The search for ‘Bigfoot’ comes to East Texas

It’s too bad that this CBS19 “news report” didn’t note the terrible record of Tom Biscardi as a hoaxer and con-man:

The search for ‘Bigfoot’ comes to East Texas
Posted: Jan 08, 2016 10:47 PM CST
Updated: Jan 08, 2016 10:47 PM CST
By Gerardo Martinez

CHEROKEE COUNTY (KYTX) – It has many different names. Some call it Bigfoot, Sasquatch, even Yeti.

The creature’s existence has never been scientifically established. But still, the sightings of a big hairy creature continue. And that’s what keeps a group of ‘Bigfoot experts’ still searching for it.

Recently captured images taken at a hunting site in Cherokee County brought the Bigfoot experts to East Texas.

Known by many as the ‘Godfather of Bigfoot,’ Tom Biscardi has been on the hunt for the creature for more than 45 years.

“I know that one day or another, someone’s going to come across one and bring it to the front and prove it to the scientific world that it’s here,” he said.

Tom and his group of self- proclaimed ‘Bigfoot experts’ were recently brought to east Texas after a land owner captured some images he can’t explain.

The images were captured by a thermal camera by a deer feeder in December. Tom says, with no doubt in his mind, what was captured in the images was a 7-foot Bigfoot.

So with the help of his crew, including his own son T.J., Tom set up several cameras and ‘Bigfoot bait’ to try to capture the creature on camera – or in person.

Tom and T.J. say they’ve managed to get some Bigfoot imprints over the past several years and even some hair samples, but capturing definite proof of the beast has been tricky.

Either way, they say they’ll continue searching for Bigfoot as long as it takes.

“This is what we do full time,” said T.J. “It’s a job. It’s wonderful.”

When we tagged along with the group, we didn’t capture any definite proof either, but what we did capture was this. When T.J. made a ‘Bigfoot call,’ we heard something howl back.

The crew says they will stay out in the area Friday night to find more evidence of Bigfoot.

For more information on the Bigfoot experts, click here.

Source: The search for ‘Bigfoot’ comes to East Texas


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