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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 11/22/18

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November 22nd, 2018 – Austin, Texas

Happy Thanksgiving!
Re-Launch / Open-House / Lecture / Holiday Party Date Has Been Scheduled!
Mark your calendars!!!  Saturday, December 8th, 2018 … We’ll be hosting an Open House with tours of the new facility, a lecture by Nick Redfern on his new book (Top Secret Alien Abduction Files) and a Holiday Party afterwards.
  • Doors Open at 3pm
  • Nick’s Lecture at 5pm
  • Holiday Party at 7pm
Find all the IMPORTANT DETAILS at the Website, including directions to the building, important notes about how to get into the building and much more!
Did you miss us @ The Austin Archives Bazaar?

Well you can see a few pics of our table at the Bazaar … and some of our items on display at the link, HERE.The Anomaly Archives was Proud to be a Sponsor of this year’s Austin Archives Bazaar!

Find out more at their website:


The Anomaly Archives recently acquired Joshua Cutchin’s latest book and your editor is currently making his way through it. We encourage you to listen to this most excellent interview of Mr. Cutchin on Radio Misterioso in which he discusses this important new work: Thieves In The Night – Radio Misterioso (Audio Interview)


SAI Anomaly Archives Short Overview SlideShow

very brief video giving newbies a quick synopsis of the nonprofit Scientific Anomaly Institute. Enjoy!

Cargo CULTure – Flying Saucer Music Fest

Check out over a thousand UFO, Alien, Flying Saucer, Abduction, ETC. themed songs at SMiles’ personal AnomalyRadio Spotify playlist: “Flying Saucer Fest”– This week’s focus is the official video (featuring Donald Sutherland) of one of several favorite songs by British singer Kate Bush in which she sings about one of the most interesting figures in alternative / paranormal research: Dr. Wilhelm Reich. It even features the Men-In-Black, but are they governmental, corporate, or something else…

SMiles Lewis / Founder

SAI Anomaly Archives Short Overview SlideShow

SAI Anomaly Archives Short Overview SlideShow Brief slideshow video introducing folks to our 501c3 organization: Scientific Anomaly Institute / Anomaly Archives.

 Lyrics Below

“Official music video for the single “Cloudbusting” written, produced and performed by the British singer Kate Bush. It was the second single released from her no.1 1985 album Hounds of Love. “Cloudbusting” peaked at no.20 in the UK Singles Chart. The music video, directed by Julian Doyle, was conceived by Terry Gilliam and Kate Bush. The video features Canadian actor Donald Sutherland playing the role of Wilhelm Reich, and Bush playing the part of his young son, Peter.”

From the Anomaly Archives August 2004 eNews:

My Favorite Songs About Anomalous Phenomena, UFOs and General Weirdness

The other day, I pointed out to a dear friend how British vocalist Kate Bush, beyond writing and singing songs about paranormal topics, is rumored to have been a real life “ufo investigator” over in Great Britain. We were discussing the Kate Bush songs Cloudbusting (based on a dream by Wilhelm Reich’s son) and Experiment IV which I was bringing up because of a recent news article on Israel’s use of supposedly non-lethal sound weapons for riot control. See sidebar below right …

While discussing Kate Bush’s inspiration for her Wilhelm Reich song, my friend discovered that both Kate Bush and Patti Smith are authors of songs inspired by Peter Reich’s A Book of Dreams. Patti Smith recorded a song called Birdland that is “about Wilhelm Reich coming back for his son in a UFO“.

Over the years all my friends with interest in subjects like UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts etc. have collected and shared a vast array of music archiving the various musical mileus that have been touched by the Saucers and their paranormal occupants. Compilations with names like The Saucers Singand Surely Nothing Human Could… From that huge collection of music memorabilia are a few of my favorites…

Favorite Flying Saucer Songs:

    • (When You See) Those Flying Saucers – Buchanan Brothers
    • Flying Saucers – Mellotones
    • I Wanna See A Flying Saucer
    • Flying Saucers Unlimited – Frank Stranges
    • Earth vs the Flying Saucers – The Residents
    • Flying Saucer Rock n Roll – Uncle Martin & the Bashful Barsoomians
    • Flying Saucers – Nina Hagen

Favorite UFO Songs:

    • Ain’t No UFO Gonna Catch My Diesel – Joe Dulce
    • Genuine UFO Contactee – Marty Quinn
    • I Am Seeing UFOs – Dee Dee & Joey Ramones
    • Looking For A UFO – XTC
    • Saw a UFO – Yes
    • Ufos Over Leytchester – Squarepusher
    • Psychic and UFO Revelations in Last Days – Bill Laswell and Pete Laswell
    • UFO – Nina Hagen
    • Hardcore UFOs – Guided By Voices

Ella Fitzgerald

Favorites by the Famous:

    • Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer – Ella Fitzgerald
    • We’re Going UFO’ing – Jimmy Durante
    • Space Mice – Walter Brennan

My Favorite Old Austin Band – The Flying Saucers:

    • Finger – K-NACK Homegroan Vo1 1
    • Til She Comes – Free for All: The Austin Music Sample
    • Wait & See – Startime
    • Amphetamine – Startime
    • Insensitive – Startime
    • Melt – Startime
    • Fitting (come in for a)
    • Starball contribution
    • Egg
    • Winning wash
    • One more try

Other Faves:

    • Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft – The Langley Schools Music Project
    • Sky Men – Geoff Goddard
    • The Invaders Are Here! – Mike Adkins
    • I Hear A New World – Joe Meek And The Blue Men
    • Attack El Robot! Attack! – Calexcio
    • On Planet X – David Garland and John Zorn
    • Oh, People Of Earth – Henry Maday / Universal Brotherhood Confederation
    • Beep! Beep! – Louis Prima
    • Alien – Leonard Nimoy
    • Take Me To Your Leader Cha Cha – Sam Space & the Cadettes
    • Beautiful Zelda – Bonzo Dog Band
    • Wire In My Head – Buck Naked & the Wirehead Conspiracy
    • Alien – Lagwagon
    • Alien Be-in – Psychic TV
    • Mr. Spaceman – The Byrds
    • Eye of Fatima – (live) Sublime

Over eleven hundred (1,100) songs collected by SMiles Lewis on his Anomaly Radio spotify channel(s). You’ll want to set it to SHUFFLE mode as the playlist is not yet organized in any particular playback order.

All genres: Avant Gard, Folk, Country, Rock, Metal, Rap, Hip Hop, and LOTS of electronica and related sub-genres.

Written, produced and performed by Kate Bush
I still dream of orgonon
I wake up crying
You’re making rain
And you’re just in reach
When you and sleep escape me
You’re like my yo-yo
That glowed in the dark
What made it special
Made it dangerous
So I bury it
And forget
But every time it rains
You’re here in my head
Like the sun coming out
Ooh, I just know that something good is going to happen
And I don’t know when
But just saying it could even make it happen
On top of the world
Looking over the edge
You could see them coming
You looked too small
In their big, black car
To be a threat to the men in power
I hid my yo-yo
In the garden
I can’t hide you
From the government
Oh, god, daddy
I won’t forget
‘Cause every time it rains
You’re here in my head
Like the sun coming out
Ooh, I

SMiles’ personal AnomalyRadio Spotify playlist: “Flying Saucer Fest”

Book Of The Week

Thieves in the Night: 
A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions

by Joshua Cutchin

“Folklore has always warned of hidden dangers lurking in the shadows, otherworldly beings who seek to steal that which parents hold most dear. In the first book dedicated solely to the subject, Joshua Cutchin traces this primal concern from antiquity to the modern era—beginning with worldwide tales of faeries, changelings, spirits, demons, and monsters, before examining more contemporary phenomena such as Sasquatch kidnappings, alien abductions, and mysterious disappearances in national parks. Folklore, medicine, science, and spirituality come together for a uniquely scholarly perspective on the thieves in the night.”

From Anomalist Books

Other Books by Joshua Cutchin

Writings & Guest Appearances

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