Anomaly Archives eNews – January 20th, 2020

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews – January 20th, 2020

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

January 20th, 2020 – Austin, Texas

Happy New Year fellow Forteans, Anomalists, & UFOlks!

Do you have a piece of the puzzle?

Board Members Needed

We need your help! The Anomaly Archives is looking for energetic people to expand its board of directors, including its board officers and advisers. We are seeking new people to serve on the board and actively engage in the ever expanding activities of the nonprofit Scientific Anomaly Institute / Anomaly Archives. Previous experience serving on the board of a nonprofit is preferred but not necessarily required. Residence within Austin (or even within Texas) is not required but certainly makes participating in quarterly board meetings a bit easier. If you are interested and want to be actively involved in volunteering your time and wisdom in service to the Mission and Goals of the Anomaly Archives, then please Contact Us!

Monthly Meetups Coming in 2020!

The Anomaly Archives will soon be announcing the dates and times for a new recurring monthly Meetup series. We are very excited by this upcoming resumption of regular meetings for like-minded Anomalists, Forteans, and Seekers. These new meetings will likely occur the same Saturday each month from 3-5pm … Stay Tuned for Details as to Which Saturday of the Month!

In the meantime, you can subscribe to our Meetup Group Here for future updates.

Support the Anomaly Archives with your Purchases

One of the easiest ways for you to support our nonprofit mission and goals is by selecting us as your AmazonSmile Program charity-of-choice. Then all you have to do is make sure your qualifying purchases are made through our AmazonSmile-Portal. That’s it! You don’t have to spend any extra money – Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to the Anomaly Archives.


Last year the Anomaly Archives acquired special edition copies of a book we already had copies of in our collection (both lending and non-circulating copies) by one of the field’s most respected researchers. So while we encourage folks to check-out our circulating copies to read, you should treat yourself and come by the Anomaly Archives in person to see just how cool this special edition version is. Check out the Book of the Week information below for a look at this truly unique special edition of Jacques Vallee’s and Chris Aubeck’s, Wonders in the Sky!

Anomalous Headline News

Because it has been several weeks since our last newsletter there are a LOT of anomaly news links below in our NEWS section. There are even more over at our Flipboard magazine. Take some time and read through all the links below in our News-Headlines section in this edition of the newsletter as well as the many more articles you can find at our Anomaly Archives Flipboard page.


SMiles Lewis / Founder




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Anomaly Archives
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Thursdays and Saturdays, 2-6 PM
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Book Of The Week

Wonders in the Sky:
Unexplained Aerial Phenomena From Antiquity to Modern Times

by Jacques Vallee &  Chris Aubeck

One of the most ambitious works of paranormal investigation of our time, here is an unprecedented compendium of pre-twentieth-century UFO accounts, written with rigor and color by two of today’s leading investigators of unexplained phenomena.

In the past century, individuals, newspapers, and military agencies have recorded thousands of UFO incidents, giving rise to much speculation about flying saucers, visitors from other planets, and alien abductions. Yet the extraterrestrial phenomenon did not begin in the present era. Far from it. The authors of Wonders in the Sky reveal a thread of vividly rendered-and sometimes strikingly similar- reports of mysterious aerial phenomena from antiquity through the modern age. These accounts often share definite physical features- such as the heat felt and described by witnesses-that have not changed much over the centuries. Indeed, such similarities between ancient and modern sightings are the rule rather than the exception.

In Wonders in the Sky, respected researchers Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck examine more than 500 selected reports of sightings from biblical-age antiquity through the year 1879-the point at which the Industrial Revolution deeply changed the nature of human society, and the skies began to open to airplanes, dirigibles, rockets, and other opportunities for misinterpretation represented by military prototypes. Using vivid and engaging case studies, and more than seventy-five illustrations, they reveal that unidentified flying objects have had a major impact not only on popular culture but on our history, on our religion, and on the models of the world humanity has formed from deepest antiquity.

Sure to become a classic among UFO enthusiasts and other followers of unexplained phenomena, Wonders in the Sky is the most ambitious, broad-reaching, and intelligent analysis ever written on premodern aerial mysteries.”

Book Page



Here are some headlines of note for this week:. . .

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