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July 20th, 2016 – Austin, Texas

Given the recent horrific up-tick in America’s Amok Murder-Suicide Rampage Epidemic and the broader global Amok-Season (Amoklauf Würzburg)… I don’t know where to begin or what to focus on, While TV shows as diverse as the original 1968 Hawaii Five-0 pilot episode (“Cocoon“) to the recent Netflix series Stranger Things have long featured isolation-tank brainwashing and MK-Ultra style mind control research, the mainstream media have lagged behind but seem to be finally catching up and taking notice of the vast growing population of people who consider themselves to be victims of psychotronic harassment, aka “T.I.s” (Targeted Individuals).

Long before 2016 Baton Rouge, Louisiana shooter Gavin Long (aka “Cosmo Setepenra”) and before Myron May’s 2014 Florida State University shooting and Aaron Alex’s 2013 Washington Navy Yard shooting, there was Ralph Tortoricci and Robert Joe Moody in 1994, and Scott Panetti in 1992 (and countless others). In the early 1990s I chronicled these alleged Mind Control Survivors within the Mind Kontrol Corner column of my E.L.F. Infested Spaces zine. In 2008 I wrote about (Guide By Voices – Anomaly Magazine) the verifiable research into and commercially available technology capable of inducing voices in the head and driving people crazy.

Perhaps John Keel’s warning in 1979 is coming true…

“Suppose the plan is to process millions of people and at some future date trigger those minds at one time? Would we suddenly have a world of saints or a world of armed maniacs shooting at one another from bell towers?“

                 – UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, John Keel (1979)

Which reminds me, be sure to check out these latest Video Interviews – UT Tower Shootings: In their own words – A cop, a newsman and two students recount their experiences from that day.

Are these recent shootings and widespread mayhem the long-term fallout from MK-Ultra’s Legacy upon America’s and the world’s collective psyche? How many alleged and confirmed victims of MK-Ultra / Manchurian Candidate Mind Control must we endure?

MK-ULTRA’s Legacy?

[The above slides are from  Part Two of my UFOs & Consciousness – The Fantastic Facts About UFOs, Altered States of Consciousness, and Mind-at-Large, (Part One Here)]


With so much mainstream coverage of the old mind-controlled assassin meme flowing through the news right now, it seemed as appropriate time as any to highlight one of the most salacious and difficult to verify claims of victimhood at the hands of alleged MK-Ultra abuse networks, those of self-proclaimed “CIA Sex Slave” Cathy O’Brien and her conspiracy porn pulp-thriller, Trance-Formation of America. Reminiscent of the claims in the 1976 book The Control of Candy Jones, Cathy O’Brien’s tales caught fire within the right-wing militia / conspiracy culture of the 90s. While there exist reams of evidence for the many varied sub-projects of MK-Ultra, it is Cathy O’Brien who most popularized the claims of CIA child-abuse known as Project Monarch. However, to my knowledge, no such program has ever been verified with documentation the way that so many other Ultra projects have been. Nonetheless, just as there are many people who claim to be Targeted Individuals enduring Gang-Stalking and Electronic Harassment, so too are there many people who claim to have been subjected to ritual abuse networks (Satanic or otherwise) as part of a wide variety of mind control research projects.

The Anomaly Archives just happens to have an autographed copy of “The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave” signed by Cathy and co-author Mark Phillips.
It goes with out saying, but here I am saying it … Before reading further into the claims of alleged abuse survivor Cathy O’Brien, beware: TRIGGER WARNING!!

Meanwhile, please also check out links below to coverage of the recently released 28-Pages (PDF at showing much of what many of the best “911 Truthers” were saying all along; that there was a nexus of Saudi government & Bush family regime involvement in the September 11th attacks.
All this and more awaits you in the links below..

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Book of the Week…
Trance Formation of America:
The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave

by Cathy O’Brien & Mark Philips


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Here are some headlines of note for this week:

Mind Kontrol / Copycat Effects / Twilight Language / SynchroMysticism

“In an interview with a podcast host in March, Mr. Long identified himself as a member of the online community of so-called targeted individuals, people who believe they are being harassed with mind-control weapons and by armies of stalkers.”

 – Online Trail Illuminates Baton Rouge Gunman’s Path to Violence – Richard Fausset, Frances Robles and John Eligon,

“Numbering in the thousands, the self-described targeted individuals, or T.I.s, say that they are being tortured with mind-control weapons and put under surveillance by armies of covert agents known as gang stalkers.” …

“Yet Mr. Long’s attack represented at least the third recent mass shooting to be associated with people who believed they were being targeted by a government conspiracy. Myron May, who in 2014 shot three people at Florida State University, left behind videos in which he meticulously described his experience of being gang-stalked. And many members of the movement believe that Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard in 2013, also identified as a targeted individual.”

 – The Baton Rouge Gunman and ‘Targeted Individuals’ (Video) –




More Online Digital UFO Archives thanks to cooperation between Isaac Koi, CUFOS, & AFU and the Generous Permissions of Various UFO Researchers


Beyond Science Fiction: Modern Folklore vs Transrealism Literary Genre

“Rudy Rucker, the first work of a literary movement he would name “transrealism” in his 1983 essay A Transrealist Manifesto” (PDF) –

See also:

…the work of Anthropologist Susan Lepselter:

  • The Flight of the Ordinary: Narrative, Poetics, Power and UFOs in the American Uncanny – 2005 PhD, Susan Lepselter, University of Texas – Austin [Dissertation][Original and PDF printout – Anomaly Archives] PDF Online -UT / PDF Online-Scribd
  • UFO Stories: The Poetics of Uncanny Encounters In a Counterpublic Discourse – 1994, Susan Lepselter, University of Texas – Austin [DRAFT copy – Anomaly Archives]
  • Abducting the Final Word: The Indeterminate Space of UFO Discourse – 1994?, Susan Lepselter,  University of Texas – Austin [DRAFT copies – Anomaly Archives]
  • Anthropological Perspectives of the Transformative UFO Scene – Susan Lepselter, E.L.F. Infested Spaces – Journal of Possible Paradigms, Issue 2, Fall 1994 –

… More Links Here at the Anomaly Archives.


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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 7/20/2016

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