Anomaly Archives eNews – August/September/October 2010


August/September/October 2010

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– Anomaly Archives News

“Recent” Events:

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the lack of communications over the past several months. Organizing the Summer Flying Saucer Cinema Series and the Nick Redfern lecture left me (SMiles Lewis) quite tired. Then just a couple days into September I had a sudden health issue rear its head. Add to that an attack by an apparently Algerian hacker who took down nearly every website (over 40 different domain names) on the servers hosting the Anomaly Archives website.

Anyway, “Onward and Upward!”

Nick Redfern talked about his new book

Contactees: A History of Alien-Human Interaction

This was our second biggest event to date. Our biggest event by far also featured Nick Redfern. Back in 2005, the Anomaly Archives hosted (with the kind support of Rob Riggs) an incredibly informative event called the Texas Ghost Lights Conference which also featured lectures by UK “Earth Lights” researcher Paul Devereux, Marfa Lights researcher James Bunnell and bigfoot/ghost-lights researcher Rob Riggs.

Thanks to everyone who came out and for all those who donated to support the Anomaly Archives and future SAI events.

For more on Nick Redfern, visit his website:

UpComing Events …  Monsters of Texas

Coming up early next year (January or February) the Anomaly Archives will be hosting a free lecture by Texan Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard. His talk with likely cover all the amazing cryptozoo-critters he has searched for across the state, as documented in the book he co-wrote with Nick Redfern, Monsters of Texas.

Stay tuned for details on this upcoming Anomaly Archives Event…

– Anomaly Archives Needs Your Help

We need your help! The Anomaly Archives is always looking for new membership and needs your support both financially and as volunteers at the lending library and educational outreach events.

Contact us today!

– Anomaly Headlines

So much anomalous news to cover… below you’ll find links to headlines including the “hoax” about the United Nations supposedly appointing someone to be Earth’s ambassador to ETs, the much anticipated Robert Hasting / Robert Salas UFO-Nukes press conference, more cases of UK schools hoaxing alien landings to stimulate critical-thinking and writing exercises for the young students, media-induced UFO sighting frenzies over New York City, El Paso and elsewhere across the United States, claims of an alleged whistleblower detailing a supposed military base underneath Dulce, New Mexico, renewed rumors of Project Blue Beam, tons of articles about UFOs as tools of military disinfo, loads of science links detailing the ever increasing evidence for alien life outside earth as well as news of earth-like planets discovered fairly “closeby” to our galactic neighborhood, plus parapsychology, cryptozoology headlines and much much more!

Say Hello to Earth’s Ambassador? Mazlan Othman aka MOthman!

MOthman – Earth’s First Ambassador to ET! “Hoax”?

– Kurt Waldheim in The Australian

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FLASHBACK: Mind Control Lawsuits

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Stock Market Crop Circles?

Therapeutic Mind Drugs

– Researcher Focus

 Occasionally we shine a spotlight on interesting and important researchers within the “para” community. This time we’d like to direct your attention to researcher Kenn Thomas.

Kenn Thomas is founder, publisher and editor of Steamshovel Press, one of the world’s most respected alternative media publications. He is also one of America’s best known conspiracy writers and the author of seven published books on a variety of topics.

Thomas lectures widely and appears regularly on television and radio programs, including Fox News Full Nelson, Rob McConnell’s X-Zone, Sightings on the Radio, Strange Daze and Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell.

Books By Kenn Thomas include: Maury Island UFO, Inside the Gemstone File, Flying Saucers over Los Angeles, Mind Control, Oswald and JFK, NASA, Nazis and JFK, The Octopus, Popular Alienation

Articles and Info by or about Kenn Thomas:

– Researcher Remembered

Jerry E. Smith (8 April 1950 — 8 March 2010)

PHOTO RIGHT: Jerry Smith (left) and Kenn Thomas (right) Photograph by Adam Gorightly – Pilgrimage To Conspiracy Con  8

– Obits

  • Alvin Lawson dies at 80; UFO researcher questioned beliefs of alleged abductees
    Over the years, the Cal State Long Beach professor became convinced that people actually were using memories of birth trauma to describe encounters with extraterrestrials.
  • Wendelle Stevens Dies

– Book Reviews

Mirage Men by Mark Pilkington

Reviewed by Nick Redfern

Mark Pilkington’s Mirage Men is – I don’t exaggerate in saying – one of the most important UFO-themed books you’ll ever read. That is, if you dare to read the book, and don’t shy away from it because it might upset and unbalance your carefully constructed, nice and neat Ufological world.

Whether you are a full-on true-believer in the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), wholly open-minded on what lies at the heart of the UFO puzzle, a skeptic, or a rabid debunker, you should not ignore Mirage Men. Of course, your views on what lies at the heart of the UFO phenomenon – and which of the above-categories you fall into – will play a large role in determining your response and reaction to Mark’s book.

Those for whom Ufology is a modern-day religion, and one that offers a form of cosmic comfort, will be shocked, angered and perhaps even disillusioned by what they read. Doubtless, too, there will be a degree of hostility and outright denial on their part when faced with the crumbling of certain much-cherished belief-systems, ideas and (possibly) certain cases that have become classics within Ufology.


– Research Review

Besides focusing on researchers we also like to highlight the specific research efforts of good researchers who add something new to the field of anomalous inquiry. Keith Chester is just such a researcher, adding a great deal of new primary research concerning the mysterious “Foo Fightings” and other anomalous aerial phenomena witnessed and documented before during and after WWII by our nation’s military men and women.

Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in World War II

Articles, Interviews & Reviews:

– Events

MeetUps & Events

The Anomaly Archives is currently scheduling more events for after the New Year in 2011 including lectures by Texan Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard and others.

Join up and stay tuned for news about upcoming meetings and events:

Other Upcoming Events in Texas:

– Networking

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