panther sighting in Mississippi

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I am trying to find anyone that lives in or around the Meridian Ms area. I
have family there that have informed me of large cat sightings ‘” black
panther” term used. I have done some research and there is information these
cats do exist in this part of the southern states.

I wanted information from anyone that has seen or heard of any sightings as
my family described to me.

Would appreciate any information. I also would like to know if there is any
truth to the example of what my granddaughter was told to do . Undress and
leave the clothing behind. I don’t think if a big cat is around it is going
to be standing looking at you waiting for anyone to disrobe.

My thoughts are it would already be on the attack not standing and
looking. These cats are predators and don’t wander around looking at
people. They are hunters in my book this answer was totally bogus.

Can anyone help?

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