McKenna, Terence

Terence McKenna –

See his book True Hallucinations.



File Contents / Inventory:

The Great Timestream Bifurcation by Terence McKenna Originally appeared in Psychedelic Illuminations #6

McKenna’s dual world mania « Dreamflesh

The missing chapters of True Hallucinations – Deoxy

Tom McIntyre (1994) Millenium Witness; Psychedelic anthropologist Terence McKenna takes on the brave new world. San Francisco Examiner Oct 9, p. 12-13,19-24, Illustrator: photo: Ken Miller.

Alien Dreamtime, Dobie Theater, Midnite Screenings handbill

Erik Davis (1993) Lost in Hyperspace: Three Brainy Guys Shoot the Moon by Erik Davis, review of Trialogues at the Edge of the West, Voice Literary Supplement, November 1992, page 29

Newspaper clipping – McKenna: Exit, stage left. Performance at Solo Mio prove’s he’s no performer by Barry Walters, San Francisco Examiner, Monday, October 2, 1995

Misc handwritten notes from Steven Mizrach and SMiles Lewis.



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