Stillings, Dennis

Stillings, Dennis

dennis-stillings-artifex 20090803_dennis-stillings2_33   dennis-stillings


  • CyberPhysiology and CyberBiology, coined by Medtronic Inc. co-founder Earl Bakken
  • CyberPhysiology: conscious self-regulating autonomous functions; biofeedback, psychoneuroimmunology, meditation, etc.
  • CyberBiology: consciousness-related aspects of relations to ourselves, and to other systems, including the environment.

“The ufo phenomenon exists in a synergistic cybernetic interface with humanity. Whatever the true nature of UFOs, they interact with us within several different milieus, all of which are influenced by the media and culture. This media and culture in turn feeds back into the phenomena in a continuous cycle.” – SMiles Lewis


“There are also indications that some of the more dramatic and persistent anomalous phenomena such as UFOs, poltergeists, the so-called “cattle mutilations”, Bigfoot, are cyberbiological as well. Recent authors have speculated that UFOs may be the collective version of poltergeistery, and that they exhibit features that point “to self-regulatory mechanisms on a cultural level.

Mar 12, 2009 – Dennis Stilling … In addition these usually unmarked, usually black, helicopters demonstrated some rather remarkable properties: they move …


File Contents / Inventory:

[PDF] The Chopper And The Psyche – Anomaly Archives

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