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Paul Devereux (born 1945) is an author, researcher, lecturer, broadcaster, artist and photographer based in England. Devereux is a co-founder and the managing editor of the academic publication Time & Mind – the Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture, a research associate with the Royal College of Art (2007-2013), and a Research Fellow with the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) group at Princeton University.

His work primarily deals with archaeological themes, especially archaeoacoustics (the study of sound at archaeological sites), the anthropology of consciousness (ancient and pre-modern worldviews), ecopsychology, unusual geophysical phenomena, and consciousness studies, spanning the range from academic to popular. Some of these apparently disparate topics merge in a few of his writings. He has written or co-written 28 books since 1979, and has also written a range of peer-reviewed academic papers and many articles for more popular publications. He originated two Channel 4 (UK) television documentaries (also shown on cable in USA), and has appeared in many others.

Devereux is indelibly associated with “leys”, or “ley lines”. He was editor of The Ley Hunter magazine (1975–1995) and also wrote a few books on the subject. In the course of his 20 years’ involvement he claims to have deconstructed the ley notion, showing it to be a combination of New Age fantasy and a misunderstanding as to how the whole subject area arose.







SMilesLewis-PaulDevereux-June-2005SMiles Lewis and Paul Devereux in the Big Thicket circ 2005.



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