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[img][/img]Anomaly News for the Week of May 5th, 2005
Some of the choice articles from this week’s roundup …
[img][/img]Project Beta & Underground Bases Phenomena Mag
Review, Greg Bishop’s Project Beta. Nick Redfern: ‘The book is arguably one
of the finest and most important published contributions to the subject of
UFO research.’

South Korean Salamander Find Surprises Scientists Reuters
A new species of salamander has been discovered under rocks in South Korea
but scientists said Wednesday they don’t know how it got there. David Wake,
amphibian expert: ‘It’s so utterly unexpected, so completely unexpected.’

‘Stranger Than Strange’ Dinosaur Found In Utah ABC News
Meet the therizinosaurs. Tom Holtz, paleontologist: ‘They’re like dinosaurs
designed by committee. They have bits and pieces that are similar to a whole
range of species so they look like a weird amalgam of dinosaur groups.’ And:
Dinosaur Embraced Vegetarianism

Let’s Help Keep the ‘Woods’ in ‘Woodpecker’ Portland Press Herald
And let’s help keep the ‘peck’ in … Phil Hoose, author of The Race To Save
the Lord God Bird, reacts to the recent ivory-bill discovery.

Brain-Injured Fireman’s Recovery Takes Science Into Murky Area N.Y. Times
Little is known about people who enter a state of subdued awareness and then
abruptly awaken a decade or more later. For example, Donald Herbert broke 10
years of virtual silence on Saturday by announcing that he wanted to speak
to his wife.

Manitoba Bigfoot Video A Current Affair
Get a sneak peek at the video here. And: Fox’s A Current Affair ‘Outs’
Bigfoot Video ; Bigfoot or Big Scam? ; ‘Impressed’ with Footage

Spying on the Government San Francisco Bay Guardian
A UC Berkeley geographer, Trevor Paglen, maps the secret military bases of
the American West ? where billions of dollars disappear into creepy
clandestine projects.

Derren Brown Has His Mind on the Job This is Local London
Interview with Derren Brown, illusionist: ‘Encouraging people to question
things is valuable. I work in areas which are allied to paranormal areas,
and I know a lot about how they work and the techniques people use.’

Earthlings Extol Landers Rejuvenation Machine Hi-Desert Star
New historic monument: ‘The Integratron is the creation of George Van Tassel
and is based on the design of Moses’ Tabernacle, the writings of Nikola
Tesla, and telepathic directions from extraterrestrials.’

May 3

The Inexplicable Survivors of a Widespread Epidemic New York Times
Long-term H.I.V. positive survivors have stayed alive, symptom free, for
years without the benefits of treatment. Dr. Mike McCune: ‘We just don’t
know why they do what they do.’

New Book Suggests Jack the Ripper May Have Been a Sailor Monsters & Critics
Trevor Marriott even thinks he has identified the ship the killer arrived
on, the Sylph, a 600-ton cargo vessel that arrived in Britain from the
Caribbean in July 1888.

Gamma Rays from Thunderstorms? SpaceRef
Steven Cummer, assistant prof of electrical & computer engineering: ‘All of
this comes as a huge surprise. These are higher energy gamma rays than come
from the sun. And yet here they are coming from the kind of terrestrial
thunderstorm that we see here all the time.’

The Mind Can Extend Life, Study Suggests Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
One of the first long-term studies of Transcendental Meditation has found
that the practice was associated with significantly lower rates of death.

After Death Communication – Love from the ‘Other-Side’? Book of Thoth
Jacky Newcomb says ‘after death communication (ADC) is far more common than
you would think.’

Is It a Monster? No It’s a Mystery Marsupial Kent & Sussex Courier
Jane Belle: ‘It was jumping up and down and it looked at me through the
kitchen window. It had quite round ears like a kangaroo and before we could
take a photo, it jumped up and ran away at a great lick.’ Earlier: Missouri
Marsupial Remains At Large

Researchers Study Origin Of Brown Mountain Lights NBC 17
Joshua Warren, LEMUR: ‘When there is a rainy spell, water runs through
mountain — we found big holes where you can look in and see water rushing
through. As the water runs through the mountain, it builds up a charge on
these layers of quartz and magnetite.’ With video.

Close Encounters on Rise as UFOs Seize Imagination of Chinese AFP
Meng Zhaoguo: ‘She was three meters (10 feet) tall and had six fingers, but
otherwise she looked completely like a human. I told my wife all about it
afterwards. She wasn’t too angry.’ And: Sun Shili Drawings

Is Abandoned Prison Haunted Or Just Spooky? NBC 10
Spooking about the Burlington County Prison. No naked skeptics among the
South Jersey Paranormal Research group, that’s for sure. With video and
slideshow. Also: Queenstown Inn Ghosts ; Update: Devil Booted Out of Satan
Wood Drive

Newest Bigfoot Video on TV Edmonton Sun
The Bigfoot video shot by a northern Manitoba man a few weeks ago will air
on the Fox-TV program A Current Affair Wednesday night. Tonight: Bigfoot
Roundtable ; Big Foot, Big Money

It Came From the Deep Los Angeles Times
Twenty-two miles long and 12 miles wide, Lake Tahoe harbors many legends.
But perhaps most persistent is the myth of a humped-backed, scaly serpentine
the locals call Tessie.

May 2

Time Traveler Convention Planned for Saturday, May 7 LiveScience
On Saturday, May 7, 2005, the first Time Traveler Convention will be held at
MIT. Amal Dorai, grad student: ‘Of course the odds are against us, but
imagine the scientific discovery we would have on our hands if a time
traveler shows up.’ Makes you wonder. Will Dr. J. S. Strauss from the year
2282 be in attendance?

Town Gets a Ghost of a Chance Enid News & Eagle Progress
Welcome to Avard, Oklahoma. Home to 28 humans, and possibly a dozen
otherworldly being.

When Do They Call an Animal Extinct? Slate
They used to wait 50 years. Who declared the ivory-billed woodpecker extinct
in the first place? No one ever did, officially. Also: Angola’s Symbol Lives
On and False Woodpecker Sightings Generating Calls

Scientists: Life on Mars Likely Wired
Ian Wright, astrobiologist: ‘The life on Mars issue has recently undergone a
paradigm shift, to the extent now that one can talk about the possibility of
present life on Mars without risking scientific suicide.’

Debunked! ESP, Telekinesis, & Other Pseudoscience Physics Today
Review, Georges Charpak and Henri Broch’s Debunked! ESP, Telekinesis, and
Other Pseudoscience (2004). Randi: ‘One of those books I wish I’d written.’

Family Invites People to See Virgin Mary, Jesus on Rock WKYC TV
Robert Hartman says he’s made a miraculous discovery in his garden. With

New Dino Species Found in S. Dakota Reuters
A flat-he
aded vegetarian. Robert Bakker, paleontologist: ‘When my colleagues
saw a CAT scan of the new fossil, they tore up their family tree diagrams
and said, “Back to the drawing board!” … We never suspected such a
creature existed.’

Paris Hilton Took Psychic Guidance to Find Lost Dog Hollywood News
Paris Hilton could use a lot of guidance, of all kinds.

The Mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist Cheers Mag
Mysterious showers of stones materialised out of thin air in front of
hundreds of amazed witnesses during the three-year reign of the Mayanup
Poltergeist 45 years ago.

Farmers Left Shocked as Mystery Beast Strikes Western Daily Mail
Mark Penfold, farmer: ‘I have seen deer, badgers, rabbits, hares – I know
what animals are out there – but not this. I have seen dead cows a lot of
times, but never a whole calf gone in one night.’

Scientists Watch for Calamari That Bites Back Toronto Globe & Mail
Gudmund Gudmundseth, sports fisherman on his weird catch: ‘What the hell? I
didn’t know it was a Humboldt squid. A man-eater.’ It’s the first time in
recorded history that a Dosidicus gigas has been captured for study from the
temperate waters of the northeastern Pacific.

Stigmatized Homes Make Buyers Beware NBC4i
Art Russo, realtor: ‘Every time I had to tell someone that the person killed
themselves, a suicide in the house, people shied away from it.’ James
Willis, paranormal researcher: ‘With ghosts, it could drop — or go up —
because there are people like myself that like the idea of living in a
haunted house.’ Elsewhere: Foul-Mouthed EVP at Culzean Castle

Hunt for the Killer Worm Metro
It spits corrosive yellow saliva and can generate electrical blasts powerful
enough to kill a camel. But the Mongolian Death Worm may have finally met
its match in Exeter-based cryptozoologist Richard Freeman.

Venezuela: the Marian Apparitions of Betania ReligiScope
The popularity of The Virgin of Betania took off after 1984 when over a
hundred people claimed to see her on the anniversary of her apparition.

Far-Off Healing Los Angeles Times
Many Americans pray for the health of loved ones; others turn to shamans or
reiki. Now science is putting these practices to the test.

May 1

Acupuncture Activates the Brain Nature
Acupuncture has a measurable, if mysterious, effect on the brain, UK
scientists have found.

The Haunting of the Ancient Ram Inn The Book of Thoth
Part I. David Farrant, president of the British Psychic and Occult Society,
looks into the haunting of a 700 year old English Inn.

Conservationists Struggle to Find Convincing Explanation The Telegraph
Exploding toad theories abound. On the grassy banks of Hamburg’s
newly-dubbed Pond of Death, Werner Smolnik is surveying the aftermath of
amphibian Armageddon.

Tim Boucher: Occult Investigator Tim Boucher
Tim Boucher: ‘Hey Everybody! Since I became an occult investigator, my life
has turned into one non-stop party! I’m having so much fun, and learning all
kinds of cool things about myself and the world. It’s really an absolute
blast!’ Elsewhere: Being a Party Animal Is Good for You

Scientific & Spiritual Significance of NDEs Studied San Diego Union-Tribune
When Deb Foster died in a La Jolla hospital, she found herself on a stairway
surrounded by cats and dogs and mesmerized by a celestial blue sky, the
likes of which she had never seen on earth.

Revelation! 666 is Not the Number of the Beast The Independent
Oops. Best cancel renumbering all those roads, street addresses and phone
numbers. A newly discovered fragment from the Book of Revelation reveals the
number of The Beast is actually … 616. Elsewhere: Norwegians Revealed as
‘Sons of Satan’ ; Urdu Book Spews Satanic Verses

Illusion Creation? India Daily
Some UFO researchers believe aliens are use creating illusions to provide
stealth and camouflage their bases under the earth’s crust.

Fighting the Devil in Rome Deutsche Welle
Father Piedro Barahan gives a power-point presentation on the theology of
demons. ‘Most of these people here are priests and most of them in their
pastoral work deal with people who feel that they have a problem of
possession and they don’t know whether it’s really supernatural or

Expert of the Weird a Perfect Contributor to Book Appleton Post-Crescent
The Anomalist news editor moonlights as ‘a purveyor of the weird and
wonderful in Wisconsin.’ Elsewhere: Weirdness All Around Florida ; Watch Out
for Orkney Selkies

Ghost Hunters Visit Area Haunt Post-Tribune
Spooky goings-on at the Porter County Courthouse in Valparaiso. And:
McDowell Sees & Experiences ‘Evil’ ; Pays to have a good press agent: even
more: A Ghost of a Chance

Ivory-Bill Sighting A Reality Check Tampa Bay Online
Editorial. ‘Does nature have other secrets, hidden in the deep woods and the
remote mountains, that she might be waiting to reveal to watchful and
appreciative eyes?’

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