer James W. Moseley, 81, died Friday night, November 16, 2012. He passed away at a Key West, Florida, hospital, several months after being diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus.

Upon hearing of the death of Moseley, Anomalist Books publisher and editor Patrick Huyghe said: “He was one of the last remaining old timers from the golden age of flying saucers. Goodbye, Jim.”


Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here! – Remembering The Trickster of UFOlogy, Jim Moseley
By Sean Casteel

The “old guard” of UFOlogy is quickly passing away before our very eyes. First there was John Keel, then Richard Hall, Ingo Swann, George Fawcett and most recently a man who remained for many years one of the most controversial and influential figures in all of UFO-dom, a personality who many loved and others equally despised.

When James W. Moseley passed away on November 16, 2012, at a hospital in Key West, Florida, he left behind a great many friends to mourn him. Though his name may be unfamiliar to the younger members of the UFO community today, he was for many years a most provocative voice in the field of UFOlogy, known for being a comic trickster as well as a serious researcher of flying saucer and paranormal phenomena who broke new ground in coverage of the subjects with his publications “Saucer News” and “Saucer Smear.”



Read More…


Here are some headlines of note for this week:


[NOTE: Inclusion of news & event info is purely informational
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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 5/16/2016

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