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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 8/10/2017

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August 10th, 2017 – Austin, Texas. . .



So here’s another installment of the “weekly” newsletter. Tons of news links worth exploring to satisfy your cravings for weird articles and information.

Some of the many news items on my radar that I think you should definitely take a look at include…

World Congress on Mummy Studies “Declaration Of The Scientific Community Regarding The Fraud Of Extraterrestrial Mummies,” Paul Seaburn’s reportage on same over at Mysterious Universe, plus The Atlantic‘s article The Racism Behind Alien Mummy Hoaxes.

UFOs: Reframing the Roswell Slides Fiasco
Art by Red Pill Junkie via Curt Collins’

Mufon & Ufology’s Continuing Death Spiral … starting with the mass resignation of MUFON membership over the organization’s response to a former State Director’s online racist rant, and the resignation of more State Directors (Washington State’s James Clarkson) as well as the organization’s Director of Research over the lack of scientific rigor on display at this year’s annual symposium which focused on unverifiable testimony presented at the “Secret Space Program” MUFON conference.

There have been a few noteworthy folks who’ve recently passed away:

There are a ton of links dealing with the early release of the thousands of documents related to the assassination of JFK – with more scheduled for probable release in October:

Also, here are some choice audio / video podcasts that we highly recommend from the news links section:

Check out the other great news links in our headlines section below.

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This week’s “Book of the Week” is another UFO anthology; this one is from the early 1990s and has a concluding essay which (much to my surprise) also delves into the relevance of Virtual Reality as a helpful metaphor for the UFO contact phenomenon like my own essay in the Reframing the Debate anthology.

Some other book reviews you might enjoy…



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Book of the Week…

UFOs The Final Answer?
Ufology for the 21st Century

Edited by David Barclay & Therese Marie Barclay
Featuring: Arthur Tomlinson, K.W.C. Phillips, Robert Moore, Roger Ford, Joseph Dormer, Charlotte A. O’Connor and David & Therese Marie Barclay

From – The Exceptional Human Experience website… 

“Anthology on aspects of UFOs with the emphasis on hypotheses. The editors review a number of views on UFOs in the first chapter. Arthur Tomlinson surveys historical sightings of UFOs in ancient Egypt, Biblical, and classical times through the 19th century. K.W.C. Phillips deals with “the psychosociology of UFOlogy,” emphasizing that what we are actually studying are reports (texts), not first-hand data. He emphasizes the religious, historic, and folkloric dimensions of UFOs and notes the presence of a strong psi factor. Robert Moore, in “Science v. Saucery,” tries to provide a traditionally scientific exploration of UFOs. His chapter is a good survey of the “normal” counterhypotheses, both objective and subjective, which could explain 85% of all sightings. For the rest, he sets forth the “Mundane-Synthesistic Hypothesis,” in which synthesistic is “defined as many separate factors cumulating into a single result” (p. 92). Roger Ford describes what appear to be cases of the government spreading “deliberate disinformation” (p. 106) about seeming UFOs. Therese M. Barclay describes some of the best sightings she and others have investigated and concludes that UFOs are real but do not make sense within our accepted worldview: “It might be that they are real in a way our present-day cosmologies can’t conceive” (p. 113). Joseph Dormer argues that “the origins of UFOs, and their alien occupants, probably lies within us” (p. 152). Charlotte A. O’Connor sets forth a “racial dream hypothesis” to explain UFOs, especially UFO abductions. In the concluding chapter, David Barclay points out that “ufology as it presently stands [is] a loosely interconnected series of belief systems from which anyone can choose on the basis of personal preference alone” (p. 172). He also feels that skepticism is the least defensible choice and the most counterproductive. He proposes a holographic virtual reality model as the source of UFOs. Taken together, the viewpoints expressed offer an up-to-date survey of UFO explanations and counterhypotheses that is both quite comprehensive, and in some instances, presented in some depth.”

Book Page at Anomaly Archives…


Here are some headlines of note for this week:

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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 8/10/2017

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