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Podcasting for dummiesBeginning with the April 2005 issue, the Anomaly Archives eNews (that you can subscribe to via email) was as a free audio based Podcast. This series only lasted through March 2006.

Don’t know what podcasting is? Well you will soon.

It’s basically a way of subscribing to free audio content that is automatically downloaded to your computer and / or portable media player (such as an iPod or other PDA) whenever there is a new episode or installment of the podcast uploaded to the web.

It’s really just a new twist on existing RSS / XML computer scripts that enable the distribution of up-to-the-minute data across the internet, only instead of just giving you the latest headline and link to your favorite news headline provider, it retrieves the latest audio or video content that you’ve chosen to “subscribe” to by inputing a web url (the podcast’s XML or RSS file address on the internet) into one of the many free NewsReader / Podcast software applications available.

For more on how to get started listening to or making your own podcasts, check out some of these links here.

You can now listen to these past podcasts. If you want to listen to these archived podcasts click the links below or just come to this Podcast page here on our website.