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May 2005 – “UFO or NO?”

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  • Hello and welcome to another Anomaly Archives eNews Podcast. Last month I made the trek to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for the annual Ozark UFO Conference. I’d been wanting to attend this legendary event for some time and finally made it. The lectures and people rejuvinated my love of UFO conferences and anomalous studies. (See this issue’s Features section for a brief review of the lectures.)

But what warmed my heart even more about the conference was that it became a sort of Austin MUFON Reunion for me and others. Austin MUFON alumni Monte and Ellen Stuart were in attendance – as I should have expected since they had always talked of attending so many of the past Ozark conferences. They moved to Illinois over four years ago and I’d not really interacted much with them since they left. Also present was Houston, Texas MUFONite Andy Abercrombie whose company is always entertaining. All of these old friends said they will likely be visiting Austin in June for the upcoming Anomaly Archives event, the Texas Ghost Lights Conference featuring Paul Devereux and other spook light researchers.

So don’t forget to check out this issue’s Events section to get the details on the June 11th Ghost Lights event PLUS next week’s Consciousness Community Picnic with Silent Auction and Fun in the Sun. Last year’s picnic was wonderful and we’ve no doubt that this year’s will be even better.

Enjoy the rest of this month’s Anomaly Archives eNewsletter.



  • Mexican Air Force FLIR Lights Case ‘Closed’? by Capt. Alejandro Franz
    Sun, 17 Apr 2005.

Remember the media flap over the Mexican Air Force FLIR footage of seemingly anomalous lights videotaped back in March? Well, some time ago a theory emerged suggesting that they might be misinterpreted images of oil well fires on off-shore drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. As you might imagine, this theory, while being accepted by the very reputable NARCAP (or National Aviation Reporting Center for Anomalous Phenomena), has been flatly rejected by many in the UFO community. Here is some of Captain Alejandro’s recent announcement:

NARCAP - National Aviation Reporting Center for Anomalous PhenomenaI waited many months for the opportunity to provide new evidence on the Mexican Air Force UFO case from march 05, 2004.

My theory, at least for me, is finally confirmed and the Mexican Air Force UFO case of march 05, 2004 is closed. In april 14, 2005 I was lucky enough to record a video that shows the Cantarell oil flames group that matches the same lights as those in the Mexican Air Force FLIR video regardless that it was recorded in a different route, altitude and angle of view.

There is enough evidence and data for me to conclude that the Mexican Air Force FLIR video lights are not UFO’s.

Best regards to all,

Capt. Alejandro Franz



And now from the heart of North Texas we hear of the University of Texas at Arlington’s hosting of a lecture by veteran paranormal investigator Loyd Auerbach.

  • Guest Speaker – Ghost hunter visits campus The paranormal expert shared anecdotes about hauntings and poltergeists. By Jordan Taylor – The Shorthorn Staff

    Loyd Auerbach, paranormal psychologist and self-proclaimed “Ghost hunter,” relates a story about strange sounds in a young couple’s new house during his presentation Wednesday in the Lone Star Auditorium. Auerbach’s research was later used as the basis for a story in Playgirl magazine. After his speech, Auerbach visited campus locations to check for paranormal activity.

    And later in the article we read …

    Auerbach told several stories about victims of paranormal activities and his experiences with them. One story, “Lois of Livermore,” told about a boy who said he saw and talked to the ghost of a recently deceased past resident of his home. The boy said the woman would tell him aspects about her life. Auerbach then checked these facts and all of them were correct.

    Hauntings, which Auerbach said were different from poltergeist activity, were discussed in detail. He said hauntings are like an historical imprint on an environment.

    Auerbach told a story to illustrate this fact called “The Sexorcist.” The incident involved a couple that had just moved into a house. Every morning at 3 a.m. they would hear loud sexual noises in the room next door. Auerbach thought the noises were imprinted in the room due to the intense activities. He called the couple that had lived in the house and verified that they in fact would have “passionate” sex every morning at 3.

Read the rest of this article online at … <>

Meanwhile, across the pond in England we read of Postgraduate studies in the Occult.

  • Postgraduate Lives: Occult fascinationDavid Foster, PhD student at the University of LiverpoolInterview by Caitlin Davies – April 21, 2005

    David Foster is in his fifties and is about to start a PhD at Liverpool University on the occult

    I get a mixed reaction when I tell people what I do. I usually have to go into a long explanation of the occult tradition and how it has been marginalised because of prejudice and fear. The popular perception of the occult is ghosties and ghoulies, which is a caricature. But the occult has influenced a whole body of scholarly thought, from Newton’s involvement with alchemy and Pythagorean thought, to Jung’s work on the unconscious. My aim is to use a scholarly perspective to look at contemporary perceptions and interpretations of the occult.

    The occult is a controversial subject that has been grossly sensationalised, and the media doesn’t help. Look at Channel 4’s recent series Masters of Darkness. From a scholarly point of view, it was superficial, gratuitously salacious and misleading.

Read the rest of the article online …<>

  • NASA Scientist: ‘Mars Could be Biologically Alive’ By Leonard David – Senior Space Writer – April 19, 2005 –

BOULDER, Colorado – Evidence for intense local enhancements in methane on Mars has been bolstered by ground-based observations. The methane, as well as water on Mars, was detected using state-of-the-art infrared spectrometers stationed atop Mauna Kea, Hawaii and in Cerro Pachón, Chile.

Scientific teams around the globe are on the trail of methane seeping out of Mars. And for good reason: The methane could be the result of biological processes. It could also be an “abiotic” geochemical process, however, or the result of volcanic or hydrothermal activity on the red planet.

Many types of microbes here on Earth produce a signature of methane. Indeed, the tiny fraction of atmospheric carbon found as methane on our planet is churned out almost entirely biologically with only a very small contribution from abiotic processes, scientists say.

Read the rest of this article online at … <>



We find so many great resource links each month. Here are just a few I found recently.

The first is from a great new online resource The Book of Thoth and is near and dear to the Anomaly Archivist in me as it involves the preservation and dissemination of UFOlogical history.

  • Thirty Years of UFO Newspaper archivesOnline at The Book of Thoth dot com Posted by Isis

The Book of Thoth has just completed a project that involved transcribing over 130 press clippings dating back to 1945, creating a lengthy research document that will be of interest to all UFO researchers.

Is there really insufficient reporting of UFO phenomena by the popular press? The Internet means that today sightings are easily accessible to most researchers within hours of their happening.

We thought it would be interesting to review some of the older sightings from around the world starting in the 1940’s when the first wave of sightings began and the public’s fascination with unidentified flying objects really started.


I once heard someone in the UFO community say that, “the United States Navy has forgotten more about UFOs than the Air Force ever knew.” I’ve always been fascinated by reports of USOs or Unidentified Submarine Objects. Since most of the planet is covered by water, it’s no wonder that so many UFO encounters happen on, near and within bodies of water. In fact, since the phenomena have been with us on the planet for so long this may be the best place to posit as their kingdom of origin.

  • Flying SubmarineWATER UFO dot Net – A RESEARCH ENDEAVOR by Carl

Why is this Web page necessary?

In 1971 Ivan T. Sanderson published the book “Invisible Residents”. This is as far as I know the only book exclusively devoted to UFOs entering or exiting bodies of water. But the end result of his investigation was his conclusion that UFOs had bases underwater. My interest in this aspect of the UFO phenomenon lies in its physical manifestation. Just as ground traces such as broken tree limbs, swirled grasses, ground imprints and burned plant roots can give us some fleeting clues to the “operation/field,” of these craft; I feel that the observed reaction between the envelope surrounding this craft, and the water, might further our understanding of the principles behind it. (See “Samples”)

Some of the great resource files you can find online at include …

Blue Book UFO Reports By Ships At Sea – A Research Paper by A. F. Rullán in PDF format

Download the Blue Book Database File (Excel Format 86 KB) Zipped

Online Blue Book Database File (Large File 1.18 MB)

After selecting the date group you are interested in
(e.g.”1067-1946” or “Master List”), a list for that group will appear.

The dates on that list that are in blue are hyper linked and will take you to the
text for the date selected.

[ 1067-1946
1947-1959 ][ 1960-1965
1966-1972 ][ 1973-1979
1980-Present ][ Undated
] and


Back when I was publishing my zine, ELF Infested Spaces, I discovered the wealth of learned research being done by Tennesseans Dr. Greg Little and Brent Raynes and documented in their then print publication Alternate Perceptions. They’ve since migrated this fantastic periodical to the web where you can read fact filled UFO related articles month after month. In the latest issue we learn of an exciting UFO conference to be held by the Edgar Cayce organization, ARE, or Association for Research and Enlightenment. This intrigueing event is titled UFOs – The Full Spectrum and is supposed to feature not only Greg Little and Brent Raynes but also Jacques Vallee, Brad Steiger, Stan Friedman and more. See our Events section coming up shortly. And be sure to check out …

  • Alternate Perceptions Magazine OnlineAlternate Perceptions Magazine Online — Number 90 / May 2005

Inside the latest issue you’ll find:

  • Reality Checking with Brent Raynes — Crystal UFO & UFO Blue Light experiences
  • Interview with Marguerite McCall by Brent Raynes
  • Syncronicity and UFOs by Alexander Zikas
  • Classic UFO Cases by Brent Raynes — 1965 Sid Padrick UFO Case
  • Encounters with the Unknown: Strange 1994 Aliquiu, New Mexico case by by Leneesa Garoutte
  • X-Sightings… May 2005 UFO Reports
  • Book Reviews–Voyages of the Pyramid Builders by Robert Schoch; The Midnight Sun by Alan Alford—reviewed by Dr. Greg Little




  • Anomaly Archives’ Paul Devereux Collection

Since the Anomaly Archives is helping present the upcoming Texas Ghost Lights Conference in June, we thought you’d like to know what resources the Anomaly Archives has on the various presenters scheduled to appear at this six hour workshop. Legendary British Earth Mysteries researcher Paul Devereux is our keynote speaker for this event. Paul’s works occupy a special place within the Anomaly Archives and my own personal take on UFOs and related phenomena. Here are a few of his books that we have available for check out from the Archives collection. Check out Paul’s website for more information on his many areas of research. <>

Earth Lights Revelation: Ufo’s and Mystery Lightform Phenomena

The Earth’s Secret Energy Force

This is the book that I first found after learning about earth generated luminous phenomena. It’s a great starting place for anyone interested in the convergance of place and anomalous aerial phenomena.

Earth Memory:

Sacred Sites, Doorways into Earth’s Mysteries

This is a comprehensive analysis of ancient sacred sites and their help in our understanding our the life of our ancestors.


Communicating With the Living World of Gaia

With EarthMind, Devereux “explores ways of interfacing with the earth for planetary healing.”

And according to Yoga Journal, “Devereux builds the foundation for his case carefully, on the basis of solid research and defensible reasoning.”

For me, this book helped the exploration of my own Gaian UFO hypothesis synthesized from the research of Michael Persinger, Jenny Randles, Greg Little, Albert Budden and others.

Shamanism and the Mystery Lines:

Ley Lines, Spirit Paths, Shape-Shifting & Out-Of-Body Travel

I’ve not yet read this book of Devereux’s but have no doubt it is a valuable resource for those seeking grounded research from which to astrally launch themselves.

Ufo’s and Ufology: The First 50 Years – This is a great coffee-table formatted introduction to the important research on UFOs that goes beyond mere interpretation of UFOs as extraterrestrial craft.

From School Library Journal YA

“While keeping most references to UFOs within the last 50 years, the authors mention unusual sightings as far back as the time of the caveman. These ties to the earliest days of humans become important later on. Incidents and explanations are painstakingly detailed, as Devereux goes to great lengths to prove his logical answers, to present the scientific reasons for the final analysis of the situation, and to make certain that both sides of the story are told. While all of this may be extremely important to serious ufologists, for casual readers it may become overwhelming in some sections.”


  • Micro Review – Annual Ozark UFO Conference 2005, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

It had been years since I’d attended a classic UFO conference such as this legendary Ozark event. The last anomaly conference I attended, besides the multiple Texas cryptozoology conferences was the SSI Society for Scientific Exploration event held in La Jolla, California back in pre 911, 2001.

FOREST CRAWFORD, “Mean Mr. Gravity: An Obituary” – Mr. Crawford talked about Mr. Gravity and how there is much research to suggest that the fascinating subject of ElectroGravitics research indicates that technology to negate or manipulate the impact of gravity went underground. I enjoyed his talk and it seemed to bode well for the conference. Check out this link to find out more about his views on various aspects of ufology.

SCOTT & SUZANNE RAMSEY – Aztec 1948: Recovery at Hart Canyon?” – While generally considered to be a hoax, the alleged Aztec, New Mexico UFO crash has generated a town festival and now a book and documentary called, what else but Aztec 1948 UFO Crash – Hoax or Hidden Truth. I missed this one but my friends who saw it said that the most interesting aspect of the talk was the presentation style wherein husband and wife Scott and Suzanne enacted a sort of interview style dialogue on stage. Though they have documented a purported 60 plus witnesses associated with this alleged event, most of the people who heard this lecture told me they felt incredulous.

DAVID MARLER, “Triangular UFOs: A Detailed Analysis of the Historical Record” – I thoroughly enjoyed this retrospective analysis of the huge and expanding catalog of triangular and delta form UFO reports. This sort of research effort always tickles my archivist bones. Check out this version of David’s talk as well as a fascinating modern triangle sighting by active UFO UpDates eList member Greg Boone.


And Greg Boone’s triangular ufo sighting … More Proof of Media UFO Coverup

NANCY TALBOTT, “Crop Circles: Evidence and Seduction” – Yet again I was reminded of how warm and fuzzy hardcore scientific anomalies research makes me. Nancy Talbott is one of the leading scientific investigators into the mystery of AgriGlyphs or Crop Circles. It was at that same La Jolla SSI anomaly conference I mentioned earlier that I last saw anyone present evidence related to the scientific investigation of this strange phenomenon. The SSI conference in 2001 included a talk by William C. Levengood who was then working with Nancy Talbott. They have since parted ways. Most of the research Nancy has coordinated through the BLT Research group is available online at their official website,

Since that time Nancy has gone on to co-witness the creation of a crop circle made by a seemingly intelligently controlled BOL or Ball Of Light phenomenon. This and even stranger BOL and anomalous luminous phenomena seem to be the hallmark of a young man named Robert van den Broeke whom Nancy has become entangled with. The photo above right (at the beginning of this section) is but one of the many now infamous photographs coming out of modern spirit photographer and spooklight contactee Robert van den Broeke. Robert appears to have become a sort of crop circle contactee when he encountered several balls of light that were circling around a nearby tree. Since then Robert has become the focus of a variety poltergeist-like phenomena, BOL activity, spirit photography type effects and other strangeness. Nancy Talbott says we are going to be hearing a lot more about Robert van den Broeke very soon and she wishes us to prepare ourselves. Check out these links to learn more.


Grant CameronGRANT CAMERON, “Is The Government Disclosing or Covering Up?” – I thoroughly enjoyed Grant’s presentation which argued that, far from trying to unilaterally cover-up “the truth” about UFO’s, the United States government, across partisan divisions, has tried to bring out the government’s secrets about UFOs. According to Grant Cameron the difference between Democratic Presidential Administrations and Republican Presidential Administrations approaches to getting the truth out into the public is a matter of mass declassifications by the Dems and the use of “back door” channels by the Republicans. Grant believes that the Republican Administrations approach has, so far, been the more successful strategy. In Mr. Cameron’s presentation he played much audio from researcher Greg Bishop’s radio shows and Greg Bishopinterviews with radio host Art Bell, Air Force disinformationalist Richard Doty and ufologist disinformationalist Bill Moore. Despite his focus on this disinformation campaign, Grant details the apparent ongoing efforts of various military officials using what Vallee and others have referred to as the “dangling carrot” scenario, wherein the military offer to give rare UFO / ET footage to film producers Excluded Middleincluding first Walt Disney in the mid 1950s, then Robert Emenegger and Bob Sadler in 1973, then Jacques Vallee and J. Allen Hynek and later Linda Moulton Howe who was trying to produce a show for HBO. In all of these instances, military officials were offering to release previously classified, highly significant UFO footage that often focused on an alleged controlled landing of a craft at Holomon Air Force Base whereupon humanoid occupants are alleged to have disembarked and interacted with Air Force personnel. For more on all of these arenas see the following links.


LINDA MOULTON HOWE, “UFO Crash Retrievals–U.S. Government Policy of Denial in the Interest of National Security” – Linda Howe’s presentation was very educational for me. She spoke in great detail about the work of former New Mexico State Representative Andrew Kissner alleging a connection between the military’s shoot down order against flying saucers and the subsequent airplane crash wave of 1947. She also dealt with crashed saucers and the possibility of an early discovery by the government of evidence suggesting the saucer pilots were abducting and mutilating not just livestock but humans as well. She also discussed her own research of course, which you can read about at her website,

TED PHILLIPS, “UFOs: The Physical Evidence” – As a long time admirer of Ted Phillips’ career of documenting UFO physical trace evidence I was not disappointed by his information packed presentation. Nearly all of what he covered is included in the four CD Rom discs I purchased for the Archives.

Physical Traces – 147 pages, 138 images, ten cases including Delphos, Langenburg, Cennina and 7 others

Strange Days in the Marley Woods – 68 pages, 133 images, an active site in Missouri I’ve been investigating since 1998

Ghost Lights – 62 pages, 79 images, research into six long term lights from 1964 to the present

Project Tatra – 55 pages, 49 images, the search for an ancient artifact in Slovakia/Ukraine. Project Tatra

My favorite of his presentations was the “Secrets of the Tatra Cave” – the tale of mining engineer Tony Horak, a Czech who escaped from Nazi Labor Camps, joined the guerilla resistance, survived WWII, endured persecution by Communists, and ultimately immigrated to America in the early 1950s. Oh and he also survived an assault by the Nazi army that killed everyone in his battalion but he and two others only to be saved by a local sheep herder who took them to a cave to hide, wherein Tony discovered a strange giant ancient black artifact, prehistoric cave bear bones and teeth and underneath that … a metal grating through which Tony heard distant machinery and felt heat coming up from below. Tony eventually told the story to someone other than his wife and this person happened to be interested in UFOs and passed the lead on to Ted Philips. Ted and mentor J. Allen Hynek planned an expedition to Czechoslovakia but the political climate prevented it. Then in the late 1990s Ted asked then UFOlogical darling Joe Firmage to help fund an expedition. He did and on the second visit Ted Philips located the cave.

There is much much more to this amazing research and we suggest you try this link to “Secrets of the Tatra Cave” at to read more. Or go directly to Ted’s own page on his investigation. Or just come check out the CD Rom research at the Anomaly Archives.

For more on Ted Phillips Research go to his website, Center for Physical Trace Research <>

There were of course more speakers and much more could be said about all the lectures. But we have to start wrapping up this eNews Feature sooner rather than later.

Oh yeah! And of course, I was unable to restrain myself from spending money in the Vendor Room on rare UFO books to add to the Anomaly Archives collections.

For more on past and future events, check out

For an alternative review of the most recent Ozark UFO conference, check out …



Tuesday, May 10th – The Jung Society of Austin, cosponsored by IONS Austin, and INACS presents …

This paper was presented at the 10th Biennial Convention of the Association for Psychological Type in Newport Beach, California, 1993. Starts at 6:30pm at the Austin History Center located at 810 Guadalupe Street. Free Event. For more information call 478-6461 or visit the website at <>.

Sunday, May 15th – The Human Potential Center presents the …

  • Consciousness Community Picnic at the Human Potential Campus 2007 Bert Avenue, Manchaca Road between South Lamar and Ben White (Hwy 71 / 290).

On hand at the event will be members of the Human Potential Center, Anomaly Archives, Institute of Noetic Science, Austin’s Jung Society, plus the Institute of Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies. Please join us from 2 – 6 pm, Sunday, May 15th.

Saturday, May 21st – Austin MUFON hosts its FREE Monthly Meeting.

  • Austin MUFON Meets the 3rd Saturday of Each Month. Please Contact Mike DeGroff for Invitation Details regarding Time and Place. MUFON SSD for Travis & Williamson Counties – Mike DeGroff. Send Mike an email to AUSTINMUFON at WEBTV.NET

Saturday, June 11th – Anomaly Archives and Natural Awakenings magazine presents …

  • Texas Ghost Lights Conference in Austin, Texas. A six hour conference featuring British consciousness and earth mysteries researcher Paul Devereux, plus Nick Redfern (Phenomena magazine editor), James Bunnell (Marfa Lights researcher and author of Night Orbs), and Rob Riggs (Ghostlights researcher and author of In the Big Thicket:
    On the Trail of the Wild Man
    – Exploring Nature’s Mysterious Dimension
    ) with SMiles Lewis as MC and panel moderator. Natural Awakenings magazine is also offering an Overnight In-the-Field Research Workshop / Expedition into the Big Thicket and Bragg Road, aka the Ghost Road. See website for details.

Friday, September 30th – IONS Austin / INACS / Human Potential Center Presentation and Workshop …

  • “Some Science Adventures with Real Magic: Magic as any experimental data that can’t be explained via the prevailing paradigm of science” by William Tiller

FREE EVENT at the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest. <>

December 1st through 3rd – Edgar Cayce’s Association For Research & Enlightenment Announces …

A Special UFO Conference: UFOs – The Full Spectrum

Virginia Beach, VA –

“The UFO phenomenon is one of the most intriguing mysteries of our time. We have assembled well-known ufology researchers and famous personalities to present the best evidence explaining the major UFO theories.” Featuring Brad & Sherry Steiger, Jacques Vallee, Stanton Friedman, Betty Andreasson Luca, Brent Raynes, Greg Little and John Van Auken.

See or for more information on this exciting event.



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