Macer-Story, Eugenia


Eugenia Macer-StoryEugenia was a resident of Woodstock, New York. Born in Minneapolis, MN on January 20, 1945. B.S., Speech/Theater, Northwestern University, 1965. M.F.A., Columbia University, Playwriting, 1968. Professional psychic with private practice and author. She passed away on Tuesday, December 17, 2013.

Eugenia Macer-Story was a poet-playwright and visual artist whose work has been published and exhibited internationally. Her poetry chapbooks have been part of the Poets House poetry publication showcase for a number of years. She also wrote books on the supernatural and UFO experiences and her articles on the supernatural have been published in UFOs and Supernatural magazine and UFO magazine.


Eugenia Macer-Story has taught seminars in situations as diverse as the Kingston, N.Y. town hall (Investigative Dowsing for the ASD) and the WSES/IEEE International Conference 2001 on Crete, Greece (a technical explanation of non-local information theory). She has also appeared on national educational television in the CBC documentary HAUNTED HOUSES, giving a brief on-site demonstration of clairvoyant ghost-hunting.Since first being published in UFOLOGY magazine in 1976, E. Macer-Story has been writing articles on the unexplained and anomalous events for a number of magazines and journals. Her scientific papers have also been published in the proceedings of the AAAS, New Science Forum, WSES/IEEE International Conferences and U.S. Psychotronics Association.

She is also a poet/playwright and visual artist whose work has been exhibited internationally. The INTERNATIONAL ENCICLOPAEDIC DICTIONARY OF MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART 2001/ 2002 (pub:Italy) will include E. Macer-Story as a recognized contemporary artist. Her plays & gallery events have been produced off-off Broadway. She is a member of the U.S. Dramatists Guild.

Eugenia Macer-Story holds a B.S. degree in Speech/Theater from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and an MFA in playwriting from Columbia University in New York. She has completed post graduate courses in the sciences at both Harvard & Columbia Universities.

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  • Dark Frontier
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“EUGENIA MACER-STORY is a poet/playwright and visual artist who also writes books and articles on the supernatural and ufo contact. She is particularly interested in the similarity between the lore of the supernatural, sorcery and the history of ufology. However, she regards each instance of unexplained phenomena as separate and does not necessarily equate the two fields of inquiry. She has written sixteen books, among these poetry chapbooks, playscripts, journals and books not specifically non-fiction but concerning topics such as ufos, the supernatural and mysticism. There is a strong subtext of humor in her work, both fiction and non-fiction, as events in the area of the unexplained are often humorous in a distinctively peculiar way. She has written many plays which have been produced off-off Broadway and in regional locations. All of these scripts are available to the interested reader upon request but three previously produced dramatic titles have been published as examples of the supernatural (“Meister Hemmelin”), mythic (“Applied Ecological Authority”) and comedic (“Ceremonies 17”) dramatic representation of mysticism and the supernatural in live performance. Her books include three non-fiction investigative narratives: “Congratulations: The Ufo Reality” (1979); “Dr. Fu Man Chu Meets The Lonesome Cowboy: Sorcery And The Ufo Experience”(1991) and “Doing Business In The Adirondacks: True Tales Of The Bizarre And Supernatural”(2003) as well as one book of short stories: “Troll & Other Interdimensional Invasions” (2000) and the novel “Struck By Green Lightning AKA Project Midas “(1983 & 2004). The novel, which has undergone several revisions and printings, is particularly relevant to an understanding of the connection between the “ufo contactee” mythos and traditional sorcery links with powerful spirit beings from other-dimensional worlds. At this writing in 2008, Ms. Macer-Story is at work on a study of materialization phenomena, rogue sorcery, time anomal…”


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