Anomaly Archivist’s Report, September 2014



The following topical file folders were processed (filed and indexed):

[With Updates to the Anomaly Archives Master Documents / Files Index Page]


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Haines, Richard – [Aviation, Behaviorist, NARCAP, UFOs]

Heiser, Michael – [Investigative Journalism, UFOs, Roswell, Majestic]

Hertzberg, Steven – [Voting]

Jones, C. B. Scott – [Aliens, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Politics, Remote Viewing, UFOs]

Kor, Peter – [Deception, UFOs]

Marfa, Texas – [Earth Lights, Ghost Lights, Texas]

Marsh, Roger – [UFOs, MUFON]

McKenna, Terrence – [Anthropology, Consciousness, DMT, Drugs, UFOs]

MK-EMF – [Mind Control, MK-ULTRA, EMF, Psychotronics]

Mizrach, Steven – [Anthropology, Consciousness, Fortean, UFOs]

OSR: One Smart Rat – [Conspiracy, Mind Control, Internet Forums, UFOs]

Perkins, David – [Cattle Mutilations, Gaia, GeoPsyche, Desert South West, Tulpas, UFOs]

Playfair, Guy Lyon – [Cycles, EMF, Paranormal]

PsiOps (Parapolitics of the Paranormal) – [Conspiracy, Covert-Ops, Deep State, Paranormal, Parapolitics, PsyWar]

Ramsay, Robin – [Conspiracy, Deep State, Parapolitics]

Roll, William – [Paranormal, Parapsychology, Poltergeist, RSPK, ZPE]

Redfern’s Roswell – [Nick Redfern, Area-51, Roswell, Human Experimentation, Unit-731, MK-ULTRA, Body Snatchers]

RI: Rigorous Intuition – [Abuse Survivors, Conspiracy, Covert-Ops, Deep State, Fortean, Internet Forums, MK-ULTRA, Paranormal, Parapolitics, SRA, Jeff Wells]

Stillings, Dennis – [Archaeus Project, Artifex Journal, Black Helicopters, Cattle Mutilations, Fortean, GeoPsyche, Jungian, Medtronic, Tulpas, UFOs]

Stargate Conspiracy – [Conspiracy, Deep State, Metaphysics, Occult, Parapolitics, Synarchy, Clive Prince, Lynn Picknett]

Theremy / Duncanology: Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake – [Art, Conspiracy, 911, Magick, Mind Control, Situationist, Suicide]

Vallee, Jacques – [Anomalistics, Fortean, Computer Science, Internet, Occult, Parapolitics, Parapsychology, Remote Viewing, Science Fiction, UFOs]

Wendt, Alexander – [Anthropocentrism, Sovereignty, UFOs]

White, Mack – [Artist, Comic Books, Gonzo, Conspiracy, Mythology, Psychedelics, Austin, Texas]

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