Anomaly Archives eNews 7/25/20 Next LIVE Online Meetup – Saturday, August 8th

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 7/25/20 Next LIVE Online Meetup – Saturday, August 8th

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July 25th, 2020 – Austin, Texas


Exploring the Life-Work of Artist / Psychic / Paranormal-Investigator
Eugenia Macer-Story

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Hi everybody! 

Check out the video for last month’s (June) Anomaly ADVENTURE Club Virtual Meetup with Einida and Viktor who presented an introduction to the Nuraghe and Sacred Wells of Sardinia. We’ve archived that live presentation video at our YouTube channel where we’ll soon be posting the archive of their in-person presentation at our physical location back in February titled: “Bring ‘em Back Amused. The Tale of Frank Buck and his Monkey Mountain.”

Unfortunately, we had to cancel this month’s July Virtual Meetup. But…

Join Us For Our Next Online Meetup: Saturday, August 8th at 3pm CST
Exploring the Life-Work of Artist/Psychic/Paranormal-Investigator Eugenia Macer-Story”

We’re excited to announce our next Online / Virtual Meetup webcast event is coming up on the next “Second Saturday,” August 8th. We’ll be streaming live to our YouTube Channel HERE as well as simulcasting it over at our Facebook Page HERE. This month’s presentation features a memorial exploration for an experiencer / researcher who deserves to be more widely known…

We drew your attention to her work back in the February edition of this newsletter for our Book-of-the-Week: Dark Frontier (1997)

“A modern alchemical journal on the occult & supernatural, including interdimensional participation of the reporter in events ranging from apparitions as artifacts on 35mm film right on through a spectrum including a CIA bibliography on flying saucers, a report by a physics grad student that outer space is not symmetrical, conjuration of trickster spirits and other indications that the real frontier of knowledge is not the reflection of distant stars as we see them with limited equipment but the dark frontier of the unexplained qualities of atomic mass and consciousness, as these might be functionally related.”

SOURCE: Google Books

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The Anomaly Archives presents
Exploring the Life-Work of Artist/Psychic/Paranormal-Investigator

Eugenia Macer-Story

Featuring Dr. CS Matthews, Stephanie Quick, Ben Roylance and SMiles Lewis
Saturday, August 8th at 2pm CST 

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Live Vodcast of the nonprofit Scientific Anomaly Institute / Anomaly Archives in Austin, Texas. Saturday, June 13th
Einida and Viktor give a brief overview of the Nuragic civilization, with a focus on the monuments and sacred sites, while recounting their trip to the island of Sardinia. There are more than 50 sacred wells and springs in Sardinia and over 7,000 known Nuragic sites, built from 1800 BC to 238 BC. Join us for a fascinating afternoon.

Here are some headlines of note for this week:
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Here are some headlines of note for this week:

This October, Sun Ra Arkestra are releasing their first new studio album since 1999’s A Song for the Sun. The as-yet-untitled record will arrive via Strut. Below, check out the Arkestra’s “Seductive Fantasy,”

A document titled ” A Special National Intelligence Estimate” no. 1-61-E, completed on 5 November 1961, titled “Critical Aspects of Unidentified …

With the New York Times chasing crashed saucers and Trump talking on-the-record, Roswell remains the original sin of the UFO cover-up. Take a moment …

THE OBSERVATORY Reality Is Not What You Think It Is: Or Why Evolution Hides Objective Reality By Donald Hoffman FEATURES A Phenomenon Called Steve: A …

This is a guest article from my long-time friend and colleague Tom McNear. Tom was the first and only military viewer to be trained all the way …

This is a doodle I made of Mike and my comic persona using my old Samsung Galaxy Pro 12.2 some five years ago, back when I was content with just …

Washington (AFP) – The US Senate intelligence committee is aiming to regulate a Pentagon UFO program so that the public is better informed of its …

Marco Rubio wants a “detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence reporting collected or held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, including data and intelligence reporting

The Pentagon should release a public report on UFOs, argues the U.S. Senate intelligence committee. In addition to requiring a public report, the committee plans to impose new rules on how the Department

A ‘what is this?’ Facebook video from FishMonster, picked up by HI Sutton on his Covert Shores site, shows a curious vehicle spotted off Florida’s Key West last week. Virtually the only part of it above

As UFOs go mainstream, UFO “believerism” goes into overdrive, and only muddies the waters Belief is a tricky bugger. If you “believe in” something, …

“STUDENTS of history find a continuous chain of reference to the mysterious influence of one human m

May 6, 2020 – In the summer of 1996, John Greenewald, fifteen years old and fascinated by UFOs, was living at his parents’ house, in the San Fernando …

By John Greenewald, Jr. – The Black Vault – Originally Published June 25, 2020 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Senator Marco …

by John Greenewald, Jr. — The Black Vault — Originally Published June 26, 2020 Edward Condon, chair of the Condon Committee at the University of …

This is what the Air Force says it has in its safety records system about the issue, but its possible, if not probable, there’s more elsewhere. Last …

The Fake 1961 “Special National Intelligence Estimate”, and a $1000 Offer To Prove It Genuine… Usually, when I study a UFO related topic, I offer a …

TikTok TikTok users found a dead body in a suitcase in Seattle. A viral TikTok video shows two teenage girls discovering a suitcase containing body …

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