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Anomaly Archives eNews 12/8/2017


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 12/8/2017

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

December 8th, 2017 – Austin, Texas. . .


Coming Soon: New Anomaly Archives Location!


Since 2009, the archive and lending library of the 501c3 Scientific Anomaly Institute has shared a space in North West Austin with the like-minded INACS (Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies).

After months of searching, we are close to announcing our new location.

Stay Tuned…

 – SMiles Lewis

Anomaly Archives Founder & INACS Board Member



Book of the Week…

Edgar Cayce On Dreams
by Harmon H. Bro

“During the dreaming state of sleep, we experience the different levels of consciousness and receive input from the different realms of the spirit world. Through dreaming, we have special access to our spirit within. According to the Cayce readings, there is not a question we can ask which cannot be answered from the depths of our inner consciousness when the proper attunement is made.

A dream may be of a physical, mental, or spiritual nature and may deal with all manner of psychic manifestations. These include telepathy, clairvoyance, prophetic visions, out of body traveling, remembrance of past lives, communication with beings in other realms including deceased friends and relatives, spirit guides, angels, Christ, and even the voice of God. Dreams can also give invaluable information on the status of the body.

All subconscious minds are in contact with one another. Through the subconscious, dreams may place us in attunement with those in the physical realm or those in the spiritual realm. We may be visited in the night by discarnate entities for many reasons: they may seek to give us assurance about their well-being in other realms of existence; they may come seeking our aid through prayer; they may come to bring us information which may be very helpful or limited; or they may come to influence us with their own desires or perspectives, which may be helpful or harmful. For example, there are dream reports of deceased relatives appearing and giving instructions about where to find a will or a lost object.

The events we experience in the third-dimension are, as it were, a “past condition” because this dimension is simply a projection or a reflection of what is being built at another higher level. Therefore, when we tune into these higher levels, as we may in dreams, we become aware of what is being built, and what may be projected into the physical in the future. Nothing of importance happens to us that is not foreshadowed in our dreams. Which is not to say that all dreams are precognitive or that the exact detail of everything we experience is given earlier in dreams. However, the word “foreshadowed” suggests that we may glimpse and be warned of what we are building now which may come into manifestation later. We call these dreams “precognitive” or “prophetic.”

Just as the angels spoke to people in dreams in the times of the Bible, the spirit world still speaks to people to this day. Some people came to Cayce with dreams of Christ. None was told that it was simply his imagination, but all were assured they were indeed in touch with him.

There is no dimension of human life, whether social, financial, emotional or physical, mental or spiritual with which the dream may not on occasion deal. Dreams may encourage or reprimand, instruct or deceive, inspire or seduce, guide or confuse. The potential for an immense array of experiences in consciousness is always there. What we actually receive depends upon our attitudes, motivations, the measure of our attunement, and the extent to which we have made applicable what was received in earlier dreams and in waking experiences.

SOURCE: Edgar Cayce on Dreams – Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

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Here are some headlines of note for this week:

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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 12/8/2017

Anomaly Archives eNews 8/28/2017


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 8/28/2017

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

August 28th, 2017 – Austin, Texas. . .

The past few weeks have been filled with multiple personal synchronicities, many revolving around recently digitized videos (or the sharing of images) I’ve collected or recorded over the years spanning the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. Some have been pleasant reminisces while others have had unpleasant or surprising connections with the terrible incidents in Charlottesville and the massive public reaction to the Free Speech Rally in Boston. I talk about these synchronicities in last week’s episode of PsiOp-Radio (#187) that I host with long-time friend and researcher, Mack White. One of the recently digitized videos (not associated with any of those syncs) is featured below as our video of the week.



I’ve recently added several new videos to myvariouspersonalYouTubeaccounts, including a couple of videos at the Official Anomaly Archives YouTube Channel. This one (see below) was recorded from Austin’s Community Access TV network, ACTV, and features the artwork of Austin contactee artist, Josi Galantealong with a didgeridoo soundtrack (possibly created by Austin didgeridoo player, Loping Buzzard*). Both were frequent attendees of the Austin UFO Forum & Study Group and / or similar local para-oriented group meetings (Austin MufonAustin Art Bell Chat Club etc.) back in the 1990s. Around 2011-ish, Loping Buzzard showed up at the Anomaly Archives to donate some of his many UFO and paranormal books. He had a terminal illness and wanted to donate his collection which also featured materials from Josi Galante’s personal collection.

I last heard from Josi back in 2014 and suspect that she too may have passed beyond…We love and them both – Josi G. & L.P.

* “Loping Buzzard” – local musician and

Forever Friend of the Archives.

(AmazonCD Baby,iTunesReverbNationSpotify)


This week’s installment features a tome printed by both paranormal publishers Llewellyn and FATE Presents, and written by an author whose other non-ufological books have been about drugs, sexuality, magic, and … poetry!


Check out the other great news links in our headlines section below.

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Read on . . .

See you all next issue!

SMiles Lewis / Founder


Josi Galante Alien Contact UFO Art with Didgeridoo
Josi Galante Alien Contact UFO Art with Didgeridoo

Josi Galante Art with Didgeridoo – broadcast on ACTV Austin Community access TeleVision in the 1990s.

You can find more of Josi’s work here:

Not sure but the didgeridoo music may have been by mutual friend / artist “Loping Buzzard” … who donated his materials, as well as some of those he had from Josi, to the Anomaly Archives.Loping Buzzard (YouTube) (Spotify)


Book of the Week…ExtraTerrestrials Among Us

by George C. Andrews 

“My aim as a writer is to express the truth as I perceive it on the subjects that interest me most” – George C. Andrews

George C. Andrews Bibliography  – FantomPowa: Flame Magazine

Borrow a digital copy from the Internet Archives

Review excerpt from New Dawn Magazine No. 36:

This remarkable book is presented by Fate magazine, and contains a wealth of information on UFO sightings, contacts and abductions, cattle mutilations and evidence of government shenanigans and cover-ups. Some of the topics covered include evidence from ancient scripture and occult writings of alien contact and ‘wars in heaven’, aspects of the cover-up of UFO sightings / contact and deliberate discreditation / ridicule of contactees and their supporters, U.S. government involvement in said cover-ups, etc. There is a reasonable amount of material from the 19th century, and the author manages to link untraceable predators which decimate farmer’s cows and chickens in the UK midlands to the cattle mutilators of the American midwest (an interesting link to the so-called ‘ABC’s’ (Alien Big Cats) said to plague British farmers to this day.) Charles Fort receives credit for mentioning UFO related phenomena long before it became something in the public eye, and the book reproduces a number of his hypotheses (we are cattle!) as well as presenting some of the bizarre cases he collected. 


Review excerpt from UFO Book Review by Mac Tonnies:

Andrews’ book on UFOs and Fortean weirdness is a difficult mix of metaphysical speculation and solid reporting. The texture of Andrews’ book is scattered and paranoid and he never lingers on a specific subject long enough for the reader to come away with anything of real investigative value. This is an enjoyable foray into strangeness and conspiracy theory, but not nearly the journalistic dynamite as Timothy Good’s “Above Top Secret.”



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Anomaly Archives eNews 8/10/2017


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 8/10/2017

anomalyarchivesThe Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

August 10th, 2017 – Austin, Texas. . .



So here’s another installment of the “weekly” newsletter. Tons of news links worth exploring to satisfy your cravings for weird articles and information.

Some of the many news items on my radar that I think you should definitely take a look at include…

World Congress on Mummy Studies “Declaration Of The Scientific Community Regarding The Fraud Of Extraterrestrial Mummies,” Paul Seaburn’s reportage on same over at Mysterious Universe, plus The Atlantic‘s article The Racism Behind Alien Mummy Hoaxes.

UFOs: Reframing the Roswell Slides Fiasco
Art by Red Pill Junkie via Curt Collins’

Mufon & Ufology’s Continuing Death Spiral … starting with the mass resignation of MUFON membership over the organization’s response to a former State Director’s online racist rant, and the resignation of more State Directors (Washington State’s James Clarkson) as well as the organization’s Director of Research over the lack of scientific rigor on display at this year’s annual symposium which focused on unverifiable testimony presented at the “Secret Space Program” MUFON conference.

There have been a few noteworthy folks who’ve recently passed away:

There are a ton of links dealing with the early release of the thousands of documents related to the assassination of JFK – with more scheduled for probable release in October:

Also, here are some choice audio / video podcasts that we highly recommend from the news links section:

Check out the other great news links in our headlines section below.

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This week’s “Book of the Week” is another UFO anthology; this one is from the early 1990s and has a concluding essay which (much to my surprise) also delves into the relevance of Virtual Reality as a helpful metaphor for the UFO contact phenomenon like my own essay in the Reframing the Debate anthology.

Some other book reviews you might enjoy…



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See you all next issue!

SMiles Lewis / Founder




Book of the Week…

UFOs The Final Answer?
Ufology for the 21st Century

Edited by David Barclay & Therese Marie Barclay
Featuring: Arthur Tomlinson, K.W.C. Phillips, Robert Moore, Roger Ford, Joseph Dormer, Charlotte A. O’Connor and David & Therese Marie Barclay

From – The Exceptional Human Experience website… 

“Anthology on aspects of UFOs with the emphasis on hypotheses. The editors review a number of views on UFOs in the first chapter. Arthur Tomlinson surveys historical sightings of UFOs in ancient Egypt, Biblical, and classical times through the 19th century. K.W.C. Phillips deals with “the psychosociology of UFOlogy,” emphasizing that what we are actually studying are reports (texts), not first-hand data. He emphasizes the religious, historic, and folkloric dimensions of UFOs and notes the presence of a strong psi factor. Robert Moore, in “Science v. Saucery,” tries to provide a traditionally scientific exploration of UFOs. His chapter is a good survey of the “normal” counterhypotheses, both objective and subjective, which could explain 85% of all sightings. For the rest, he sets forth the “Mundane-Synthesistic Hypothesis,” in which synthesistic is “defined as many separate factors cumulating into a single result” (p. 92). Roger Ford describes what appear to be cases of the government spreading “deliberate disinformation” (p. 106) about seeming UFOs. Therese M. Barclay describes some of the best sightings she and others have investigated and concludes that UFOs are real but do not make sense within our accepted worldview: “It might be that they are real in a way our present-day cosmologies can’t conceive” (p. 113). Joseph Dormer argues that “the origins of UFOs, and their alien occupants, probably lies within us” (p. 152). Charlotte A. O’Connor sets forth a “racial dream hypothesis” to explain UFOs, especially UFO abductions. In the concluding chapter, David Barclay points out that “ufology as it presently stands [is] a loosely interconnected series of belief systems from which anyone can choose on the basis of personal preference alone” (p. 172). He also feels that skepticism is the least defensible choice and the most counterproductive. He proposes a holographic virtual reality model as the source of UFOs. Taken together, the viewpoints expressed offer an up-to-date survey of UFO explanations and counterhypotheses that is both quite comprehensive, and in some instances, presented in some depth.”

Book Page at Anomaly Archives…


Here are some headlines of note for this week:

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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 8/10/2017

Anomaly Archives eNews 6/25/2017


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 6/25/2017anomalyarchives

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

June 25th, 2017 – Austin, Texas. . .



70th Anniversary of the Birth of the Modern UFO Era

Audio interview of Kenneth Arnold (YouTube)

This week marks the 70th anniversaries of the two most seminal events in the birthing of the modern UFO era’s major myths: Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of a shimmering squadron of delta shaped objects over Mount Rainier, Washington and the crash of a mysterious ‘whatsit’ outside Roswell, New Mexico with alleged alien bodies recovered by the military. Both events occurred in the Summer of 1947, with the Arnold sighting cited as kicking off the American Flying Saucer craze and the Roswell newsflash only coming to prominence with the publication of The Roswell Incident (by Charles Berlitz and William Moore) in 1980.

I grew up believing in the classic myth of Roswell representing crashed saucers and pickled aliens scooped up and covered up by the US government but have since come to lean heavily towards the research documented by Nick Redfern in his two books: Body Snatchers in the Desert in 2005 and its recent follow-up, The Roswell UFO Conspiracy (May 2017). Both books detail a probable American project melding nefarious human experimentation with advanced avionics / nuclear radiation research. A sort of Project Paperclip (American importation of German Nazi scientists) meets Unit-731 (the Japanese version of Germany’s Dr. Mengele horrors) combining Fugo-balloons, unwitting human subjects (both Japanese and American), and Nazi Horten-brother flying-wing technologies. It’s a lot to take-in and no one wants to believe it but given the facts that we already know regarding each area of research (not to mention the CIA’s MK-Ultra sub-projects) it becomes all too plausible. Well, Nick Redfern is among the illustrious list of speakers presenting at one of two different UFO conferences being held in Roswell this year.

“Challenges to ET” conference organizer Guy Malone.

Albuquerque Journal coverage of upcoming conferences.

Given the sad state of UFOlogy this year (see our previous issue and this issue’s news headlines) it will be interesting to see what new information is presented at the two conferences being held. I will be attending the “Challenges to ET” conference hosted by Guy Malone that features Nick Redfern, Jack Brewer, Greg Bishop, Michael Heiser, and Joseph Jordan. I’ll also likely catch a speech or two at the Roswell Incident conference that is presented by the Roswell Daily Record newspaper which is set to feature presentations from Richard Dolan, Linda Howe, Nick Pope, Chase Kloetzke, Chuck Zukowski, Debbie Ziegelmeyer, Race Hobbs, David Marler, Marc D’Antonio, Alejandro Rojas, Courtney Brown, and Josh Gates.

So, if you are going to be in Roswell from June 29th to July 2nd, drop me a line at and maybe we can have some interesting conversations-over-saucers!


Stop UFOlogical Cultural Appropriation &
Exploitation of Ancient Human Remains!

Gaia TV Covers the “Mystery” (Facebook Video)

You have undoubtedly come across news items alleging the discovery of a new mysterious body from Peru being touted as a mummified, possibly alien, body. Blogger and researcher Curt Collins (Blue Blurry Lineswrites:

“The remains of the dead should not be used as props for UFO promoters and entertainers like Maussan and Gaia. We’ve had the Star Child, Greer’s Sirius “Atacama Humanoid,” and when challenged about the BeWitness Slides, Maussan offered a bounty for the child’s body itself.
Forensic Anthropologists should be in charge of this kind of thing. Once the science is done, if there’s anything valid, share it with the world.
Until then, let the dead rest in peace. Don’t support the exploitation.”

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Collins on this issue. You’d think folks would have learned by now, especially after the Roswell “Alien” Slides debacle promoted by Jaime Maussan and others fell apart in May of 2015. Yet the human will to believe continues, with many UFOlks looking for the next Smoking-Gun / Holy-Grail to prove their beliefs in ExtraTerrestrial visitation. For a more probable, down-to-earth explanation, see this Peruvian website’s investigation of this and other likely “manipulated artifacts.” (Hat tip to Sharon Hill of Doubtful News)

Check out the other great news links in our headlines section below.

Find all of them and more at our Flipboard page: Anomaly Archives Flipboard.


We’ve also got a great musical interlude this issue to satisfy the alien in all of us… the band Blur performing “Thought I Was A Spaceman,” live


This week’s book focuses on the man who some say…

     “Made the World Believe in UFOs”  

Check out our Book-of-the-Week below!

See y’all next issue!

SMiles Lewis / Founder



Blur – Thought I Was A Spaceman
La Musicale 2015

[Verse 1]
Thought I was a spaceman
Digging out my heart
In some distant sand dunes
In a car park

Cause the desert had encroached upon
The places where we lived
People like me fight
To keep the demons in

But we never succeeded
We never succeeded
In fact we failed

[Verse 2]
Thought I was a spaceman
Digging out my heart
In some distant sand dune
In a car park

By the empty harbour
Where the junk boat phantoms float
The fight for happy valley
Sadly, the line broke

[Verse 3]
Thought I found my black box
Washed up on the shore
On outlying islands
Past the land fall

Thought I thought I’d found it
But that was not true at all
I’d walked into a bar
Raised hell

[Verse 4]
Cut the chasm out me
Always and always the same
Put the ghost in writing
And let it be (you again)

Thought I was a spaceman
Digging out my heart
In some distant sand dune
In Hyde Park

[Verse 5]
Thought I was a spaceman
Digging out my heart
In some distant sand dune
You again

Thought I was a spaceman
Digging out my heart
In some distant sand dune
You again

You again
You again

[Lyrics via]

Watch Video on YouTube

Book of the Week…

The Close Encounters Man
How One Man Made the World Believe in UFOs

by Mark O’Connell

‘The Close Encounters Man’ tells the unlikely story of how the government’s astrophysicist debunker became the phenomenon’s most expert defender.

“If you’re jonesing for an extraterrestrial, you should check out The Close Encounters Man by Mark O’Connell. O’Connell, a writer for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and founder of the UFO blog High Strangeness, set out to write “a UFO book people wouldn’t need to hide from other people.” He found his ideal subject in J. Allen Hynek, the astronomer hired by the United States Air Force in 1948 to debunk the reports of strange objects in the sky flooding in from across the country. Eventually Hynek broke with his handlers and became the first scientist to lend credence to the UFO phenomenon. The author of 1972’s The UFO Experience: A Scientific Study, he would go on to found the Center for UFO Studies in 1973, present a speech on flying saucers to the United Nations in 1978, and develop the “close encounter” scale that would inspire Steven Spielberg’s popular Close Encounters of the Third Kind (“a huge boon to his work,” O’Connell told me. “They shot a scene where the little aliens grab Hynek’s pipe from him and stick it up their noses, but it was cut down to a six-second cameo.”)

In telling the life story of Hynek, the “astro-beatnik,” O’Connell winds up with a stunning panorama of the UFO movement—from fringe conspiracy theorists to amateur astronomers to agnostic scientists—as well as its colossal impact on pop culture and modern science. I recently spoke with O’Connell over the phone about Hynek’s unique story of skeptic turned believer, the scientific study of the inexplicable, and what makes a good UFO witness.”

Read the rest of this interview with author and UFO researcher Mark O’Connell at the Source: The Professional UFO Skeptic Who Believed in Aliens – VICE by J. W. McCormack – May 30 2017


On the MUFON / John Ventre Scandal …

“Mark O’Connell, formerly an active MUFON investigator but also an open-minded critic of the organization has severed his ties with them over this series of incidents: UFO Fever.”


On Roswell & his debate with Don Schmitt …

Beating a Dead UFO –

“So, the other day I did a webcast with noted UFO authority and all-around nice guy Kevin Randle (you can listen to it here), in which we discussed the Roswell Debate I had recently with Don Schmitt. The debate, for those of you new to the story, took place at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference earlier this fall. It was sponsored by well-known UFO and paranormal media outlet KGRA Radio, but after webcasting the debate live, KGRA has decided for reasons known only to them to reneg on their promise to post the debate on their website.”

Book Page at Anomaly Archives…


Here are some headlines of note for this week:

SAI Anomaly Archives eNews

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Check out more news links at the

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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 6/25/2017


Anomaly Archives eNews 1/22/2017


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 1/22/2017

anomalyarchivesThe Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

January 2017 – Austin, Texas

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first newsletter issue for 2017. There are a ton of amazing news links below and even more at the Anomaly Archives’ Flipboard page.

Among the many important links are news items related to the Deep State / ParaPolitical / Conspiracy fallout of the American Presidential election and related claims of state-sponsored espionage, election disruption, and cries of a “Fake News” epidemic threatening to upend the American political process and possibly portending increasingly strict online media controls. Given the American Intelligence community’s history of covert perception management and overt propaganda and mainstream media complicity it can be difficult to navigate the treacherous waters amid so much perception management and psychological warfare – see for instance The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America by Hugh Wilford (Reviewed by Michael Warner at [PDF]), The CIA And The Media: How America’s Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up by Carl Bernstein, and this excerpt from Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood by Nicholas Schou.

Recent articles about “Weaponized Narrative” and government efforts to “Militarize Social Media to Influence Your Beliefs” fit right in with perspectives I’ve been exploring in a recent writing project dealing with “Weapons of Mass Enchantment” and “Covert Folklore Warfare.”

So much of what is characterized as “Fake News” often has roots in reality despite the folkloric / mythic embellishments and deliberately manipulated misinformation efforts of those utilizing such perception management strategems for socio-cultural control campaigns waged across news networks and social media communities.

Also in this installment of the Anomaly Headline News section we have links to articles about “Archives, Anonymity & Animosity Online” … there’s good news and bad news within the Archival and Ufological worlds. Some amazing strides are being made by online UFO researchers and preservationists; some by anonymous individuals. Unfortunately, the vitriolic nature of much internet enabled “discourse” has caused a number of recent flame war flaps that ultimately leave both believers and skeptics reeling.

Just as anonymous hackers and leakers of insider information have played a leading role in recent electoral drama flashpoints, similarly, issues surrounding anonymity in the UFO research community created a firestorm of flame wars online when Ted Roe (of NARCAP & IAUAPR) and others criticized the citing of research by anonymous researchers; specifically Isaac Koi. You can read Isaac‘s (PDF), Curt Collins‘ and other accounts of the occurrence at the links provided.

Isaac Koi is the pseudonymous UFO researcher who is legendary for the legal (ie – permissions-based) liberation of numerous volumes of print UFO research materials through their digitization and public internet-based dissemination of the resulting scanned archives. He began this independently but had increasingly partnered with the Archives For the Unexplained (AFU) in Sweden:

Isaac Koi, of AFU’s International Advisory Board, is making an herculean effort to trace down editors and publishers of journals and newsletters to ask them for the rights to scan the contents of old volumes and to make them available as PDFs. AFU has established a work group to continuously work with Isaac in this effort.”

– AFU: Magazine digitization project & new catalogue

Sadly, it seems humanity hasn’t quite yet mastered how to successfully navigate the benefits and hazards of social-media-tech-enabled community. The incident of Isaac’s self-enforced retirement is a particularly frustrating example of the victimization that occurs on all sides when our social-media-masks are donned, often resulting in the release of the worst animosity pouring out of us through the keyboard-enabled persona of our internet masks. Isaac was not a part of that stye of communication but such childish and demoralizing “communication” has dogged participants on both sides of the “debates” and has swirled around many of the most recent flash-in-the-pan cases from the Roswell Slides saga to the Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Coast Guard infrared video case and even the most recent military infrared video case involving the Chilean Navy. Skeptics and believers on all sides of these and other cases report the deplorable nature of the too often heated social-media-enabled commentary: some of those commenting on such allegedly disrespectful diatribes include Erica Lukes (regarding the Roswell Slides debate, Isaac Koi incident, and harassment both online and in-person at conferences), Sharon Hill (regarding the Turkey UFO Attack hoax video and paranormal online discourse in general), and Leslie Kean (regarding the Chilean Navy infrared video case).

While I advocate for civility and empathy, a study published in Frontiers in Psychology last year called “Changing Conspiracy Beliefs through Rationality and Ridiculing” seems to indicate that empathy is not as effective as rationality and ridicule in the combating of “conspiracy theories.” Rationality should always be encouraged but I still prefer civility and empathy over ridicule, and think both are just rewards for those who wish to receive the same level of respect from others.

. . .

There are a LOT more news links below. And that’s NOT all of them. Find all of them and more at our Flipboard page: Anomaly Archives Flipboard.

Also, check out our Book-of-the-Week!

See y’all next issue!

SMiles Lewis / Founder


Book of the Week…
The UFO Enigma: A New Review of the Physical Evidence
By Peter A. Sturrock (Study Director)

Review of Peter Sturrock’s The UFO Engima by John Alexander

“In late September 1997 a multidisciplinary group of scientists convened at the picturesque Pocantico Conference Center near Tarrytown, New York to attempt to reevaluate the evidence pertaining to UFOs. Financially supported by Laurance Rockefeller, it was the author, Peter Sturrock, who brought the two disparate groups of scientists together. As president of the Society for Scientific Exploration, Sturrock had support from an organization dedicated to rigorously researching controversial issues. One group attending this meeting had been involved in research regarding the sensitive topic of aerial phenomena. The other group was comprised of individuals with esteemed scientific credentials but who had limited exposure to the UFO topic. They came agreeing to listen to the evidence with an open mind. This book describes in detail both the process by which they made their evaluation and the evidence supporting the case for further scientific study of UFOs.

While relying primarily on fairly well known UFO reports, this book constitutes an important contribution to a popular field infested with misinformation, misunderstandings, and tripe. The UFO Enigma will become one of the few books that scholars searching for more information about a controversial subject can turn to for reliable information.

The book represents a reasonable overview of the core topic — the physical realities of UFOs. It is not encumbered by the equally popular but more controversial aspects of phenomena, such as alien abductions, that may or may not be related to UFOs. Given the group of scientists they were attempting to influence, Sturrock and his cohorts were well advised to stick to the primary subject.”

– Review of Peter Sturrock’s The UFO Engima by John Alexander, Ph.D.
National Institute for Discovery Science Las Vegas, NV

Source: National Institute for Discovery Science: Review of The UFO Enigma

Book Page at Anomaly Archives…



Here are some headlines of note for this week:

SAI Anomaly Archives eNews

Archives, Anonymity & Animosity Online


UFO Headlines


Mystery Hum

Mystery Mutilations


Fortean / Anomalist Headlines


Deep State ParaPolitical Headlines


JFK Coup


ParaPsychology News


Blue Rose Reports, Abuse Networks, Child Trafficking


Archive & Library News: Fake News “Crisis,” Free Speech & Freedom of Research


Information Perception Metaphysics


SynchroMystic News


Mind Kontrol News


Misc News & Headlines


Cargo CULTure


Cryptozoology News


First Contact


And links to these news headlines AND MORE at our Anomaly Archives Flipboard Magazine Online…

  • Diver Finds Long-Lost Nuke While Hunting Sea Cucumbers –
  • 16.18 – MU Podcast –
  • The Ghosts of Loch Ness –
  • More Tampa Bay area residents report seeing mysterious … –
  • UFO GUYS NicRedfern 10 29 16 –
  • The REAL Roswell UFO Cover-up! –
  • Intelligence agencies are running al-Qaeda camps in Nor… –
  • The DeLonge DeLusion: Part One –
  • Black Helicopters: What In Hell?! –
  • People of Earth – UFO experiencers played for comedy –
  • Water witchery: Is it hocus-pocus or science? –
  • Beware The Bedroom Invaders – Nick Redfern Writes –
  • Canada’s ‘UFO guy’ fascinated by lights in the sky –
  • Harrison Bergeron – A Cautionary Tale –
  • A Gateway for Truth –
  • 3 Theories to Explain the Loch Ness Monster –
  • UFOs, the CIA and the Robertson Panel –
  • Episode 11 – Adam Gorightly – JFK – Illuminati – James … –
  • The Podesta Emails: Our secret plan. Forwarded message From: Thomas DELONGE –
  • Inside The Invisible Government: John Pilger On War, Pr… –
  • Reimagining a Shadowy Medieval Brotherhood That Probabl… –
  • Teen Stuns Family After Waking From Coma Speaking Only … –
  • Austin’s Alex Jones: The voice in Donald Trump’s head –
  • RAW vs. Mae Brussell! –
  • MAGNIFICENT OBSESSIONS: Episode Name — UFO Hunter. –
  • Was there a secret US government research group? – ufos-scientificresearch.blogsp…
  • Bear sightings in East Texas? –
  • Pablo Vergel provides an “exegesis” of Jose Antonio Car… –
  • The Higgs Bison — mystery species hidden in cave art –

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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 1/22/2017


Anomaly Archives eNews 10/27/2016


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 10/27/2016

anomalyarchivesThe Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

October 27th, 2016 – Austin, Texas

We’ve entered that final quarter of the year that always seems to throw me for a loop; too much early-age holiday trauma baggage overload plus probable Seasonal Affective Disorder melancholy from lack of sunlight. Whatever excuses I muster, the fact remains this is the only installment of the “weekly” email newsletter likely to come out this month, and the next couple of months will likely prove equally sparse for newsletter delivery; upcoming day job trips to Washington, D.C. (just after this reality-tv election season) and other factors continue to conspire againstYOU getting your weekly dose of Anomaly Archives Weirdness!

Anyway, onward towards the content of this issue…

Austin, Texas: Epicenter of America’s
Mass-Murder MemeQuake


I am a survivor of a mass shooting (San Antonio’s 1979 Parade Shooting) and have been following closely the public and media’s reception to the new documentary, TOWER, about the 50 year old mass-shooting event that took place here in the dark heart of Texas. Early responses have been tremendously positive and last week I had the pleasure of attending the Austin History Center’s opening event launching there new 50th Anniversary exhibit. As the largest archive of materials related to this tragic event (and a venue I am long familiar with from my life in Austin and use of its public spaces for various anomalistic meetings) it was good to see them participating in facilitating a public discussion of the film and the events it chronicles. The Austin History Center hosted an engaging round-table featuring TOWER director Keith Maitland and legendary local newsman Neal Spelce. AHC staffers led a fascinating talk with Maitland and Spelce that further compelled me to make the effort to see this documentary during its limited theatrical release. I finally saw it with my wife this past weekend and we were both moved to tears throughout the movie. This is a powerful film that focuses on some of the stories of those there that day, weaving real archival footage together with digitally rotoscoped animation reenactments plus recent interview footage of those survivors whose stories are portrayed. As a fan of local filmmaker Linklater’s pioneering use of this animated rotoscoping process (as seen in his moviesWaking Life and A Scanner Darkly – both coincidentally featuring cameo’s by Alex Jones) I really appreciated the use of this animation technique for such a delicate documentary subject as this traumatic event. I highly recommend that people seek out and support this movie.

This edition’s Book-of-the-Week is one of the Contactee Classics: The Secret of the Saucers from Orfeo Angelucci. Ignoring the rumors of strange relations with sheep … was ole Orville dosed with psychedelics by government operatives? Inquiring minds want to know!

There are quite a few Anomaly Headlines of note for this installment:

Surreal Elections Season … I’m not the only one who’s noticed the rocketing rise of local conspiracy-media-mogul and fear-mongering radio show host Alex Jones, who has been catapulted into the stratosphere of mass public awareness propelled by this presidential election season’s contentious candidates and even the current pResident at the White House actually naming him in public speeches:Austin’s Alex Jones: The voice in Donald Trump’s head – Jonathan Tilove,American-Statesman

Keeping with the creeping paranoia… conspiracy theories galore have taken over the mainstream; from the global outbreak of Stalking-Clownspiracy to MSM coverage of Gang-Stalking claims (San Diego mom thinks she’s the victim of “community stalking” (Video) – ABC 10 News) coincident with the passing of critically acclaimed novelist Gloria Naylor (R.I.P. 1950-2016) who wrote about apparent government surveillance and harassment (listen to NPR’s Ed Gordon talks with Naylor about her ‘1996’: Under the Watchful Eye of the Government).

Check out some of the other highlights from this week’s Anomaly-News-Headline links…

Forteana reconsidered as Cover-up for Corruption…

The Voices Haunting Our Heads and Homes…

Find all of them and more at our Flipboard page: Anomaly Archives Flipboard or in the links below…

See y’all around!

SMiles Lewis / Founder

Book of the Week…
The Secret of the Saucers
By Orfeo Angelucci


Nowadays we might be a little more circumspect than to accept spiked drinks from strangers, but Orfeo gladly accepts the glass and gulps the fizz down, immediately recognising it as the liquid ‘nectar’  given to him on previous meetings with the Space Beings, documented in his first book Secrets of the Saucers.

What Angelucci describes next sounds like a classic, benevolent psychedelic experience:

I thrilled from head to foot as I took the glass, lifted it to my lips, and swallowed twice from it. At that instant I entered, with Adam, into a more exalted state and everything around me took on a different semblance. No longer was I in Tiny’s cafe in Twentynine Palms. It had been transformed into a cozy retreat on some radiant star system. Though everything remained in its same position, added beauty and meaning were given to the things and people present there.

While it would be naive to treat the writings of a man who claims to have had multiple contacts with space beings as entirely unenhanced autobiography, I can’t help but wonder whether the alien visitation beliefs of Angelucci and others were being exploited, or even generated, by people working in one or other clandestine branches of the military or intelligence organisations. Perhaps the US Army’s Special Operations Division, which began experimenting with hallucinogens and chemical warfare in the 1940s, or the CIA, whose infamous MK-ULTRA programme, beginning in 1953 (with antecedents like Chatter, Bluebird and Artichoke operating from 1947) explored the use of drugs, hypnosis and radiation as tools for mind control.

Source: Orfeo Angelucci’s acid test? – Mark Pilkington

ORFEO ANGELUCCI … always seemed to make the best impression in person of any of the mid-1950s contactees. The general impression I get from reading accounts of these gentlemen’s interview and platform styles is that George Van Tassel made the worst overall impression, speaking in a strained voice and never making eye contact with the audience (I diagnose stage-fright), while founding father George Adamski was always genial and laid-back, but Orfeo (also known as Orville) Angelucci radiated enthusiasm, sincerity and humility, in a very winning combination.  It didn’t hurt that Orville was thin and aesthetic-looking.  The usual contactee was a taxi-driver, mechanic or sign-painter in daily life, and it always showed. Angelucci didn’t found his own religious cult, unlike most of the contactees, but he did use his space-brotherly communications to give validation to the many strange ideas about physics, astronomy and biology that he had been “working on” for decades before his initial contact claims.

Source: A Contactee Album! Dr. Rory Coker,, Physics 341,
Pseudoscience, Unique #: 59170 (Fall 2013)


Book Page at Anomaly Archives…

Here are some headlines of note for this week:SAI Anomaly Archives eNews October 2016

Aliens & UFOs


Fortean Weirdness (or Not!?)


Misc Headlines & Articles


Parapsychology News, Education & Research


Conspiracy / Deep State / Parapolitics


Cryptozoology News


Clownspiracy / Clownpocalypse Watch 2016


Cult Mind Control

  • How Well-Meaning, Intelligent People End Up in a Cult (Video)The Atlantic · Sep 26, 2016 – EnlightenNext was an organization, founded by self-styled guru Andrew Cohen, that aimed to facilitate spiritual awakening. Cohens most devoted students meditated for hours at times, months on end, were often celibate, and lived together. However, what started as an idealistic venture quickly…
  • Holy Hell documentary, Austin, Texas Cult documentary
  • Children of God – TV documentary circa 1994


Mind Kontrol, Electronic Surveillance & Harassment

  • Gloria Naylor, R.I.P. (1950-2016) – Robert Guffey,
    Gloria Naylor, author of many critically acclaimed novels such The Women of Brewster Place (1982) and Mama Day (1988), passed away on September 28th at …
  • FLASHBACK: ‘1996’: Under the Watchful Eye of the Government – NPR
    Ed Gordon talks with writer Gloria Naylor about her latest novel 1996, a fictionalized memoir about Naylor’s experience under government surveillance. Transcript ED GORDON, host: Novelist Gloria Naylor is best known for writing critically-acclaimed, African-American literature, including the Women of …


Paranormal, Haunting, Ghosts


911 / September 11th


Libraries & Freedom of Information


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Anomaly Archives eNews 9/17/2016


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 9/17/2016

anomalyarchivesThe Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

September 17th, 2016 – Austin, Texas

Our recent event featuring former military remote viewer Paul Smith was a tremendous success. We had a full-house and as always, Paul delivered a wealth of information to begin one’s search regarding the weird and wild world where UFOs and Remote Viewing cross-paths.
Paul Smith Alerts Attendees to the Upcoming Remote Viewing Conference.

If you were unable to attend the lecture, a video of Paul’s presentation shoud be available soon thanks to Chuck Robison of what if it really works dot com – for now though, you can listen to this rough audio edition of the lecture (this MP3 link will be up for a limited time, so check it out while you can).

I’m not going to have time to post all of the amazing news article links like I usually do but  you can find all of them at our Flipboard page. Check em out at the Anomaly Archives Flipboard.

See you in the next installment of our email newsletter!

SMiles Lewis / Founder



Book of the Week…
A True Story
By Whitley Strieber


“The cover painting of an alien was rendered by Ted Seth Jacobs. The painting is considered one of the most widely recognized popular culture images of alleged “grey” aliens. “The Communion cover,” Jacobs recounts,

communion-signed-strieber-weaver_3766“was painted in my small apartment on East 83rd St, in New York City. Whitley sat with me first for a drawing of the Alien. As I sketched, he would indicate how to change the portrait so that it would more match what he saw. It was, I believe, the process used by police sketch artists. Every last detail was corrected according to his instructions. At one point, he said the image corresponded exactly to what he had seen. With Whitley beside me for the subsequent session, I began to paint the image on a wooden prepared panel, going through the same process as for the drawing, until Whitley finally said the image was exact. … As to the gender of the Alien image, to tell the truth, the subject didn’t come up. I don’t even know if the ‘greys’ have gender as we understand it. Whitley corrected the developing image to have a certain fragility, a vulnerability. I suppose we Earthlings usually associate these qualities with femininity.”[2]

Source: Wikipedia

Book Page at Anomaly Archives…



Here are some headlines of note for this week:



Mind Kontrol


Weird WTF



Check out more news links at the

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Paul_H_Smith_2014a_smFormer Military Remote Viewer
Paul Smith – 
“Remote Viewing UFOs”

Presented by the Anomaly Archives
Austin, Texas 78759

Paul Smith on Remote Viewing and UFOs

“Using one mystery to try to explain another: That’s what seems to be happening in the perpetual interplay between remote viewing (RV) and unidentified aerial phenomena–popularly known as UFOs–space aliens, and everything connected to them in the popular culture. This confluence of RV and UFOs goes back almost to the beginning of remote viewing itself, and not just the notorious, but some of the most prominent and respected members of the remote viewing community have indulged. Impossible to fully capture in one evening discussion, I nonetheless introduce you to the general outlines of the controversy, sketch for you the interrelationships of some of the main figures and their claims, show you some of the more provocative and interesting results, and explain the advantages and shortfalls of employing remote viewing to ferret out the truth of extraterrestrial visitation.”
Listen to the rough audio edition of the lecture (MP3)

Anomaly Archives Audio: MP3 of Paul Smith on UFOs & RV

Remote Viewing Conference
New Orleans, Louisiana
Sept. 23rd – 25th, 2016


  • Dr. Marilyn Schlitz
  • William “Bill” Ray
  • David Barnes
  • Dale Graff
  • Lyn Buchanan
  • Angela Thompson Smith
  • Shane Ivie
  • Debra Lynne Katz
  • Michelle Bulgatz
  • Dr. Gary Arnold
  • John Streiff
  • Glenn Wheaton
  • Ellen Zechman
  • Paul H. Smith
  • Igor Grgic

15th Annual
Texas Bigfoot Conference

Oct. 15h, 2016


  • Dr. Jeff Meldrum
  • Adam Davies
  • Lyle Blackburn
  • Ken Gerhard
  • Chester Moore
  • Nick Redfern
  • Ashen Brown


Living Mystery Symposium 
Kilauea Theatre in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Dec. 10th & 11th, 2016

Theme: Super Nature


  • Whitley Strieber
  • Jeff Kripal
  • Dennis McKenna
  • Tiokasin Ghosthorse
  • Jeremy Vaeni

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 9/17/2016

Anomaly Archives eNews 8/14/2016


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 8/14/2016

anomalyarchivesThe Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

August 14th, 2016 – Austin, Texas

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last issue… the newsletter will likely continue along in the near future in irregularly scheduled installments.

Successful anomalous events organized by and/or featuring friends and acquaintances have recently occurred across North America – sadly, I wasn’t able to attend any of them. These ranged from the Cryptozoological Dogman Symposium organized by Ken Gerhard (and featuring Nick Redfern, Lyle Blackburn and others) to the East Coast Paracon (featuring friends Greg Bishop, Paul Kimball, Aaron Gulyas, Tim Binnall, and others) and down here in Texas, theEdinburg “Out of this World” UFO Festival (organized by Noe Torres and featuring David Hatcher Childress, Nick Redfern, Ben Hansen, Lynne Kitei, and Stephen Andrasko).

Sadly, the field of UFO inquiry has lost another great seeker… Errol Bruce-Knapp. Many in the field of (what passes for) UFO “research” won’t know who he is but they should. I came to know of him through his moderation of one of the oldest and most important UFO email lists, UFO UpDates (Archives 1996-2013). You can learn more about him (including his involvement in off-shore Pirate Radio DJ years) and his important contributions facilitating communication and hosting a community of UFO truth seekers by listening to these interviews here (on the Spectrum Radio Network), and here (with fellow Canadian Paul Kimball). He hosted several terrestrial radio shows and transitioned to internet streaming and podcasting his Strange Days… Indeed (and Mind Shift) programs. I was honored to be a guest on his show back on September 11th, 2007 (MP3). Good luck finding all of his wonderful interviews of some of the best UFO researchers. Here you can listen to him talk with legendary Area-51 researcher Glen Campbell(MP3), who hosted Errol’s UFO UpDates list site (and maintains the Archives).

“It’s alive… ALIVE!!” Austin Mufon has been resurrected as MUFON-ATX.

A couple of weeks ago I was surprised to learn that the local MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) chapter had been re-launched and begun monthly meetings held way up in the furthest reaches of North West Austin. I was involved in Austin Mufon from about 1990 until 2012 when its chain of leadership was finally broken. I led the group from about 1999 – 2002.

Above: Robert Powell “shares about cases from Georgia, England, Utah, Iowa, New York, and Canada as well as information on the process of UFO investigations.”

I was excited to learn of these new monthly meetings and attended the second such meeting held on July 31st. The meetings are at 7pm on the last Sunday of each month at Palm Beach Vapors. July’s meeting featured Austinite and Mufon’s Director of Research / Founder & Leader of Mufon’s Science Review Board. Also present were Texas Mufon leaders Steve Hudgeons (Director of Investigations & former State Director of Texas) and Teresa Turner (State Director of Texas – and State Section Director). There were about a dozen attendees from around Austin and outside the Central Texas metro area. The highlight of the meeting was getting a sneak peak of Robert Powell’s upcoming presentation for the annualMufon Symposium 2016 – Orlando, FL – August 25th-28th whose theme is “UFOs From Our Oceans to Outer Space.” Robert’s presentation is MUFON’s Top 10 UFO Cases for 2015. You can watch this sneak preview thanks to another attendee I was glad to meet, Daniel Jones of the Vortexas Network, whom I’d briefly met a few months ago in Dallas at the ParaMania event.

For this installment of the Book-of-the-Week we feel it appropriate to highlight the aforementioned Robert Powell’s contribution to the printed knowledge-base of UFO history. Robert was kind enough to speak about that history to our Anomaly Archives audience in his Lecture in 2014 (Video).

Our Monthly Public Meetings Are Changing! We Need Your Help! Why Not Volunteer? We’re transitioning our monthly public meetings into volunteerism opportunities. I’ll be up at the Anomaly Archives Saturday, August 27th from 1-3pm to train new volunteers on various on-going processes as well as upcoming special volunteer projects.

The Anomaly Archives holds Monthly Meetings on the Fourth Saturday of Each Month. Contact SMiles Lewis via email for updates. The meetings are held from 1-3pm at the INACS / Anomaly Archives headquarters located in North West Austin.

Coming up in September, the Anomaly Archives will be holding its annual Free Lecture Event. This year’s talk will be presented by former military Remote Viewer Paul Smith. Details Coming Soon!

Until next time…

SMiles Lewis /

[Not Affiliated with Mufon,
Just a Journal Subscriber]

“MUFON Director of Research Robert Powell gives a presentation on Top Cases for 2015 during a MUFON meeting in Austin, Texas on Sunday, July 31, 2016. Robert shares about cases from Georgia, England, Utah, Iowa, New York, and Canada as well as information on the process of UFO investigations.”

Watch on YouTube / Mufon ATX / Mufon Symposium

Robert Powell’s Anomaly Archives Lecture 2014 (Video)

Book of the Week…
UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry
By Michael D. Swords and Robert PowellWith contributions from Clas Svahn, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Bill Chalker, Barry Greenwood, Richard Thieme, Jan Aldrich, Steve Purcell
“Governments have been concerned about UFO sighting reports since WWII, but historians have never made a concerted attempt to understand their often contradictory responses to the phenomenon. How could something of such potential technological and national security consequence have left no visible trace in the history books? Whether it’s a conspiracy or not, the subject has been marginalized to such an extent that it’s as if the military never acted with alarm on the heels of a UFO sighting, as if the intelligence community never took up the issue behind closed doors, as if government research and development efforts never attempted to duplicate the phenomenon. But they have. Robert Powell will discuss how governments, especially the U.S. government, have dealt with the UFO phenomenon and will provide a hypothesis as to why the phenomenon took its roots during WWII.”
Robert Powell’s Anomaly Archives Lecture 2014 (Video)UFOs & Government: The Historical and Changing Role of Government over Time


Here are some headlines of note for this week:

UFO Headlines

Errol Bruce-Knapp Passes:

  • Errol Bruce-Knapp interviews SMiles Lewis on his Strange Days… Indeed radio show circa September 11th, 2007, episode #448 (MP3)

Deep State ParaPolitics


Super Natural / Parapsychology



Mind Kontrol


Evolution / Ancient Civilizations

Copycat Effects

Archives and Libraries

Check out more news links at the

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Anomaly Archives eNews 6/15/2016


anomalyarchivesSource: Anomaly Archives eNews 6/15/2016

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

June 15th, 2016 – Austin, Texas

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of our electronic newsletter.

normalThis past Sunday marked my 45th birthday. It also marked the latest milestone in America’s Amok Murder-Suicide Rampage Epidemic. As some of our readers may know, I am a survivor one of the earliest (pre-epidemic level) mass-shootings by an apparent “Lone Nut.” Not the infamous 1966 UT Tower Sniper incident (whose 50th anniversary will coincide this year with the implementation of UT’s new Campus Carry policy) but rather the lesser known 1979 San Antonio, Texas, Fiesta’s Battle of Flowers Parade shooting. In high school I wrote about the incident (Danger: Parade – Thank God for Mother’s Intuition). On the March 11th, 2008 episode of our PsiOp-Radio show I talked about it with co-host Mack White (starts at about the 48-50 minute mark in the MP3 archive). Mack and I have covered so many of these incidents on the show, talking about the psychology of suicidal contagion known as the Copycat / Werther Effects as well as the potential manufacturing of such “Lone Nuts” as part of sundry covert operations known variously as Agents Provocateurs, False Flags, Strategy of Tension, and even the infamous Manchurian Candidate, Sleeper Agent, MK-Ultra Mind Kontrol Assassins, etc. So on the one-hand, as a survivor, it truly pains me to see such rampant dismissal of these types of events as being “fake” / “totally staged” / “false flags” – over and over, with every new shooting. And yet, I’m parapolitically aware of this country’s deep-state history of mass-murder for political gain as well as its history of exploring how to make people kill, whether through standardized military indoctrination or illicit mind control experimentation.

Whatever the ultimate cause behind Sunday’s horrific mass-murder, it seems only fitting that this issue’s Book-of-the-Week should be Loren Coleman’s important 2004 book The Copycat Effect: How The Media and Popular Culture Trigger The Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines. It’s a difficult read on a difficult topic. Loren is better known for his work in the Fortean field of Cryptozoology – but he’s also known for his interest in and seeming prophetic ability at, deciphering the Twilight Language that permeates the world of these Mass Amok events as well as the Name Game synchronicities that seem to inform the world of other strange phenomena.

Mystery HummmmMind Control

Mystery HumMeanwhile, in this week’s Anomaly News round-up there are several articles of interest including a New York Times article, United States of Paranoia, about the people who feel they are the victims of Gang-Stalking. That article even touches on those who feel they are being attacked by E.L.F. mind control technology and Mystery Hum related phenomena. Two years ago, Jared Keller wrote another excellent and comprehensive article on the Mystery Hums that also touched on the mind control element but also documents the various research into finding the sounds ultimate source. Earlier this year, I myself experienced a series of mysterious deep humming like effects over a period of time. In this week’s news round-up we also have a new article from The Guardian about the Windsor Hum.

We also have links to a Boston Globe article about something I and others have noticed and commented upon for several years now; that there are seemingly fewer alien abductions being reported since 2001. Also, check out the (probably fake) video that’s been circulating of an alleged V-shaped craft floating above Austin, Texas, as well as the many other interesting news links in this week’s issue.

UpComing Radio Appearance…


The Fenton Perspective on Revolution Radio
via from 7-9pm CST.

I will be the guest for two hours this coming Monday night with host Lorien Fenton (Radio Shows) discussing the Anomaly Archives and all things anomalous: from Alien Contact and UFOs to Parapsychology and Mind Kontrol. I hope you’ll join us by tuning in to the webstream and perhaps calling into the show!

Until next time…

SMiles Lewis / Founder


Book of the Week…
The Copycat Effect:
How The Media and Popular Culture Trigger
The Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines
by Loren Coleman

The Copycat Effect by Loren Coleman

How Murder Coverage Can Inspire Copycat Killers

VICE-Nov 5, 2015

… reports is one that has occupied the mind of Loren Coleman for decades. … to the FBI talks about the copycat effect and considers it a reality.
Umpqua Shooting: More Blood on Media Hands (copycat effect)

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News-Oct 2, 2015

Loren Coleman wrote a book, The Copycat Effect, in 2004. The book details simple strategies for reducing media incentives for mass killings.
Influence of other killers on Va. gunman not unusual, experts say

USA TODAY-Aug 26, 2015

The increase in attacks on journalists plays into killers’ desire to get attention, said Loren Coleman, the author of The Copycat Effect. He said …
TV Crimes: Paris, Glasgow and the death of media responsibility

Fortitude Magazine-Jan 10, 2015

In his 2004 book The Copycat Effect: How The Media and Popular … in Tomorrow’s Headlines, author Loren Coleman stated “The media must …
Hong Kong murders: The psychology of copycat crime

The Independent-Nov 5, 2014

Arguably the most well known writing on the topic was Loren Coleman’s 2004 book The Copycat Effect. Coleman believes that because …
Quebec reeling from nine domestic homicides in less than two weeks

The Globe and Mail-Feb 17, 2014

Loren Coleman, the author of The Copycat Effect, says clusters of such crimes sometimes take place when distressed people on the cusp of …
Real Prevention Measures for School Shootings (press release)-Dec 17, 2013

A book, The Copycat Effect, by Loren Coleman, was written in 2004. It detailed simple strategies for mitigating the effect and reducing the ..

Do media vultures perpetuate mass shootings?

Salon-Dec 29, 2012

Do media vultures perpetuate mass shootings? EnlargeMembers of the media photograph mourners as they emerge from Blacksburg …
Guns, Mental Illness and Newtown

Wall Street Journal-Dec 17, 2012

Loren Coleman’s 2004 book “The Copycat Effect: How the Media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines” shows …

Read More…


Here are some headlines of note for this week:

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico UFO Video: Debunked?


Misc Fortean Weirdness


Ancient Civilizations


Library & Archives


Mind Control, the Paranormal & Parapsychology




Copycat / Werther Effects, Twilight Language, The Deep State, & Mass Murder Events




Deep State / Parapolitics / Covert Ops

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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 6/15/2016

Scott Corrales on Bob Girard

 Bob Girard, Scotia, NY - April 19th 1987. Photo Credit: Clas Svahn / AFU.
Bob Girard, Scotia, NY – April 19th 1987. Photo Credit: Clas Svahn / AFU.

Scott Corrales on Bob Girard

Scott Corrales – Inexplicata – The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

It was hard to miss the ads for Arcturus Books in the early days, when I took my first steps into the pool of ufology. Overwhelmed with information as I was, I never thought to contact them or get a copy of their catalogue: magazines, ‘zines, newsletters and bulletin board postings (remember the long-gone days of BBS?) provided a dizzying mix of information where abduction claims, tales of underground bases and straight-out conspiracy theory shared the cramped pages like passengers on a subway train during rush hour.

arcturus-1989-7-julyIt was much later that Joan Jeffers – a devoted Pennsylvanian researcher of UFO and related phenomena – told me to get a hold of Bob Girard, saying he could find any book or periodical I might remember from the early days of sauceriana, or even material from other countries. Oddly enough, I was sort of in touch with Bob already. His former partner, the late Ron Bonds, had set up Illuminet Press expressing an interest in publishing my translation of Salvador Freixedo’s “Visionaries, mystics and contactees”, a great introduction to the Spanish Jesuit’s vast body of work on the paranormal. Bob’s wife Monica provided the cover art for the project, so when I picked up the phone to call Arcturus, no introduction was really necessary.


Photo of Bob Girard – Credit: Clas Svahn / AFU

I spoke for hours with Bob that first time. What I’d been told was true – he knew all the corners, light and dark, of the paranormal community, current and past – and an encyclopedic recollection of old books. We spoke at length about his own work, “Futureman”, a dystopic view on the ultimate fate of humankind if the age of abductions proved true. Disturbing reading, but written in a most insightful style.

futureman-girardSo it was that Bob helped me rebuild my collection of UFO books, which had been lost over the course of years, some lost over the course of international moves and others forsaken as new interests commanded my attention. Getting into “new” materials was never difficult thanks to Bob’s reviews, which made the Arcturus Books catalogue a joy to read – probably more so than a number of newsstand offerings available at the moment! Some descriptions are etched in my mind, like an old samizdat whose cover “depicted a hayseed peeing into a pond with a flying saucer hovering overhead” – I’m paraphrasing here, but I still smile at the laughter the description caused in me at the time.

Some reviews were at the other end of the spectrum: scathing indictments of the subject matter and sometimes the author. Words that could either make you want to order the book to see if such an assessment was warranted, or enough to make one turn the page and hope for better.

arcturus-1995-a1993 saw the birth of my first newsletter on “UFOs in Latin America and Spain” and Bob Girard was pleased to add it to Arcturus’s offerings, cautioning me not to charge too much for it, since “mystics never have any money”. The price point must’ve been right, as SAMIZDAT (as it was called) became a strong seller for Arcturus over a time frame of five years. When I announced that I the little newsletter was folding (its news stories rendered stale by the Internet), I told him I intended to come back with a new idea. “Whatever you do, make sure it’s good!” he said, and INEXPLICATA came out within months, available in print format for many years before the same situation – the immediacy offered by electronic sources – forced it to migrate to the web, where it has remained since 2003.

scott-corrales-chupacabras-diaries-19960001We didn’t see eye to eye on everything, though. The Chupacabras Diaries, my initial offering on Puerto Rico’s paranormal predator, didn’t really meet his approval. Bob thought the correct approach to take should have been a dismissive one. He particularly disliked a chapter bearing the title “It’s In the Trees- It’s Coming!” – a homage to Jacques Torneur’s The Night of the Demon (1957). Now you’re part of the problem, I believe he said. However, he gladly accepted my self-published copies of TCD and sold them through Arcturus to a world that was only just starting to hear about the creature’s exploits, way before it became a media phenomenon.

When people ask me where I obtained my knowledge of book publishing, having never worked in the industry, I always say it was thanks to those long telephone sessions with Bob Girard. The ins and outs of the publishing world were as familiar to him as the dark corridors of the paranormal. A good and knowledgeable friend who richly deserves to be remembered as a 20th century Renaissance man.


Scott Corrales & Inexplicata – The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

See also: