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June 15th, 2016 – Austin, Texas

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of our electronic newsletter.

normalThis past Sunday marked my 45th birthday. It also marked the latest milestone in America’s Amok Murder-Suicide Rampage Epidemic. As some of our readers may know, I am a survivor one of the earliest (pre-epidemic level) mass-shootings by an apparent “Lone Nut.” Not the infamous 1966 UT Tower Sniper incident (whose 50th anniversary will coincide this year with the implementation of UT’s new Campus Carry policy) but rather the lesser known 1979 San Antonio, Texas, Fiesta’s Battle of Flowers Parade shooting. In high school I wrote about the incident (Danger: Parade – Thank God for Mother’s Intuition). On the March 11th, 2008 episode of our PsiOp-Radio show I talked about it with co-host Mack White (starts at about the 48-50 minute mark in the MP3 archive). Mack and I have covered so many of these incidents on the show, talking about the psychology of suicidal contagion known as the Copycat / Werther Effects as well as the potential manufacturing of such “Lone Nuts” as part of sundry covert operations known variously as Agents Provocateurs, False Flags, Strategy of Tension, and even the infamous Manchurian Candidate, Sleeper Agent, MK-Ultra Mind Kontrol Assassins, etc. So on the one-hand, as a survivor, it truly pains me to see such rampant dismissal of these types of events as being “fake” / “totally staged” / “false flags” – over and over, with every new shooting. And yet, I’m parapolitically aware of this country’s deep-state history of mass-murder for political gain as well as its history of exploring how to make people kill, whether through standardized military indoctrination or illicit mind control experimentation.

Whatever the ultimate cause behind Sunday’s horrific mass-murder, it seems only fitting that this issue’s Book-of-the-Week should be Loren Coleman’s important 2004 book The Copycat Effect: How The Media and Popular Culture Trigger The Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines. It’s a difficult read on a difficult topic. Loren is better known for his work in the Fortean field of Cryptozoology – but he’s also known for his interest in and seeming prophetic ability at, deciphering the Twilight Language that permeates the world of these Mass Amok events as well as the Name Game synchronicities that seem to inform the world of other strange phenomena.

Mystery HummmmMind Control

Mystery HumMeanwhile, in this week’s Anomaly News round-up there are several articles of interest including a New York Times article, United States of Paranoia, about the people who feel they are the victims of Gang-Stalking. That article even touches on those who feel they are being attacked by E.L.F. mind control technology and Mystery Hum related phenomena. Two years ago, Jared Keller wrote another excellent and comprehensive article on the Mystery Hums that also touched on the mind control element but also documents the various research into finding the sounds ultimate source. Earlier this year, I myself experienced a series of mysterious deep humming like effects over a period of time. In this week’s news round-up we also have a new article from The Guardian about the Windsor Hum.

We also have links to a Boston Globe article about something I and others have noticed and commented upon for several years now; that there are seemingly fewer alien abductions being reported since 2001. Also, check out the (probably fake) video that’s been circulating of an alleged V-shaped craft floating above Austin, Texas, as well as the many other interesting news links in this week’s issue.

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Book of the Week…
The Copycat Effect:
How The Media and Popular Culture Trigger
The Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines
by Loren Coleman

The Copycat Effect by Loren Coleman

How Murder Coverage Can Inspire Copycat Killers

VICE-Nov 5, 2015

… reports is one that has occupied the mind of Loren Coleman for decades. … to the FBI talks about the copycat effect and considers it a reality.
Umpqua Shooting: More Blood on Media Hands (copycat effect)

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News-Oct 2, 2015

Loren Coleman wrote a book, The Copycat Effect, in 2004. The book details simple strategies for reducing media incentives for mass killings.
Influence of other killers on Va. gunman not unusual, experts say

USA TODAY-Aug 26, 2015

The increase in attacks on journalists plays into killers’ desire to get attention, said Loren Coleman, the author of The Copycat Effect. He said …
TV Crimes: Paris, Glasgow and the death of media responsibility

Fortitude Magazine-Jan 10, 2015

In his 2004 book The Copycat Effect: How The Media and Popular … in Tomorrow’s Headlines, author Loren Coleman stated “The media must …
Hong Kong murders: The psychology of copycat crime

The Independent-Nov 5, 2014

Arguably the most well known writing on the topic was Loren Coleman’s 2004 book The Copycat Effect. Coleman believes that because …
Quebec reeling from nine domestic homicides in less than two weeks

The Globe and Mail-Feb 17, 2014

Loren Coleman, the author of The Copycat Effect, says clusters of such crimes sometimes take place when distressed people on the cusp of …
Real Prevention Measures for School Shootings (press release)-Dec 17, 2013

A book, The Copycat Effect, by Loren Coleman, was written in 2004. It detailed simple strategies for mitigating the effect and reducing the ..

Do media vultures perpetuate mass shootings?

Salon-Dec 29, 2012

Do media vultures perpetuate mass shootings? EnlargeMembers of the media photograph mourners as they emerge from Blacksburg …
Guns, Mental Illness and Newtown

Wall Street Journal-Dec 17, 2012

Loren Coleman’s 2004 book “The Copycat Effect: How the Media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines” shows …

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Aguadilla, Puerto Rico UFO Video: Debunked?


Misc Fortean Weirdness


Ancient Civilizations


Library & Archives


Mind Control, the Paranormal & Parapsychology




Copycat / Werther Effects, Twilight Language, The Deep State, & Mass Murder Events




Deep State / Parapolitics / Covert Ops

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