Cargo CULTure: Alcoholic Beverages!

Advertising and Marketing folks have known for a long time the popularity of UFO & Paranormal topics, so its no surprise they would aim their weaponized propaganda cultural armaments at the adult beverage demographic.

Little Green Man- Extraterrestrial Ale

Harpoon Brewery’s UFO or “UnFiltered Offerring”

UFO White - Beer

Source: UFO White | Tex Wine

Omission Beer


Hendrick’s Gin Cashes-In with its Society of the Unusual

Source: Hendrick’s Gin Society of the Unusual – Register & Events

The Society of the Unusual’s publication, Unusual Times, features stories such as…

Outer Space Vodka Within A Big-Headed Green Alien Bottle

Outer Space (Alien Head) Vodka & Bloody Revolution Bloody-Mary Mix:

Slow-Motion Videos Parts Zero, One, Two, Three, & Four

Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka

Abduction Wine – Cosmic Red / Galactic White

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Travis Walton pouring Abduction wine at the 2011 UFO/ET Congress in Bordentown, NJ. (Courtesy: Robb Jacobs)

Source: New extraterrestrial-themed wine launches |

Le Cigare Volant Wine