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Bearden, Thomas – [Physics, Tulpas, UFOs, Cattle Mutilations]



“He is President and CEO of CTEC, Inc., a private R&D corporation engaged in research on free energy devices and the mechanisms for interaction of EM fields and radiation with biological systems. He is president of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists (ADAS), a life member of the Alabama Academy of Science, and served on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Psychotronics Association and the American Association of Metascience. He edited and published Specula, Journal of the AAMS, for four years. He also served on the Board of Directors of Astron, Inc., a private aerospace R&D corporation in the greater Washington D.C. area, noted for its specialized RF antennas…He and his wife Doris live in Huntsville, Alabama where Tom is retired from aerospace, continues private research, and serves as a special consultant to industry on scalar electromagnetics processes” (Virtual Times introduction)

“Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden is a nuclear engineer, war games and weapons analyst, and military tactician. He has an MS in nuclear engineering from Georgia Tech and is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and several US Army artillery and guided missile schools. He has over 30 years experience in air defense systems, technical intelligence, Soviet electromagnetic weaponry, artificial intelligence, computerized war games, and antiradiation missile countermeasures. He is a senior scientist with a large aerospace company [Colsa Corp.] Col. Bearden personally developed and published the basis for a drastic revision of electromagnetic theory and engineering, based on the work of Whittaker and Maxwell. His work is primarily responsible for the widespread interest and research into scalar electromagnetic phenomena in this country over the past decade.”
(Megabrain report, 2/4/91)

Member: US Psychotonics Association Claims that Soviet psychic experiments have caused Legionnaire’s disease, cattle mutilations, UFO abductions, and the sinking of the US submarine Thresher. Claims that these experiments have aroused mankind’s collective unconsciousness, called ZARG.

Many of his theories were published before retirement and are available through the Defense Documentation Center.

His views are supported by John Alexander.

After retirement, Bearden was contracted by the Pentagon to study the “photonic barrier modulator”, “hyperspatial nuclear howitzer”, and the connection between ESP and UFOs. [Note: McRae has since admitted to fabricating this last point, but much of the rest is verifiable elsewhere.] (McRae, Ronald, Mind Wars, St. Martin’s Press, 1984, pp 126-9)

Friend of Ira Einhorn and part of his “psychic mafia”. Presented a paper at the “Mind Over Matter” conference at Penn State University, late January, 1977, organized by Einhorn. Other attendees included Christopher Bird and Andrija Puharich. (Levy, Steven, The Unicorn’s Secret, Prentice Hall Press, 1989, pg 189)

Bearden’s later works have leaned away from psychotronics and towards free energy and the health effects of electromagnetic energy.

It is hard to determine what politics Bearden believes in, but he seems to believe in a conspiracy to suppress technological advances.

“Personally, however, I believe that the accelerated time schedule for the “New World Order“– now set for the year 2000 — is as a result of the imminent advent of (1) superluminal communication (we at CTEC are going to file a patent on that as well), and (2) overunity electrical energy systems. There has to be almost a police state existing in the world, if this “new electromagnetics” is to be forcibly put back under control and buried. It appears now that such a police state is imminent, both here in the U.S. and worldwide. Let us hope that the conspirators fail, and that common sense somehow resurrects and stops that nonsense.” ( 10/30/95 letter)

Interview: The following interview with Tom Bearden appeared in a magazine called “Megabrain Report”. It is dated 4-Feb-1991. The interviewers were Terry Patten and Michael Hutchison

Author of:

  • “Soviet Psychotronic Weapons: A Condensed Background”, Specula, March-June 1978
  • Excalibur Briefing, Stawberry Hill Press/Walnut Hill Books, 1980
  • Toward a new Electromagnetics, Tesla Book Co, 1983
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  • “Background for Pursuing Scalar Electrodynamics,” Association of Distinguished American Scientists, 1992
  • Other articles are posted here and here—zpe.html



ZARG! From Tom Bearden’s book Excalibur Briefing



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