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September 18th, 2017 – Austin, Texas. . .

Another anniversary of 911 has come and gone. For better or worse, conspiracy culture has become ever more mainstream in America. Austin, Texas continues to be part of the epicenter of that growth because of folks like Alex Jones and others who grew out of Austin’s Community Access TV network, ACTVWell the subjects of both paranormal and parapolitical aspects of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 inform our selections of both Video-Of-The-Week and Book-Of-The-Week for this issue…


Back in 2015 I presented an informal lecture discussion featuring various videos related to esoteric aspects of September 11th. Among the videos I presented was a video montage I threw together as accompaniment to my 2005 audio narration of my 2002 Austin Para Times editorial. Well, I finally uploaded that video and have included it here as this issue’s Video Of The Week.

I should of course add that … “The opinions expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect those of the Anomaly Archives or its board of directors.”


This book was one of, if not THE, first 911 conspiracy books published in the wake of September 11th, 2001. We are proud to have interviewed its author on our Blue Rose Report web radio show.


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SMiles Lewis / Founder

SMiles Lewis’ September 11th Editorial circa 2002
Austin-Para-Times editorial about September-11th-2001
(911) circa 2002
 by SMiles Lewis

In 2005 I turned the editorial into the first episode of my 911-Podcast. Several years later that audio podcast was aired by a friend on 91.7-fm KOOP radio.In 2015 I created this video montage using that same audio in preparation for a brief informal presentation titled: “SynchroMystic-911: Deep ParaPolitics & Esoteric-Occult High-Strangeness Surrounding September 11th”

The first part of the audio deals with the very real and provable Covert Ops, Deep State, Parapolitical elements of the 911 events. The second part deals with the precognitive parapsychological psychic ripple effects that were psensed before and during the events of that fateful day.

See also these audio archives featuring SMiles Lewis’ discussion of September 11th, 2001 and 911 parapolitical research:

[The opinions expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect those of the Anomaly Archives or its board of directors.]

Book of the Week…

The Shadow Government: 9-11 and State Terror

by Len Bracken

“One of the more persuasive strategists, at least on this side of the Atlantic, is Len Bracken. By day, he’s a humble copy editor in Washington; by night, a novelist, biographer, amateur historian, translator, and underground essayist treasured in conspiracy circles, a man who never shows his face to his readers. The problem with conspiracy theories is that most of them are wrong. Still, if the turbulent, age-old story of statesmen conspiring to use terrorism to control their own populations can be believed, as Bracken successfully argues, then Shadow’s thesis raises more chilling questions than it answers. Why should 9-11 be anomalous? As Twain once remarked, history never repeats itself—but it does rhyme.”

  – Geoffrey Gray, Village Voice


Podcast of the 20th episode of The Blue Rose Report with guest Len Bracken. Len is the author of such nonfiction works as Shadow Government 911 and State Terror, The Arch Conspirator, and Guy Debord, Revolutionary, as well as fictional works Snitch JacketThe East is Black, and Freeplay.

BRR#20 – BRR080827aa.mp3


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How 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace
July 23, 2015 was the eve of Joseph Lloyd Keller’s 19th birthday. The Cleveland, Tennessee, native had been spending the summer between his freshman and sophomore years at Cleveland State Community College on a western road trip with buddies Collin Gwaltney and Christian Fetzner in Gwaltney’s old …

Declared extinct decades ago, a Javan tiger may have just been photographed in Java’s Ujung Kulon National Park
The species panthera tigris sondaica, better known as the Javan tiger, has been considered extinct for decades as there have been no confirmed …

After 3 Years, ‘Slender Man’ Trial Begins
It’s been more than three years since Payton Leutner was stabbed 19 times by two friends in a Wisconsin park in the “Slender Man” stabbing, and this …

The $100,000 search for UFOs
AS ONE great search for alien life comes to a fiery end on the edge of Saturn, another one is about to begin right here in Australia. American UFO …

Attacked in bed, safe a few feet away: Cuba mystery deepens
AP Radio AP Radio News: WASHINGTON (AP) — The blaring, grinding noise jolted the American diplomat from his bed in a Havana hotel. He moved just a few feet, and there was silence. He climbed back into bed. Inexplicably, the agonizing sound hit him again. It was as if he’d walked through some …

The fake news machine: Inside a town gearing up for 2020
Veles used to make porcelain for the whole of Yugoslavia. Now it makes fake news. This sleepy riverside town in Macedonia is home to dozens of website operators who churn out bogus stories designed to attract the attention of Americans. Each click adds cash to their bank accounts. The scale is …

50-Year Anniversary of the Snippy Case
Snippy The Horse: The Birth of a Meme by Christopher O’Brien – A notable 50-year anniversary passed by this week with not even a whisper. Anniversaries …

Jacques Vallee Offers New Claims about UFOs in Podcast Interview
In the current Times Literary Supplement, Nicholas Gibbs offers what seems at first glance to be a convincing solution to the “mystery” of the …

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