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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 7/14/2016

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July 14th, 2016 – Austin, Texas

After my weeklong “staycation” it’s back to the grind of the ole day job. The week’s nearly over but between work and world events … well, it’s enough to drive a person to drink. Luckily enough, marketing gurus have seen the light and offer a bevy of beverages with some adult kick!

As I’ve mentioned before, the origins of my personal Cargo Culture Collection of weird UFO & Alien themed knick-knacks arises from Other People’s Compulsion to give such trinkets to me because of my lifelong UFO-Obsession (and membership in Anomaloholics Anonymous; the Anomaly Archives’ secret Double-AA-Entendre).

So it’s no surprise when a family member shows up with some Outer Space Vodka bottle shaped like the archetypal Big-Headed Black-Almond-Shape-Eyed Alien but with old-school Gaian Green Glass instead of the Dull Modernist Gray/Grey. So I make the best of the situation and combine it with some Bloody Revolution Bloody-Mary Mix and film it all in slow-motion! I’m not joking – check out the videos here: Outer Space (Alien Head) Vodka & Bloody Revolution Bloody-Mary Mix: Parts ZeroOneTwoThree, & Four
While yet again at the liquor store (I should own stock) I see a cool zine-scene-like newsletter with an early 1900s flair. The title and headline catch my eye:

the Unusual Times
– A Review Of All Things Unusual –
History’s Greatest Hoaxes

Apparently, the Hendrick’s Gin company have a whole “Society of the Unusual” marketing strategy. I wonder if it’s just the brainchild of the advertising firm or if there might be a core of actual Anomalist / Fortean / Zetetic interest somewhere at the heart of the company? Nah! Probably not.

BTW – This issue of the Anomaly Archives eNews has NOT been brought to you by any alcoholic beverage sponsorship – though we might be open to that.

Until next week… “May We Live In Unusual Times.” Cheers!

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Above: Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka

Cargo CULTure: Alcoholic Beverages!

Advertising and Marketing folks have known for a long time the popularity of UFO & Paranormal topics, so its no surprise they would aim their weaponized propaganda cultural armaments at the adult beverage demographic.

  • Harpoon Brewery’s UFO or “UnFiltered Offerring”
  • Omission Beer
  • Hendrick’s Gin Cashes-In with its Society of the Unusual
  • Outer Space Vodka Within A Big-Headed Green Alien Bottle
  • Abduction Wine – Cosmic Red / Galactic White
  • Le Cigare Volant Wine


Know of any others? Send your information to the Anomaly Archives.

Cargo CULTure: Alcoholic Beverages

Please Drink Responsibly.


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Gnostic Cinema


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Source: Anomaly Archives eNews 7/14/2016


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