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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 3/19/18

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March 19th, 2018 – Austin, Texas . . .


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Who is John Ford, er Frum ?  CARGO CULTure Special !

A series of recent video watching synchronicities inspired me to do another installment of our CARGO CULTure feature using some of the alien-themed videos that the YouTube-algorithm-Gods put in my path.

The John Ford / Frum references … those familiar with the story of the cargo cults on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu knowhe is “often depicted as an American World War II serviceman who will bring wealth and prosperity to the people if they follow him.”

In preparing this installment I accidentally typed Ford instead of Frum … which led me to review the case of the Long Island UFO/Alien-Believer, John Ford, who many feel has been illegally imprisoned after being framed for conspiracy to commit radiological murder. I recall first hearing about the case back in the late 1990s via the Errol Bruce Knapp’s UFO UpDates eList – he was arrested on my birthday back in 1996. Well, Mr. Ford is STILL incarcerated despite many developments of note in his case over the years. Whatever one might think about his beliefs, his case warrants our attention. You can find a wealth of information linked from our John Ford website archive.

Restore John Ford!”

Email Newsletter: Anomalous Headline News

This week’s email newsletter features another great bunch of links we’ve posted to our Flipboard online magazine account.

Of specific note…

Latest on Delonge’s To-The-Stars-Academy and Pentagon / AATIP UFO video – are two UFOs from same incident?

Anomalous Academia:

Anomalous Cognition in the News, featuring Dean Radin:

Check out all the great news links in the headlines section below. Remember that you can always stay up to date on our latest linked articles via our Flipboard online magazine.

Book of the Week…

More synchronicity? This past weekend as I was preparing this issue I selected a title I’d been wanting to highlight for some time as our copy is signed and addressed to the collector (Bob Girard) whose personal collection we acquired a couple of years ago (thanks to the coordination of Tom Deuley by way of the UFO Research Coalition). Well, how strange is it that the latest “Attack Against Austin” bombing occurred at Dawn Song Drive on March 18th … “On March 18, 1314, Jacques de Molay, the 23rd and final Grand Master of the Knights Templar, is burned at the stake” and coinciding the same day on the other side of the globe with a killing at the Temple Mount by a “Dawn Star”? Sometimes a coincidence is just coincidence, right?

So what is this installment’s Book-Of-The-Week? Only the Knights Templar know for sure…

 – SMiles Lewis
Anomaly Archives Founder & INACS Board Member



Parts by Oshun (Official Video)

One of the first videos I came across when searching for artists at this year’s SXSW. I didn’t expect the Flying Saucer / Space Brotha imagery … but apparently it’s “AfroFuturism”!


Flying Saucer by Brave Combo (Fan Video)

“I don’t wanna read your book.
I don’t wanna hear your tale.
I don’t wanna see any photos you took,
or get UFO news in the mail.”

I’d heard this fantastic Texas Polka band’s classic song “Flying Saucer” quite some time ago and have seen a couple of different fan-videos – most recently the one above, suggested to me by YouTube’s algorithms. This one features a dizzying array of UFO and alien imagery from houses shaped like Flying Saucers to various photos of celebrities and movie clips pointedly referencing the lyrics.


“Brave Combo is part of the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster. Support for Texas schools, libraries, and non-profit organizations may be available to assist with booking fees through the Cultural Connections Performance Support grant application.”


Milla Jovovich – “The Alien Song (For Those Who Listen)” (Live Video)

Another random video featuring an alien aspect by the YouTube’s algorithms is this unexpected treasure from one of my favorite “Old Austin” venues: Liberty Lunch circa 1994 and Austin Community Access Television’s own RawTime  YouTube Channel. Until seeing this I’d forgotten that model / actress (Fifth Element, Resident Evil, The Fourth Kind, etc.) Jovovich had a musical side.

More CARGO CULTure Links



Book of the Week…

The Templars and the Assassins
The Militia of Heaven 
by Jim Wasserman


From the Preface

A thousand years ago the eerie stillness of what is now the Israeli desert was shattered by the thunderous cacophony of armored horses’ hooves racing to battle. The metal to metal clash of swords and lances striking armor and shield resounded through the field. Battle cries mixed with the screams of the wounded, the blasts of trumpets, the shouted commands in many foreign tongues. Muslim battled Christian for possession of a strip of land upon which both their religions were founded. Some thousands of miles away in the mountain fastness south of the Caspian Sea in modern Iraq, a Persian adept sat wrapped in a rigid posture of meditation, while his mind’s eye gazed upon another deadly scene. One of his most trusted disciples, disguised as a Sufi mystic, had just approached the litter of the powerful Seljuk vizier. His dagger plunged into the vizier’s heart seconds before he too was struck down by the guards. Hasan-i-Sabah must have experienced a moment of relief, as the death of his sworn enemy would lessen the Turkish threat to Alamut. Fate would soon smile kindly again on the besieged Assassin community as the Seljuk Sultan himself passed away within weeks of his slain vizier.

The richness of the historical truths of the Order of Assassins and the Knights Templar intertwine inexorably with the myths that have stimulated the imagination of countless minds through the centuries. Both the Assassins and Templars were destroyed as heretics some seven hundred years ago. While the Assassins (more properly Nizari Ismailis) survive to this day under the leadership of the Aga Khan, the period of their history under discussion was obliterated by their Mongolian and Mameluke conquerors in 1256 and 1273 respectively. They were slandered by Sunni heresiologists who considered them religious criminals, and by medieval Christian historians who considered them pagan idolaters. The Templars similarly have no surviving corpus of written material, despite the probability that as a medieval religious order, they kept scrupulous records of their doings. They too were written in dark ink by historians of the same power structure that tortured and murdered them and destroyed their Order. As history is written by the victors, we make haste at the outset to state that our study focuses on the vanquished.

My initial attraction to the Assassins and Templars was based on my interest in secret societies. I have devoted most of my life to participating and sharing in the mystical aspirations embodied in a secret society that claims derivation from the mythical union between the Assassins and Templars during the Crusades. I have also made a great effort to understand the influence of associations of people whose interests are far less spiritually motivated than those just described. Associations whose concerns are the political management, read domination, of mankind.

I believe that an examination of the Assassins under Hasan-i-Sabah will reveal a deeply mystical secret society which did much to manipulate the political reality of its day in order to spread its religious teaching and establish its own political freedom in a hostile environment. The Knights Templars as a group were less sophisticated. However, the early influence of the mystical teachings of St. Bernard would have created an inner corps of initiates who sought spiritual attainment through their association with the Order, and who benefited greatly by their exposure to the wisdom they would encounter in Holy Land.

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