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August 27th, 2023 – Austin, Texas

Farewell Flying Saucerer…

David Perkins: October 18, 1945 – August 20, 2023

Last week I learned of the passing of friend and researcher, David Perkins. When I encountered his ideas a few decades ago I knew I’d found a kindrid spirit and fellow seeker. News of his passing has sent ripples through the UFO community and rekindled my ongoing grief over the loss of friends and family. Back in 2020 David and I had a great conversation as part of the Streamathon Emergency Fundraiser wherein I excitedly explored my ideas about the nature of the UFO phenomenon as inspired by his and other researchers whose perspectives I deeply respect. While his passing saddens me I’ve been glad to learn that his massive library has been donated to David Marler’s National UFO Historical Records Center nonprofit there in New Mexico. Farewell my fellow Space Brother…


Everything is Connected: The Influence of the Internet on Conspiracy Theory, its Communities and Culture

What weird times we are living through. Late last year a friend reached out to tell me they had been interviewed by a young lady doing grant funded research on the influence of the internet on conspriacy communities. After looking into her public work I took the plunge and began interacting with her as part of the project. Then earlier this year she told me the NYTimes wanted her to do an article on the project but focused on one of her interviewees to give it a more personal angle. So we did another interview and continued our discussions. The article was published online earlier this month and appeared in the physical print version of the NYTimes on Sunday, August 6th.

Everything is Connected –

Even Conspiracy Theorists Are Alarmed by What They’ve Seen
(Originally titled: How QAnon and Jan. 6 Ripped the Conspiracy Theory World Apart)
by Annie Kelly, NYTimes OpEd, August 4th, 2023.
“A version of this article appears in print on Aug. 6, 2023, Section SR, Page 6 of the New York edition with the headline: How QAnon Broke Conspiracy Culture.”

Here is a link to an interview Annie did about the article and project a week ago…
For old-school conspiracy theorists, QAnon crossed a line – Think @


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  • Audio-of-the-Week: THINK‘s Krys Boyd interviews Annie Kelly about her recent New York Times essay “Even Conspiracy Theorists are Alarmed by What They’ve Seen.”
  • Book-of-the-Week: Threads of Light to You by Howard and Connie Menger
  • Music-of-the-Week: Authentic Music From Another Planet by Howard Menger
  • Video-of-the-Week: UFO Dives Into A Lake Generating A Huge Explosion But Leaving No Debris – Close Encounters

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UFO Dives Into A Lake Generating A Huge Explosion But Leaving No Debris – Close Encounters

Featuring Clas Svhan & Kevin Randle

“In Sweden, a man sees a UFO hitting a lake, generating a great explosion, but after deep research, no one could find debris of the craft.”


Threads of Light to You:

by Howard and Connie Menger

Howard Menger (February 17, 1922 – February 25, 2009) was an American contactee who claimed to have met extraterrestrials throughout the course of his life, meetings which were the subject of books he wrote, such as From Outer Space To You and The High Bridge Incident. Menger, who rose to prominence as a charismatic contactee detailing his chats with friendly Adamski-style Venusian “space brothers” in the late 1950s, was accepted by some UFO believers.

Later in his life Menger stated in several documentaries that he believed he had misunderstood the space aliens and where they came from. He stated the space aliens did not live on Venus but they had bases on Venus or were passing by or exploring the planet.[1][2] Menger also wrote about this newer position about where he believed the space people come from in one of his later books.

Menger states:

“‘Years ago, on a T.V. program, when I first voiced my opinion that the people I met and talked with from the craft might not be extraterrestrial, it was thought that I had recanted. However, they (the aliens) said they had just come from the planet we call Venus (or Mars). It is my opinion that these space travelers may have by-passed or visited other planets (as we are planning) but were not native to those planets any more than our astronauts are native to the moon.'” [3]

There are also some who claim the memories of Howard Menger, George Adamski, Buck Nelson and other contactees were manipulated by evil ET’s (known as the Omegans) in order to trick them into believing in life on Venus in order to discredit the message of the positive ET’s.[4]

Menger had religious revelations to impart after his “experiences,” and also came back from his contacts with practical messages.

When he was still young he moved with his parents to the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. His first alleged contact with a person from another planet was at the age of ten, in the woods near his hometown of High Bridge, New Jersey.[5]


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For old-school conspiracy theorists, QAnon crossed a lineTHINK‘s Krys Boyd interviews Annie Kelly about her recent New York Times essay “Even Conspiracy Theorists are Alarmed by What They’ve Seen.”

“For conspiracy theorists dedicated to the moon landing, Bigfoot and UFOs, the development of QAnon, crisis actors and government false flags have introduced unwanted political and financial elements to their favorite pastime. Annie Kelly is a postdoctoral researcher working on conspiracy theories and a correspondent for the podcast “QAnon Anonymous.” She joins host Krys Boyd to talk about how these old-school skeptics raised on late-night call-in radio fear modern day conspiracy theorists are giving their passion a bad name. Her recent New York Times essay is headlined “Even Conspiracy Theorists are Alarmed by What They’ve Seen.” 

Check Out Krys Boyd’s Interview with Annie Kelly


Authentic Music From Another Planet
by Howard Menger

“Authentic Music From Another Plant Full Song by Howard Menger In the 1950’s Howard Menger claimed to be visited by friendly space people from other physical planets in other star systems in the universe. The friendly space people are concerned about the immorality and constant warfare on this planet. They see us as their brothers and sisters. They helped Menger to learn this song so it could uplift and evolve all those who willingly listen to it by unlocking from the subconscious feelings of universal love which is the feelings of compassion, morality, and understanding. They hope one day the Earth may be a moral and peaceful world so they can come to our planet openly and invite us to join their interstellar group.”

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