Anomaly Archives eNews 8/8/18

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 8/8/18

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

August 8th, 2018 – Austin, Texas

Hello again!

I am a bit embarrassed at how long its been since the last newsletter. I’ll save you all the excuses I might want to throw out there … suffice to say, I better get something sent out ASAP.

Some quick updates first… the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is not up yet, and the Open House / Re-Launch-Party isn’t scheduled yet. But we’re working on all that as fast as we can. We’ve organized several successful weekends worth of Volunteer “Library Organizing” Opportunities. You can find out more about volunteering at the Anomaly Archives at our two volunteerism websites: and

More soon!


Recently, I’ve been listening to several episodes of (researcher and radio host) Greg Bishop‘s latest podcast archives of his recent Radio Misterioso interview shows. Among these gems is one I’ve been listening to over and over again – his interview with researcher David Perkins. David was to be one of the many speakers I had scheduled for the ill-fated National UFO Conference in 2001. He is perhaps the person whose ideas are closest to my own – at least as they relate to possible true sources of the UFO phenomenon. He senses the same potentials of abuse by the powers-that-be, for mythological engineering and developing belief systems towards political actions, as I do. But it’s his other ideas about the “TrUFOs,” the true UFO phenomenon, that interest me the most. He is one of the few people exploring UFOs and related phenomena from an ecological systems perspective. David thinks of UFOs, associated paranormal activity, and the Cattle Mutilation phenomenon as part of an  “Evolutionary Imperative Theory” that could originate from a Gaian (global super organism) Overmind; a sort of survival strategy from the unconscious (of either the planet or humanity itself). Undercurrents evident within encounter narratives flow through the collective unconscious and influence us through UFO reports and science fiction, and perhaps reflect this organism’s survival strategy: to evolve humanity spaceward; to get us off the earth and colonizing other planets, thus making us less vulnerable to extinction – while preparing us for inevitable contact with true aliens through theatrical “alien” close encounters. This is perhaps the evolutionary intent of such a potential planetary organism. In one sense he is advocating for the archetype of the Trickster to be reconsidered as an elemental force of nature. This and so much more are explored in this excellent Radio Misterioso interview. I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks there may be value in these alternative UFOlogical perspectives. So check out!

In the meantime, you should also watch the Video-of-the-Week (below) that features David Perkins giving a lecture on Paranormal Phenomena and the Gaian Mind (circa 2004).



If you’re not listening to Aaron Gulyas’ podcast The Saucer Life, you are missing out on a wealth of informative historical insights into the literature surrounding the UFO phenomenon. One of Aaron’s latest podcast (and a fellow Fortean’s enthusiasm for links i posted to articles about Contactee Buck Nelson) serves as the inspiration for this issue’s Book-of-the-Week.


Email Newsletter: Anomalous Headline News

This week’s email newsletter features another great bunch of links we’ve posted to our Flipboard online magazine account. Of specific note…

The latest news on the To-The-Stars-Academy and Pentagon AATIP UFO “disclosure”… including the appearance (and then disappearance) of Luis Elizondo’s Pentagon resignation letter, launch of a TTSA sub-program called A.D.A.M. Research Project that is being run by Austin’s own Hal Puthoff, plus the latest I-Team Exclusives, analysis of Defense Intelligence Reference Documents, and a comprehensive Media Archive preserving coverage of these topics.

Nick Redfern reminisces about the 2005 Texas Ghost Lights Mini Conference that was organized by Texas Bigfoot researcher Rob Riggs, sponsored by the Anomaly Archives, and MC’d by me (SMiles Lewis).

There are also sub-sections below covering recent discoveries about:

  • Ancient Humanity
  • Weird AusTex News
  • Consciousness Research
  • More UFO News
  • Renewed Controversy over Abductee Betty Hill
  • Renewed Coverage of Pascagoula, Mississippi Close Encounter Case
  • Reflections on Ufological Trickster Jim Moseley
  • Fortean Religious, “Fortean” Crime, Belief, and MUCH MORE!

Check out all the great news links in the headlines section below. Remember that you can always stay up to date on our latest linked articles via our Flipboard online magazine.

Also, please consider selecting us as your Amazon Smiles charity of choice – your online purchases can help support our charitable nonprofit community mission of preservation and public education.

That’s it for this edition of the eNews editorial.

Until next time…

SMiles Lewis / Founder

FLASHBACKUnderstanding UFOs and Other Paranormal Phenomena

David Perkins – Paranormal Phenomena and the Gaian Mind (2004)

Anomaly Archives page

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Book Of The Week

My Trip To Mars, The Moon, And Venus
by Buck Nelson

Aaron Gulyas’ Saucer Life podcast episode covering the Buck Nelson’s contactee saga:

Encounter 601: Me and You and a Dog Named Bo

It’s back to the 1950s this week with one of the most interesting Contactees of that period, Buck Nelson. Giant dogs, rants about canned pork and beans, the odd phenomenon of present day folks “revising” Contactee books, get-rich-quick schemes, the Queen of Atlantis, saucer conventions, entrepreneurial spirit, and re-working the Ten Commandments. It’s all here in Encounter 601 of The Saucer Life.

SOURCE: Encounter 601 of The Saucer Life


More at


Here are some headlines of note for this week:
Ancient Humanity


Weird AusTex News


Consciousness Research


Latest Delonge To-The-Stars-Academy and Pentagon AATIP UFO News Headlines


UFO News


Renewed Controversy over Abductee Betty Hill


Renewed Coverage of Pascagoula, Mississippi Close Encounter Case


Reflections on Ufological Trickster Jim Moseley


Fortean Religious


“Fortean” Crime




#MeToo in ParaCommunities


Mind Control


Book Culture


Legend Tripping / ParaTourism / Weird Locales


Parapolitics, JFK and More…


Weird Science




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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 8/8/18

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