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November/December, 2009

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Seasons Greetings! We hope you all had a warm and wonderful holiday season.

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Alien Life

Ufo News




Policeman Lonnie Zamora at the Socorro, New Mexico UFO Landing Site.

Electromagnetic News


EMP Threats

Cryptozoology / Bigfoot

You may have caught Anomaly Archives founder SMiles Lewis’ recent appearance in a webisode of‘s online series “Streets of Fear”. Two to four minutes is never really enough time to go into much detail about supposedly haunted locales and often a person’s intent in an interview can get lost on the cutting room floor. We’ll go into more detail in an upcoming special report about our true thoughts regarding any anomalous aspects of Convict Hill Road and Convict Hill Quarry Park. In the meantime, check out the video online by clicking on the linked image below…

convict hill

Drug Research

  • Portland’s ‘Cannabis Café’ opens to cheers, controversy
  • AMA Ends 72-Year Policy, Says Marijuana Has Medical Benefits
  • Three more government drug advisers resign
  • UK Drug Chief May Lose Job After Cannabis Comments
    Cannabis and ecstasy safer than cigarettes, says Nutt
    By The Christian Institute – Friday, October 30 2009
  • Nutt faces sack
  • Second drugs adviser quits post (video)
  • Cannabis medicine conference of 2009 in Cologne [PDF]


Mind Control

  • Lincoln Memorial Speech written by Kathleen Sullivan, NAFF founder and president for the FASCA Rally in Washington DC on 11/14/09
  • Britain’s WWII brainwashing
  • How Harold Macmillan misled parliament in 1960 over claims of war prisoner brainwashing
  • Millions were in germ war tests
    Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials
  • Thought Translator Knows Vowels from Consonants
  • Brain scanners can tell what you’re thinking about
  • The best mad scientist memoir of the year
    Zuppero’s zingy tale of space travel and bonkers weaponry
  • Hypnosis has ‘real’ brain effect
  • Signal Discovery?
    A Los Angeles scientist says living cells may make distinct sounds, which might someday help doctors “hear” diseases
  • Russian scientist Peter Gariaev has photographred DNA radiation
  • Scientists create the first programmable quantum processor
    A new system uses an entangled two-qubit quantum gate alongside a single-qubit gate to create a quantum computer that can perform virtually any operation.

Mad Science & Weather Wars

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  • Austin MUFON Meetings in 2010

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