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News & Announcements: Change, Change, Change

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Greetings Fellow Anomalists!

This past half year or so has been a tremendously exciting time for me and the Anomaly Archives. We’ve been processing our largest ever, donated personal collection (The Bob Girard Collection), while juggling multiple collections room to room during a much-appreciated tile-flooring makeover. We’ve turned this incredibly chaotic situation into a momentous opportunity for re-organization of the collection, including the weeding of hundreds of duplicates (and some less than anomalous literature) for upcoming Public Education, Outreach, and Fundraising Sales we are planning to hold later this year. We’ve added a New Advisory Board member, my friend Chris “Fritz” Jahnke, who has helped me implement a new much-needed Online Catalog. And we have so much more planned for the rest of the year.

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Project SMiles

I’ve intended to post to the Anomaly Archives website on a much more regular basis, giving folks more regular updates on news and information relevant to the materials housed within our growing collections. That will be part of a concerted effort to emphasize the personal aspect of the Archives as a reflection and extension of my own ideas-about and interests-in UFOs & related phenomena. As I post updates about the materials housed in the collections, I’ll also be providing commentary while drawing connections between current news and events with the material in the collections. For years I’ve slowly and quietly been working on my own book on the UFO subject. Much of what I want to write about is a part of the Archives because a large part of its foundation comes from my own personal quest for knowledge on the subject. So anything I write will naturally be based upon the materials contained in the Archives. So as I hunker-down to write this book I will also accelerate the cataloging and chronicling of the information contained within the physical and virtual files of the Anomaly Archives. So expect more frequent posts in the near future.

1990’s Alt-Media Zine-Scene

James Wesley Nations

Ever since confirming that we would be receiving the Bob Girard Collection, I’ve been in a deeply reflective mood. The interview I did with Kenn Thomas for Steamshovel Press about The Legacy of Bob Girard, really got me reminiscing about the 1990’s Alt-Media Zine-Scene and the part played by Robert and the many friends I made through the self-publishing community. The Zine-Scene connected a lot of people together including me and my inspiration for exploring the world of alternative media zine publishing. That inspiring friend was Wes Nations (Files / Donated Collection) who published Crash Collusion magazine. Crash Collusion provided entrance to an even wider weirder world of fringe Fortean thinkers and researchers and ultimately to Girard’s global network facilitated by his Arcturus Book Service.

Just after Thanksgiving, on the heels of receiving the Girard Collection, I learned that Wesley Nations had passed away. I’m still processing that… In the meantime you should read Loren Coleman’s obit for Wes: “From UFOs to Johnny Vagabond, Wes Nations Takes His Final Trek.”

Origins of the Archives

A significant portion of the thousand or so books that made up my foundational donation to the Anomaly Archives back in 2003 was the result of having acquired a portion of Wesley Nations’ voluminous collection which he split between me and John Carter. Wes gave away most of his fringe collection in the mid-90s when he moved from Austin to Berkeley. John Carter was an author and co-editor of Crash Collusion who later donated his own collection to the Anomaly Archives. Thus Wes Nations’ collection of fringe materials, separated / torn asunder in the mid-90s, was reunited in 2005 and helped form the foundational Anomaly Archives donations. So the Anomaly Archives owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to two different significant figures within the Alt-Media Zine-Scene from the seminal early-internet era of the 1990s: Wesley Nations and Bob Girard. We plan on regularly highlighting both of them, their contributions to the Rise of Alternative DIY Media, and there Foundational Collections.

– See a Preview of the Zine-Scene Exhibit HERE

Leaving A Lasting Legacy

All this reminiscing, while processing the personal accumulated collections of these Important Fringe / Esoteric Seekers, and watching so many others passing away… inevitably gives us pause and forces us to think deeply about the potential for lost history and the need for ensuring a lasting legacy. The authors, investigators, and researchers whose books and files find there way to the Anomaly Archives will help preserve past research and facilitate future investigations.

Help us lay the archival foundation for future seekers to continue the search for insight into the marvels of the anomalous. If you are a Fellow Researcher or Seeker who has amassed a significant collection of books or files on any of the wide range of subjects covered within the Anomaly Archives, then we want to hear from you. We are trying to create an active and updated Anomaly Collections Directory and to actively help those with important collections find dedicated permanent homes for their materials. Contact us for more details.

Anomaly Collections Directory: Other Archives with UFO, Paranormal & Specialized Collections

UFO Research in 2015 

History is filled with frustrations, disappointments, and lost opportunities. From embarrassing misidentifications and pronouncements to deliberate hoaxes by scam artists, all of these things have vexed legitimate UFO and Paranormal Research. This past few months my attention has been drawn to UFOlogy’s latest bugaboo. It’s been percolating through the UFO community since late 2011; rumors that someone had found “smoking-gun” evidence in the form of photographic slides showing an alien body from the infamous Roswell, New Mexico 1947 crashed-whatsit. As I watched with increasing concern, the carnival sideshow ramped up its PR machine, and suddenly I found myself a fly on the social media wall of a wonderful group of skeptics who looked destined to burst the bubble of the believers. And that’s exactly what they did, and in record time!

You can connect the dots about the (NOT) Roswell Slides here on our Anomaly Archives > Roswell Slides Resource Page, or at the website of the group that cracked the case: RSRG – Roswell Slides Research Group @

Some of the best and most recent in-depth articles and interviews on the saga include:


There is so much more important work going on than the slides distraction. In case you missed it, check out these amazing Anomaly Science headlines and resource links highlighted below, plus several more after this Founder’s Message.


Project CORE was a massive online survey asking questions and gathering data of those reporting “paranormal” experience. Questions ranged from psychological, and physiological data to ancestral heritage and outlier data. The questions asked by the survey were comprised of questions submitted by all Project CORE members, and then as a team questions were edited, subtracted and added until we arrived at the final version that was ultimately used.Participants were asked to give written account of their experience(s), and there was a written stipulation of the survey page:  The survey required complete, raw honesty in relating the experiences. No matter how utterly bizarre or  self-negating those experiences may have been. We also asked that the accounts submitted not be edited, sanitized, nor derived from hypnotic regression.

The survey actively collected data via the internet from participants over the course of a full calendar year, and the survey was widely promoted on social media, message boards, and podcasts. After data gathering, the work presented here in it’s final form comprises nearly 2 years worth of analysis and discussion between team members.

If you have questions or wish to discuss the Project directly, please contact us via the email form provided by clicking here.

Kimbal E. Cooper, Ph.D., Tyler A. Kokjohn, Ph.D., Jeff Ritzmann, D. Ellen K. Tarr, Ph.D., Jeremy Vaeni

FREE, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters is a scientific research not for profit organization. We also have various support programs for Experiencers that have had trauma from ET Contact experiences. Our Experiencer Buddy Program includes 45 volunteers, all Experiencers of ET Contact experiences, ready willing and able to communicate with individuals that have requested someone to chat with. So far, in only 5 months, individuals from this program have supported over 133 Experiencers of ET Contact as of March 13, 2015.

FREE was founded by Mary Rodwell, Rey Hernandez, and Christina Knowles. FREE was established with the insistence and guidance of Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man on the moon, and Dr. Rudy Schild, Emeritus Professor of Astro-Physics at Harvard University. Dr. Mitchell is also known as the “Father” of the UFO Disclosure Movement. Dr. Schild was for many years on the Board of Directors of the John Mack Institute. Both are founding members of FREE’s Board of Advisors. Our website is: EXPERIENCER.CO

  • Anomalous Experiencer Survey Project – COMING SOON!

Monthly Meetings

The Anomaly Archives holds monthly meetings (usually) on the Fourth Saturday of each month. Our most recent meeting was this past Saturday, May 23rd.

To be kept informed about these meeetings contact SMiles Lewis or Mark Muecke via email for updates.

The meetings are FREE and held from 1-4pm at the INACS / Anomaly Archives headquarters located in North West Austin, just past the intersections of Research and Technology Boulevards (see end of page for detailed directions):

12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302, Austin, Texas 78759

To be kept informed about these meeetings contact SMiles Lewis or Mark Muecke via email for updates.


Previous Meeting… 5/23/2015

At last Saturday’s meeting I spent most of the time going over the (NOT) Roswell Slides Saga, using our onsite resource page as a guide for discussion about this ongoing situation. The presentation was well received and no one seemed convinced that the body shown in the “Alien Slides” was anything other than an unusual looking human child. We all expressed astonishment at how far this farce had progressed and wondered how anyone could still be perplexed by the “alien-ness” of the mummified child’s remains.

Alex Jones in the Animated Film Waking Life

Afterwards, we watched a recent video from Austin’s own Alex Jones, called “Something Big Is About To Happen” that represents one of the very few times he has publicly talked about his claim of a lifetime of precognitive visions. Most people aren’t aware of the two previous times he has spoken out about his experiences; first in 2003 and then again in 2006. I reported on this after the second time in 2006, but few people know about his claims. He has always been a highly controversial figure who is widely perceived by his critics as making repeated outrageous and unsubstantiated claims as well as numerous failed predictions. So for many, this recent departure from his usual rants may come as a surprise. Nevertheless, this recent video plea from him may signal a new direction for his rapidly growing media empire. Just a few years ago he purchased Weird magazine from Russell Dowden (who currently publishes RockStar magazine) before employing Russ to help launch his InfoWars magazine. Alex had said publicly that he intended to re-launch Weird in the future, so perhaps this is Alex’s opening salvo before he opens a new front and tries to dominate the Paranormal Market as he has done with the Conspiracy Market. He’s certainly become a fixture within the Coast to Coast AM radio show community, which he had largely panned or ignored previously in the late 90s to early 2000s. Time will tell…

Next Meeting: 6/27/2015

Please make plans to attend next month’s Anomaly Archives Meeting (4th Saturdays of Every Month) at the Anomaly Archives / INACS “Mind Quarters / Nerve Center” … we look forward to meeting and talking with all of you!

 – SMiles Lewis
Founder & President




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Latest Additions to the Collections…


Robert C. Girard Collection

Robert C. Girard (1942-2011) [Photo: Clas Svahn / AFU]

Catalogs: Books & PeriodicalsDonated Collections

Steamshovel Press Winter 2015 issue was released as digital downloadable edition on 2/13/15 and features an interview with SMiles Lewis talking about the Bob Girard – Arcturus Book Service collection recently donated to the Anomaly Archives.

“My dream was to have one business in which the entire worlds literature on these subjects was all under one roof”  – Bob Girard to Clas Svahn, April 19th 1987

The Legacy of Bob Girard – An Interview with SMiles Lewis

“He saw his Arcturus [Book Service] … as a way to connect to people, strange and wonderful people that he would never had been able to find without his book list.”
Clas Svahn, Journalist and Vice Chairman of the Archives for the unexplained

“Bob Girard is an American institution”
Colin Bennett, Fortean and flying saucer historian, 2004

“The Marcel Proust of the UFO phenomenon” … “The proprietor of Arcturus Books–arguably the biggest and best UFO bookstore in the world.”
John Chambers, Paranormal journalist, 2004

“The greatest national bookseller of used books ranging from cryptozoology to Forteana, from ufology to parapsychology”
Loren Coleman, Cryptozoologist, 2011

“Robert C. Girard… ran what was probably the world’s premier Fortean mail-order book service”
Ronan Coghlan, Fortean zoologist, 2011

Read more about The Legacy of Bob Girard – An Interview with SMiles Lewis in the Winter 2015 issue of Steamshovel Press (Here)

Thanks to The UFO Research Coalition (CUFOS, FUFOR, & MUFON) with a Special Thanks to Tom Deuley!

Other Recent Donated Collections


New Exhibit Coming Soon:  “Classic 1990s Alt-Media Zine Scene

Assortment of Alt-Media Zines from the 1990s

Austin’s Zine Connections…

Austin Zine Fest 2014 / Zine Librarian’s (un)Conference 2015


Periodicals: Magazines, Zines, ZINES!!!

  • FATE Magazine, back issues circa  (donated by SMiles Lewis, Craig Woolheater, Armistead/Shaw, and others)
  • UFO Newsclipping Service circa 1988-1994 (Dennis Stacy Collection)
  • And Many Many More!!!


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If you’re heading northwest on Research/183 from I-35, Mopac or 360, exit 183 at the Oak Knoll exit, pass through the light at Oak Knoll, and stay on the access road heading north. The next side street off the 183 access road will be Technology Blvd; do not turn on Technology. Immediately after you pass Technology, there will be a driveway on your right (the only one in that area) — Exit into that driveway. There will be a sign overhead for “Forest Plaza.” After you pull in, you’ll have no choice but to go to the left into Forest Plaza. Our building is the back left building within the complex — Suite 302. If you’re heading south on Research/183, you also exit at Oak Knoll, but take the u-turn just before you get to Oak Knoll, get over the right on the northbound access road, and prepare to make the right immediately after Technology Blvd. as in the directions above.
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We are indebted to INACS (Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Study) for allowing the Anomaly Archives lending library to reside within their office space. Each month they hold public meetings of their Board of Directors, and their Education & Research Committees. Therefore, there may be occasional months where we must shift / reschedule our monthly meetings to accommodate their priority use of the space.

About Scientific Anomaly Institute

The Anomaly Archives is the lending library of the Scientific Anomaly Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks: Preservation and dissemination of scientific research into anomalous phenomena Research and analysis of accumulated collections Education of the public regarding scientific investigations into these phenomena Purposes of the Institute: * Managing and developing an archive and library for documents and literature with regards to a multi-disciplinary approach to anomalous phenomena, * Supporting, promoting and pursuing research to obtain increased knowledge about anomalous phenomena, and * Pursuing and stimulating a critical, scientific discussion of anomalous phenomena, and providing a forum for information, support, and sharing among researchers while, Functioning as the archives and library for like-minded organizations, and other groups in the community that have similar interests. Our collection houses over about 5,000 books as well as research materials such as, videos, documents, magazines, and personal correspondence. Along with the S.A.I. collection, we also curate the collections of "Rare UFO & Paranormal Book Collector/Seller" Robert C. Girard, INACS (Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies), and others. And previously those of Austin MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), Austin IONS (Institute Of Noetic Sciences) and JSA (Jung Society of Austin). We house many great books that discuss a wide range of scientific subjects including: -UFOs and Ufology -Consciousness -Parapsychology -Fortean Phenomena -Cryptozoology -ParaPolitical Science -Human Potential Please come pay us a visit!

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