Anomaly Archives eNews 1/17/2018

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 1/17/2018

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January 17th, 2018 – Austin, Texas . . .


H A P P Y   N E W  Y E A R !!!

We Wish You All A Happy New Year

Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season and that we all have a fantastic new year as we proceed into 2018.

Book of the Week…

The Jung Society of Austin have alerted us to Jean Shinoda Bolen’s free online webinar “Gods of Every Woman and Man” on January 24th and the chance to attend their local Round Table Discussion at Trinity Church of Austin on January 26th. The Anomaly Archives used to house the Austin Jung Society’s library at our original location within the Human Potential Center on Bert Avenue. Later their library moved into the same space that the Anomaly Archives moved into in 2009: INACS‘s “Nerve Center” MindQuarters up in North West Austin where we’ve cohabitated for the past nine years. For the past several years the Jung Society’s Nisley Lending Library has been located within the New Life Institute.

In honor of those past community collaborations I’ve chosen one of Jean Bolen’s past literary works as our Book-Of-The-Week!

Meanwhile… Welcome to Our New Location!

We’ve begun moving into our new location in the heart of Central Austin, downtown, at the corner of the north IH-35 frontage road and Lambie Street. We previously reported that our new suite number was 256, however, that is incorrect. The New Suite Number is 260!

55 North IH-35, Suite 260

Austin, Texas 78702


[New Location at the corner of Lambie Street
& IH35 Northbound Frontage Road.]

The move-in is still “in-process” but we’ll keep you posted about upcoming Grand-Opening / Open-House events. Monthly meetings are currently on hiatus. We hope to begin a new meeting schedule and regular lecture events soon. Anomaly Archives member John Hawkins is still leading monthly focused discussion forum meetings called, “The Third Door.” Contact John Hawkins for details.

 – SMiles Lewis
Anomaly Archives Founder & INACS Board Member




Book of the Week…

The Tao of Psychology: Synchronicity and the Self

by Jean Shinoda Bolen


The Tao of Psychology 
Synchronicity & the Self 
by Jean Shinoda Bolen
Reviewed by SMiles

Jean Bolen is a Jungian analyst and psychiatrist with several wonderful books to her name. The Tao of Psychology is the perfect introduction to the parapsychology of meaning where synchronicity imbues greater significance to coincidental events in our every day lives. The book is brief and easy to read. She captures Jung’s ideas of archetypes and the collective unconscious perfectly, encouraging what she calls the Agatha Christie approach to detecting and analyzing synchronicity. She adds an important intuitive perspective by developing Jung’s thoughts as they relate to the ideas of the eastern Tao and I-Ching.

     “Synchronistic events are the clues that point to the existence of an underlying connecting principle. Whenever synchronicity occurs, the visible and tangible ‘ten thousand things’ are experienced as being aspects of the one, while the invisible matrix, that inexpressible, ineffable, unseen connection; the Tao, is the great mystery.”

Coincidences become synchronicities through a process identical to Jungian dream analysis. Symbolic interpretations are drawn when the patient/experiencer feels the connection of inner feeling and outer events. “Like a Waking Dream” we can experience existence as an aboriginal dreamtime:

     “The coincidental timing and symbolic quality of such events convince people of synchronicity. The coincidence is between a psychological situation and an outer accident, meeting, or event – in which the outer situation is a symbolic representation of the psychological struggle or conflict. It seems to me that synchronicity is frequent, but unless an individual has some insight into the psychological situation the symbolic coincidence is not appreciated. Like ignored dreams, they have no impact.”

Jean Bolen’s works are highly recommended. From her Goddesses in Everywoman and Gods in Everyman to Ring of Power and Crossing to Avalon. Her balanced perspectives are an asset to our future.


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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 1/17/2018

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