Summer Flying Saucer Cinema Series


Saturday Night July 17th / “Rain Day” Sunday the 18th


This new monthly event will be a FREE showing of lesser known “Flying Saucer Films” with a focus on those that have important points to be made regarding the nature of paranormal, UFO and other anomalous phenomena, as well as society’s cultural reactions to UFO related phenomena.

UFO related phenomena and the Modern Wave of Flying Saucer sightings in the United States have had a lasting effect upon American Popular Culture. For that reason we feel it fitting to host this new event series at the South Austin Popular Culture Center (frmly the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture).

Our next showing is … Starship Invasions, from 1977.

Go HERE for links to info about the event.

. . .


Saturday Night July 17th / “Rain Day” Sunday the 18th


Presented by the ANOMALY ARCHIVES

At the South Austin Popular Culture Center

1516B South Lamar Boulevard @ 8pm / Film Starts at Sunset

Please bring your own chair to assure seating


. . .

(a.k.a. Alien Encounter, War of the Aliens, and Project Genocide)

[Parental Warning: Though this film was rated PG in 1977,

we believe that, if it were re-rated today, it would likely

be rated PG-13 for depictions of violence and suicide.]

Starship Invasions trailer

Jazzalicious Intergalactic Gunfight

Writer / Director

  • The Brain (1988) (as Edward Hunt)
  • Alien Warrior (1985) (as Edward Hunt)
  • Bloody Birthday (1981)
  • Flying Saucers Are Real! (1979)
    … aka “UFO’s Are Real” – Canada (original title)
  • “Greatest Heroes of the Bible” (1 episode, 1979)
    – Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar (1979) TV episode
  • M-3: The Gemini Strain (1978)
    … aka “Plague” – Canada (original title)
  • Starship Invasions (1977)
  • Point of No Return (1976)
  • Diary of a Sinner (1974)
  • Corrupted (1973)
    … aka “Pleasure Palace” – Canada (original title)

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director:

  • Necromancy (1972) (assistant director: additional photography)
    … aka “Rosemary’s Disciples” – USA (video title)
    … aka “The Witching” – USA (reissue title)

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About Scientific Anomaly Institute

The Anomaly Archives is the lending library of the Scientific Anomaly Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks: Preservation and dissemination of scientific research into anomalous phenomena Research and analysis of accumulated collections Education of the public regarding scientific investigations into these phenomena Purposes of the Institute: * Managing and developing an archive and library for documents and literature with regards to a multi-disciplinary approach to anomalous phenomena, * Supporting, promoting and pursuing research to obtain increased knowledge about anomalous phenomena, and * Pursuing and stimulating a critical, scientific discussion of anomalous phenomena, and providing a forum for information, support, and sharing among researchers while, Functioning as the archives and library for like-minded organizations, and other groups in the community that have similar interests. Our collection houses over about 5,000 books as well as research materials such as, videos, documents, magazines, and personal correspondence. Along with the S.A.I. collection, we also curate the collections of "Rare UFO & Paranormal Book Collector/Seller" Robert C. Girard, INACS (Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies), and others. And previously those of Austin MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), Austin IONS (Institute Of Noetic Sciences) and JSA (Jung Society of Austin). We house many great books that discuss a wide range of scientific subjects including: -UFOs and Ufology -Consciousness -Parapsychology -Fortean Phenomena -Cryptozoology -ParaPolitical Science -Human Potential Please come pay us a visit!

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